what’s in my diaper bag

i feel so flattered and lucky to be featured on the adorable blog sweet little peanut today! they asked me to share what’s in my diaper bag, what i never leave my house without and a few of my must-have baby items.
you can see the entire post with links to all my faves here.



if you love this post, come back next week because i’ll finally be blogging about my big registry list of baby must-haves. everything from strollers to car seats to high chairs to wipes and diaper cream. 
also, the family picture you see on their site was shot by my talented, hilarious friend jordi from jordan carli photography. she took the most amazing photos for our christmas card and i can’t wait to show you more! 


i’m working on getting an awesome christmas card deal whipped up for my readers, so expect to see that pop up on the blog soon too!

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Love your post! I need that nursing cover, the one I have is nice except your back is exposed which can be awkward nursing in public 🙂

mint arrow:

it really is the BEST! i am so glad i had it! i'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

Willis Family:

Love your website. Thanks for doing the hard part and finding all the deals! Where did you get your little girl's headband? I'm pregnant with a girl and would like to know some of the best places to find cute stuff (she is always dressed so adorably!).

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thanks so much! i got her headband from persnicketyclothing.com. but cozettecouture.com makes some of my favorites that are similar to this style! we have so many from her and love them all!


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