Favorite QVC deals including a CRAZY deal on Elemis!

QVC is one of my FAVORITE places to get old favorites or try new products because their prices are just SO GOOD! And I love that the selection is seriously unmatched. Where else can you get a little of everything for the price of almost nothing?! This month I spent HOURS digging through their site to find you guys THE BEST deals they have on stuff I love and use religiously, and I cannot wait to share these deals with you!!

elemis resurfacing collection

HOT! Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Collection Deal

Right now on QVC you can get TWO 6.7-oz Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Washes and a 60-count container of Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads for only $79!!! The pads retail for $59 and the cleanser is $49, so this deal gives you a whopping 50% off retail!

This skincare collection from Elemis gently encourages cell turnover for glowing, healthy skin! When we exfoliate, it tells our skin to keep producing the good stuff: all the collagen and elastin pleaseandthankyou!

elemis qvc deal

Dynamic Facial Resurfacing Pads

These small but mighty pads pack a huge punch of potent products (try saying that 5 times fast!) Basically, there are two ways to exfoliate our skin, using chemical and physical exfoliants. Some products have both but sometimes they are simply physical (scrubbing beads, etc) or chemical (enzymes, acids, etc). The difference is that physical exfoliation just scrubs the top layer of the skin by pushing the dead skin cells around. Chemical exfoliation actually digests the dead skin cells beneath the surface, revealing a brighter complexion!

These pads utilize BOTH methods, and I can totally see and feel a difference when I'm using active ingredients that WORK! Plus, they are made with lactic acid, which our bodies produce naturally so it's great for sensitive skin or pregnant ladies!

elemis facial pads

I love using these pads after cleansing to do a thorough job of making sure all my makeup is gone, PLUS adding some exfoliating power into my routine. These give me that super clean feel that is perfect right before your heavy-hitting skincare or putting makeup/self-tanner on!

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash

This cleanser is so gentle yet effective. It does a great job of taking off that day's face (makeup or not!) AND doesn't dry my skin out! This is super important to me, and something I've come to expect from all my Elemis favorites! I also love that if you don't have time to exfoliate, this cleanser includes Elemis' Tri-Enzyme Technology that actually resurfaces as you cleanse!

Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash elemis
elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash qvc deals

Sharing the QVC Love!

While we are already on the QVC site, we might as well grab a few more favorites that are currently an AMAZING deal! These are all things I love and swear by, and I know you'll agree.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

This Barefoot Dreams cardigan is a CRAZY deal!! At any department store, this retails for at least $120-$130, and this one is only $87.98, which is 27% off! This cardigan is a classic, lightweight but warm, a great fit, and goes with anything.

When I'm traveling, or running errands, or just living my everyday routine, these cardigans give me LIFE! It feels like you're getting away with wearing a robe in public, which I'm totally here for. They are stylish, chic and last forever!

barefoot dreams cardigan deal
barefoot dreams cardigan qvc deal

QVC's most popular faux Fiddle Leaf

This Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is one of QVC's most popular items on their ENTIRE site!!! Guys, I wish I could keep a plant alive, but alas, I'll stick with raising children and fake plants. I've killed more than one Fiddle Leaf tree, so this fake one is so up my alley.

At only $59, it totally spruces up any room with a pop of green and texture from the woven basket! Bonus: it looks totally real so everyone can think I'm a pro greenthumb.

fiddle leaf fig tree
fiddle leaf plant
fiddle leaf fig tree

IT Cosmetics CC Cream twofer deal

IT Cosmetics' CC cream has long been one of my very favorite foundations. It's basically skincare with a side of amazing coverage! It has seven amazing benefits, including a physical sunscreen, anti-aging serum, and buildable coverage.

The QVC deal on this right now is INSANE! You get the (often imitated, never duplicated) foundation brush PLUS the foundation for only $46!! The brush itself retails for $48, and the foundation for $39, so this is basically getting TWO items (the foundation and the brush) for the price of ONE. INSANE.

qvc IT cosmetics

The foundation really is so much better with the IT Cosmetics brush. The first time I tried the IT Cosmetics CC Cream I wasn't sure if I loved it. But then I saw someone with FLAWLESS skin and asked her what she uses! She told me the IT Cosmetics CC cream, but with a hitch–you HAVE to use their brush! Ever since I took her advice I've been a firm believer. If you've been wanting to try it out, now is the time to buy and get both for half the price and save big.

Tarte Shape Tape triple up deal

tarte's Shape Tape has taken over (and changed) the concealer game! It really is the best coverage, is so long-lasting, and totally versatile. This set includes a Shape Tape concealer of your choice, PLUS a Glow Wand Concealer and a beauty sponge all for only $35. ALL TOGETHER, if you bought all 3 of these at a normal retailer, you'd spend $70 out the door. You get ALL THREE of these instead for $35.

This angled sponge is perfectly made to apply the concealers with! It seriously makes a GINORMOUS difference using this sponge versus just a brush or regular egg shaped makeup sponge IMO. Seriously, I was blown away with how much better my results were with THEIR sponge so if you've been one of those people in the past who's tried Shape Tape and not loved it, TRY IT AGAIN with this sponge because I swear it will be a whole new world of difference.

The Glow Wand is a great alternative if you need less coverage or want a dewier finish! I've been using the glow wand in the areas where I'd normally use a highlighter and it's incredible how you can conceal AND glow all in one shot.

tarte shape tape concealer
barefoot dreams cardigan

Elemis collection
Barefoot Dreams Cardigan
Fiddle Leaf Tree
tarte Shape Tape Concealer in medium
IT Cosmetics CC Cream with Plush Brush in medium tan
Photos by Arielle Levy

BONUS: first-time buyer code

If you haven't shopped at QVC before, you can actually save $10 on TOP of these insane deals with the code WELCOME at checkout! As Maui from Moana would say, “you're welcome!!” Second-time shoppers can enter code HELLO10 to receive $10 off too!

February's QVC specials

QVC seriously has THE BEST collection of all the things you could need from your home to your skincare! I love that I can always count on them for the BEST prices, especially on QVC deals on bundles you won't find anywhere else. See more of our QVC FAVES below:

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