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baby day is finally here! i'm feeling really excited, a little nervous, a little sick (no eating all day) but mostly excited!

i got all kinds of emotional and expressed on instagram over the weekend how i'm really feeling guilt and worry with my first baby not being the baby anymore. she's still just so little! but so big too in so many ways. she can repeat phrases back to me now – this is her newest one: “don't wipe off my kisses!” and she understands quite a bit of what's going on around her. but not enough to really understand, especially when it comes to a new person appearing in our home who's going to steal a lot of her usual spotlight. i really just keep praying that i can find a way to make her feel loved and special and important during what will be a huge transition for her.

i'm really wishing i were back in utah to deliver at the hospital i'm familiar with, by a doctor i'd trust my life with. i got really picky, for better or worse, during this pregnancy and have switched doctors twice now. so with this 3rd doctor, i've only seen her during the last trimester of my pregnancy and i don't think it's her, it's me. i'm just nervous and longing for familiarity. i'm wishing my whole family could be here today to welcome this new baby into the world, that i could see my sister's reaction to the new little girl, watch my dad get a ginormous grin on his face, see my big tough brothers holding this tiny baby, and my mom's face light up when she sees her.

but i realize there are SO many reasons to feel grateful. i have an incredibly supportive husband who will be there to hold my hand, friends from church who have offered their help and support for whatever we need, technology that will allow my family to see the baby in real time today, and a mom who will be here next week when we all need her most.

anyway, i thought it would be fun to share what i'm taking with me in my hospital bags this time! yes, two bags. one for baby, and one for me. that's the way i did it last time and i was so glad i did. this time there are a few new things i've tossed in but a lot of it is the same.


duffle bag for mama: i think this one is so cute! it's pretty big too – bigger than i expected.
robe: this cozy robe is SO SOFT! i bought it in black because i know it will wash up better than a white one after hospital recovery.
slippers: these ugg slippers are SO COZY, fold in half and are perfect for future travel use too, and are ON SALE right now!!! size up, they run a little small.
nursing bras: i just got this one and love it! i'm also a huge fan of these and they're really inexpensive.
sleep shirts: the hospital gowns are great but if you want your own stuff from home after you're done giving birth, these sleep shirts are nice and lightweight and cute!
socks: in case your feet are cold in the hospital! i thought these animal print socks were cute.
flip flops: definitely take some for the shower or walking the halls. love this pair and they're on sale!
towel from home: because the hospital towels are teeny-tiny and usually not soft or fluffy.
toiletries: you'll want your OWN shampoo, conditioner, face wash, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup, etc. nothing is better than freshening up after a day or two in the hospital and feeling human again. i have this case in a pattern from last year and i'm obsessed with it! huge enough to fit all my toiletries. also, if there's ONE THING i'd tell you to bring it's good dry shampoo! this kind is spendy but worth it, i promise! best dry shampoo i have ever used. EVER. honestly.
extra long iphone cord: this was a lifesaver for me last time! you never know how far away the outlet will be and you'll want to stay in touch with family/friends and send pictures.
makeup wipes: this kind is my favorite. these are so nice if you aren't ready to shower yet or just need a refresher.
pillow from home: the hospital pillows usually suck. take a pillow case from home that's not white (like the one pictured here, sorry!) so that you remember which one is yours 🙂
diaper bag: i like to bring the baby's diaper bag to carry just her stuff. really excited about my petunia bag this time around!
baby's first clothes: the hospital will totally have onesies for your babe to wear, but i really prefer bringing my own clothes from home, that i've washed in special detergent, for pictures and because why the heck not? i was so happy i did last time! love gap's first favorites line.
swaddle blankets: again, the hospital will have blankets but they're not soft and cute and wonderful like the aden + anais ones i'm in love with. this is just personal preference but i love having my own there.
pacifiers: another thing the hospital will have, most likely this type, but if you want to try any other types out you'll want to bring them yourself. my friend says her babies love this kind so i'm giving it a spin this time. here's to hoping this baby takes to the binky and not her thumb like her stinker sister, ha!
baby wash: not necessary either, but i do love the smell of noodle & boo more than anything in the world on a new baby so i like to bring this for baby's first bath. i also really like having the noodle & boo wipes with me because it's hard to bathe baby at first, so if she spits up or needs a little cleanup these smell like heaven and are really convenient and easy to use.

you can read more of my baby favorites in my best baby registry list ever.

well i'm out guys! next time i check back in i'll have a new little person in my life. 🙂

Corrine Stokoe

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  1. So excited for you!! I love reading your posts daily. I am about 4 weeks behind you with baby #2 as well! You have been so helpful! 🙂 Good Luck and can’t wait to see pics!!

  2. Just discovered your page and I’m already in love with it! It is going to be my first child and one always appreciates a bit of advice on what to get to hospital as well as great ideas that make your job as a mum easier! Thanks and congrats on your new baby!

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