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Quick Version: Get our fave Natori bras up to 75% OFF HERE!!

Friends don’t let friends buy bad bras! Having the right bra on can totally make or break your day. And these deals on our Natori bra FAVES might just make your week! We jokingly refer to this brand of bra as the #1 supporter of the Mint Arrow Team, and right now there's some AMAZING deals going on for a few of our favorite styles. Keep reading for all the details because they're GOOD (like better than Nordstrom Anniversary Sale good!!).

Natori Bliss Bra

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Natori bra deal details!

Right now, you can get some of our fave Natori bras up to 75% OFF! YES you read that right. Wayyyy over HALF. OFF. This is such a good deal on something you'll literally use every day. Keep reading to find out why we love these bras!

The best overall: Natori Feathers

The Natori Feathers bra is the OG around here. And we're not the only ones singing its praises! This bra is Nordstrom's highest-rated, with over 3,400 almost ALL perfect reviews. That's a LOT of other women who love this bra just as much as we do!

Like we said at the beginning – having the right bra on can totally make or break your day. This Natori Feathers bra is so incredible that you'll literally feel like you're wearing nothing while actually being supported by the prettiest lace you've ever seen. AND it's totally smooth enough to not show through if you are having a t-shirt and jeans sorta day (which is the best kinda day, really).

The functionality of this dreamy bra is totally on point. The flexibility of the cups make it super easy to move around in, but it won't lose its shape or look like it's been through the war after a month of wearing it. Seriously, there's nothing worse than realizing your favorite bra is faded, stretched out, and pilling.

The quality of this bra is totally next level. And what we love even MORE? The price! Right now, you can get this amazing bra this beautiful antique color for ONLY $24.72 (reg $68)! 63% OFF. That's an INSANE price on this bra!!!

natori feathers bra

Mint Arrow’s TEAM favorite bra: Natori Bliss Perfection

Introducing Mint Arrow’s TEAM favorite bra! This is the prettiest and nicest “t-shirt bra” ever, and it's definitely going to be on repeat in our bra rotation. Can't stop, won't stop with the comfy bras – and you gotta love when the comfiest bras are actually pretty, too!

If you aren't into the lacy straps and would rather have a bra with traditional skinny straps, THIS is your perfect bra.

Tons of reviewers rave about how cozy and flattering this bra is, and the price makes it an amazing deal right now. Get it in this beautiful papaya color for only $49 (reg. $70), that's 30% OFF!

Natori bliss bra

The Go-to T-shirt Bra: Natori Rose Dream

During this sale, this dreamy bra rings in at just $32.97 (reg $74)- 55% OFF! It's crazy, crazy buttery soft, and if you're worried about the lace on the Feathers (which again, PINKY PROMISE isn't visible through clothes or itchy!), this one might be better because the cup is smooth all around.

It does have a thicker strap, but we LOVE IT! It feels even more comfy to us than a traditional strap.

We've honestly become even more drawn to this bra over the years, it's definitely one of our very favorite bras.

This bra earns top marks and has over 1,700 perfect or nearly perfect reviews. The Natori Rose Dream is super dreamy and just disappears under clothing. Plus, it's so comfortable it's like being Team No Bra, but better!

Natori Rose Bra

Treat yo'self

Don't forget, you can get some of our fave Natori bras for up to 75% OFF today, no code needed. You totally deserve to treat yo'self, but you'll want to do it soon before your size sells out. Get ready to own the BEST bras ever, over HALF OFF the original price!

Team Mint Arrow

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