My TOP TIPS for shopping smart & finding deals on eBay!

Christmas is only about a month away, so the time to score big on holiday deals is RIGHT NOW! I am 100% all about stretching my dollars when it comes to buying the big items on each person's Christmas wish list. eBay has long been one of my go-to retailers when it comes to scoring these types of deals because they have such a large selection of products. So, you can purchase the BIG gift your loved one wants at an affordable price your wallet will love too!

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Why eBay?

I have been buying from eBay since 2004 when I was a poor college student but wanted to find great deals on either gently used things or things from last season. Shopping eBay is a great way to score amazing deals on high quality items or purchase items that you can be confident are the real deal.

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Gifting Gucci + more eBay tips

eBay is also a great place to find those hard-to-find items that are so hot that they sell out before you can get your hands on them or were maybe last year's edition for a deal. This Gucci Pantheon watch is one of those items. It was completely sold out at Nordstrom, but I found it on eBay!

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According to Neil, any man would be stoked to open up this Gucci watch on Christmas morning. Having name brand recognition is so nice and special for holiday gifting and Gucci is a nice mid-range option that is luxury without being a Rolex or Breitling (and the price tag that comes with it)!

This is a gorgeous black on black stainless-steel timepiece that per Neil is, “heavy and that's a good sign.” If you're into luxury watches, you know these are facts. Ha.

This watch is Swiss made and everybody knows the Swiss corner the market on high-quality, high-end watches. Swiss made watches are known for keeping time better than other watches. Overall, it's a beautiful and well-made luxury watch that he will love for years.

I'm sharing my very best tips for still scoring designer items.

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Top 3 Tips For Shopping Smart on eBay

  1. 98% or above: I look for at least 98% positive feedback score on the seller profile when I shop on eBay. If 98% of that seller's customers have been satisfied, chances are I will be too, as long as they've sold to more than their 3 best friends. This seller has 99.9% positive feedback
  2. Top-rated plus: If you really want to buy securely, look for the little “top-rated plus” icon next to listings that looks like a ribbon from a county fair. That little icon tells you that the seller is highly experienced and has an excellent track record, has committed to shipping their items within 1 day, and you even get a 14-day money-back return period.
  3. Numbers matter: I look at how many people have rated a seller. If they've sold with 99% positive rates to hundreds or (even better!) thousands of people, you're looking at a pretty safe bet. This seller has been on eBay for TWENTY years and has been recognized as being one of eBay's most reputable sellers. They have over 10K reviews and they're almost all positive-a HUGE plus.
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Gucci Pantheon Watch sold out, similar
Photos by Arielle Levy

Give the gift of luxury

I hope this helps you find JUST what you (or the one you love!) want this holiday season.

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