HOT!! 35% off BOB stroller

BOB stroller - the best running stroller ever! Take it on any rough terrain - sand, dirt, beach, mountains.

Eeeek I found you guys the craziest deal today on one of our very favorite baby gear items – the BOB stroller! I’ve seen 20% off deals for a while now on the BOB but it hasn’t been priced this low since Black Friday!

Right now you can get the BOB revolution stroller in navy for 35% off! 

This is the stroller we swear by for running and for any rough terrain. This is the only stroller I’ll take on our beloved beach trail, because any of my other strollers get stuck in the sand! It’s super durable and has great suspension and a really nice big sun shade for the baby. It’s also a good deal (33% off) to get the BOB revolution stroller in black if you have your heart set on black.

The BOB duallie stroller is a good deal right now too in orange at 20% off.

NO idea how long this will last or how many are in stock at this price point, so grab yours quick if you’ve been waiting for a deal!

To see all our baby favorites and must-haves, go to my best baby registry list ever.

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Would you recommend the city select or the bob duallie for a double stroller?
We are hoping to get suggestions from someone who has tried both?
Thank you!!!


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