Cutest Easter basket ideas!

March 20, 2019

Can you believe Easter is only about a month away?! I love Easter so much. I love what Easter represents to me, but also that it's a time for family and traditions. I usually try to fill my girl's Easter baskets with lots of things OTHER than candy! (I mean a little candy can't hurt right?) So today I'm sharing what I like to fill their Easter baskets up with, along with 50 other cute Easter basket stuffer ideas all from Amazon so you can order them quick and easy and be ready for Easter, no stress!

I got these super cute Easter bags for $9 a piece a couple years ago and I'm in love because of the little bunny ears on them! I like to fill Easter baskets with a few things my girls need and things my girls will actually use. I started with these water bottles and The Tale of Three Trees board book for Anabelle since she's old enough to understand this, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Easter Colors board book for Lyla. I love board books for my kids because they hold up so well and we can bring them along to church or the park or wherever we are headed!

Also I love these sweet little plush bunnies in white and in beige. I added in some gold fish (couldn't help myself) and some Luna Bars for some healthier snacks. I went with the chapstick, colored pencils and chalk because those are things that we use a lot in our house! Oh and that little pink bath toy. Is it just my children who love bath time?!

Lastly, as a cute little filler I did some classic plastic eggs filled with Reeses, and some even more classic Cadbury eggs!

We put together a list of 50 fun things to fill your kid's baskets, other than just candy, that way you won't have to stress about Easter baskets and you can enjoy celebrating with family! 

  1. Easter egg coloring book
  2. Happy easter mouse book
  3. Marshmallow bunny book
  4. Egg sidewalk chalk
  5. Stuffed animal bunny
  6. Jump rope
  7. Hair ties
  8. Scrunchies
  9. Lipgloss set
  10. Water bottle
  11. Chocolate easter Oreos
  12. Lollipops
  13. EOS lip balm
  14. Peppa pig book
  15. Color bath drops
  16. Colored pencils
  17. Chocolate carrots
  18. Easter stickers
  19. Floral notebook
  20. Bunny ears
  21. Animal twist bracelet
  22. Slime egg
  23. Invisibobble hair ties
  24. Bath bomb with necklace
  25. Don't laugh Easter challenge book
  26. Mind teasers
  27. Dragon fly toy
  28. Bubbles
  29. Wooden paint animals
  30. Color changing straws
  31. Playdoh eggs
  32. Frisbee
  33. Yoyo
  34. Heart sunglasses
  35. Fidget noodles
  36. Squishies
  37. Watercolor paints
  38. Flipflops
  39. Easter hand sanitizer
  40. Nail polish
  41. Cadbury Eggs
  42. M&Ms
  43. Spring bow ties
  44. Carrot teether
  45. String a farm
  46. Wooden alphabet board
  47. Slippers
  48. Teether
  49. Bunny lovey blanket
  50. Wooden camera toy

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