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Taking care of my health (both physically + mentally) has been a HUGE priority for me this year (read more on that here). I've been extremely intentional about adding in daily habits that will help me stay my best and healthiest self. Enter Mixhers. I cannot say enough.good.things. about this company. Mixhers was made by women for women to address the many needs and changes our bodies go through in our lifetime.

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Deal details

Right now our exclusive Mixhers code MINTARROW will get you an extra 20% OFF your purchase on already discounted items that are marked up to 50% OFF! Our code will get you the extra 20% OFF until 5/3! This is the perfect chance to try Mixhers if you have been wanting to, or stock up on all your faves. Keep reading for all the details on what I love about this brand.

Why I love it

Mixhers was something new I tried a few years ago before getting pregnant with Bobby and I really do feel like their mixing powders have made such a difference in my overall health. Mixhers also helps me to drink more water because the powders seriously taste SO GOOD.

Even my girls love the newer kid supplements that Mixhers offers. From childhood to womanhood, it's very common to not be getting the vitamins your body needs. Mixhers has boosted my life in so many areas, while being the easiest thing for me to consistently take (because I actually like drinking it)!

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My favorite flavors + what they do!

Hertime: a hormone hero

I was actually starting to get hot flashes before my pregnancy with Bobby and gave Hertime a try after someone suggested it to me. My hot flashes literally went away when I started consistently taking it as part of my daily routine.

Hertime also has helped me have WAY lighter, way less intense periods. I've always suffered from extremely EXTREMELY heavy periods, horrific period cramps etc. Taking Hertime daily made a gigantic difference in lightening my periods and lessening my cramping!

You really have to take it DAILY though, it's not a quick-fix during your period. It's something you notice after you drink it daily for at least a couple weeks, but ideally a month.

PS: pom mango, coconut lime and juicy peach are probably my favorites out of all of the Hertime flavors – but I haven't had one I didn't like!

I love that this is all natural and something that I can feel good about taking and I'm physically feeling a difference. Whether you struggle with heavy periods and all of those pesky symptoms that can come with your cycle or you're postpartum Hertime is a great daily supplement to balance hormones.

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Postpartum depression and baby blues helper

Hertime has helped regulate my hormones SO much after having Bobby. I actually brought it with me to my 2 week postpartum check-up when I was feeling some PPD symptoms return, and after reviewing the ingredients my doctor gave me the green light to continue taking this and I can't explain how much it's helped balance my hormones. Within a few days I could feel a physical shift in my mood and overall energy levels. I also wasn't waking up miserable in the middle of the night from postpartum night sweats.

It's hard to describe how HUGE of a deal this is to me. My postpartum depression with my baby Harry was so severe that I was nearly dysfunctional a lot of days. I firmly believe Hertime is a huge reason why I haven't had that hormonal drop and horrible PPD this time around.

Herlove: self explanatory (wink wink)

I won't get into this too much and make everyone blush, but Herpleasure was specifically designed to relieve stress and anxiety levels, balance sex-drive hormones, improve low libido and so much more. If any of these are concerns for you, start taking this a couple weeks before your next couples vacation and thank me later!!

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Herhydration: get that H2O in!

If you struggle with drinking enough water (sheepishly raises hand -esp in the past) then herhydration is your new bff! Hate the taste of straight water? I did for a long time too. Instead of using crystal light like I used to, a herhydration tastes DELICIOUS and helps boost your hydration immediately with added electrolytes. I'm all about yummy fast results! The blueberry coconut is my fave.

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Hergreens: if you need more leaves in your life

Unless you're having spinach at every meal time, you'd probably benefit from drinking this! The brand new formulation is super yummy and has 14 different variations of greens but get this – IT ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD!!!! Like actually delicious super good.

I've tried other brands of powdered greens and could barely choke them down. Not this!

Imagine drinking a yummy drink mix that's just supposed to make your water taste like a yummy drink, except it's ALSO giving you better nutrition and gut health and all that good stuff. That's your new bestie hergreens. I'm promising you, pinky swear, this stuff is not gross. It tastes SO good. Not like, “I'm gagging this down because it's good for me.” More like, “oh YUM yes it's time for my hergreens!” As the kids say now: actually.

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Hernightly: a bedtime lifesaver

We all know how important a good nights sleep is, but it's not until you're NOT having a good nights sleep that you realize how much you physically need it. I'm not breastfeeding overnight so this was the perfect addition to my bedtime routine that helps me relax and fall asleep with just a tiny bit of melatonin and ashwaganda. If you have trouble falling asleep at night OR staying asleep I would highly recommend giving Hernightly a try, and like all other Mixhers it tastes so delicious like a little treat before bed!

DEAL: 15ct + 30ct stick packs 50% OFF!

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Mixhers 101 – everything you need to know!

What do Mixhers do?

Mixhers doctors and experts have created a synergistic blend of ingredients that nourish your body and balance your hormone levels. Most importantly, it manages estrogen, progesterone levels while reducing inflammation and bloating.

How to use Mixhers

Mixhers is super simple to use! All you need to do is put it in 8-12 oz of water, mix, and enjoy!

Mixhers hacks

I love to mix TWO different Mixhers into my Stanley cup to double up on the health benefits of two Mixhers. A couple fave combos:
Hergeens mint/lime + Hertime coconut lime
Hertime coconut lime + Herhydration blueberry coconut

I also LOVE mixing a Mixhers into a soda water like LaCroix or Spindrift or Bubly. YUM. If you love a sweet soda, you'll die over this combo! I just use a taller glass so it doesn't overflow as you mix. Add some pebble ice on top and you'll be in heaven.


Are Mixhers safe while pregnant?

On the Mixhers website, they answer this question by saying, “Hertime is the only product not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding. All other Mixhers products are safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding!”

HOWEVER … when I specifically asked my OBGYN (who has been practicing in this area for DECADES – long enough to have delivered the moms as babies who are now having babies) if I could take Hertime to help with PPD, she very carefully reviewed all the ingredients and said, “sure! Go for it!” So definitely check with your own doctor, but mine approved it to help prevent and overcome PPD even though I was breastfeeding.

How long does it take for Mixhers to work?

How long does it take to see results? Consistency is key! You will see results in 7-10 days from products like Hertime or Herpleasure. But if you want to have lighter and easier periods, I strongly recommend drinking Hertime daily to feel a tremendous difference.

For products like Herydration and Hergreens, you'll get immediate results of the nutrition of Hergreens or better hydration immediately after drinking Herhydration.

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Does Mixhers balance hormones?

Here's what Mixhers has to say…”By taking care of our endocrine system through healthy habits and nutritional therapy, we balance our hormones. That my friend, is how you take care of your PMS symptoms at the root, leaving your body more healthy than ever. Let's address problems at the root, so your body can function the way it was designed to!”

What are Mixhers sweetened with?

Mixhers products are flavored with natural fruits! They also use Stevia and Cane Sugar in some of their products.

Time to take care of you!

Mixhers is such a simple but effective way for me to support my body and it's changing needs, and because I actually like drinking it, it's not something I dread doing each day. No more closing your eyes and chugging down a nasty supplement that leaves an ick after-taste! The Mixhers team has literally thought of everything, whether it's hormone regulation, sleep support, or something your partner will appreciate too (wink wink) – there's something for practically every health concern/goal.

Right now is the BEST time to try their products for the first time or stock up if you're already a fan like me. Just remember you can save an extra 20% OFF already discounted items when you use my code MINTARROW during this warehouse sale! The extra 20% OFF is only valid until 5/3 so don't wait!

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