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If there's a question universally acknowledged as the one I get asked the most, it's always about my beauty routine. And it's seriously such a great question, that I love getting, because as girls we know – it's always changing! That's the fun of it right? I'm always wanting to try new products for my hair and skin and different makeup depending on what time of year it is! Summer is all about bronzed baked and breezy fun while I feel the Fall and Winter months are all about moisture and more coverage. So here's a little guide to all of the beauty products I'm loving right now that make getting ready for the day super easy!

Winter beauty faves
on the rocks drybar shampoo
drybar conditioner

Squeaky Clean

You guys have heard of charcoal masks right? They're definitely a beauty trend that's making everyone's face look as dusty as a chimney sweep and then as pretty and clean as Mary Poppins' herself. (This one is my fave). They REALLY work!

Now imagine if you could take those magical effects and do that do your hair and that's exactly what this shampoo does! It lifts all the impurities and yucky buildup from your hair and leaves it feeling shiny and new. No spoonful of sugar needed to help this hair-medicine go down. Seriously my hair feels SQUEAKY clean when I use this shampoo! It's just the reset I need after mountains of dry shampoo 😉

And then this conditioner comes right in and moisturizes your hair without any feeling of heaviness or greasiness, which is a major bonus in the dry winter months!

elemis cream cleanser
Cream Cleanser

Elemis Cleanser

If you've been a reader for a while, by now you know how I accidentally found Elemis and then totally fell in love with their beauty products. It's like a romantic comedy that you can read all about here.

This cream cleanser is for SURE my new fave. It's buttery soft and I love how it REALLY cleanses makeup and impurities off your face. I'm holding the travel size here and I absolutely LOVE the Elemis travel set – I use it on all my trips! This is actually how I discovered Elemis in the first place 🙂

Elemis foaming facial wash

I'm also REALLY loving this Elemis foaming facial wash. It's kind of like a cross between the noxzema tingling cream cleanser I used in high school and the traditional Elemis cleansing balm that I love, but it's about half the price!

elemis cleanser
Blowdry lotion hair product

Blow-dry lotion

When it comes to blowdrying my hair there are two tricks I've learned that make blow drying a massive amount of hair as easy as possible!! I first use this blow-dry lotion and comb it through my hair with my fingers when it's still damp. You don't even need a ton of it because it's super concentrated. Which means this bottle lasts forever!

This blow-dry lotion has microwax particles that allow you to re-style it over and over without having to shampoo. It actually makes a HUGE difference with restyling and having the fresh styles hold!! Such a great beauty product!!

beauty products Blowdry lotion
hair products
dyson hair dryer
dyson supersonic hair dryer

Dyson Hair Dryer

My second trick for low-maintenance hair is this blow dryer. It's definitely an investment piece, but I PROMISE it's worth it!  When I started using this dryer I cut my blow drying time in HALF. Honestly. I've been blown away (HA).

best Hair Dryer

Heavenly Hairspray

Once my hair is all dry I finish it off with this hairspray that not only gives you the perfect hold without the crunch, but also smells like heaven in a bottle. Which is never a bad thing, especially during these blustery winter months!

best hairspray
drybar curling iron

Curling Wand

I recently started using this curling wand and, like everything else from DryBar, I was NOT disappointed. I mean the name of it should is called the Wrap Party which pretty much speaks for itself!! This wand is awesome because it's skinnier at the top where you want a little volume, but wider at the bottom where you would want your curls naturally to fall a little softer rather than super tight. And I'm OBSESSED with the cool touch end! I've never had a wand with that and it's extremely helpful in not burning your fingers! It also has an adjustable temperature setting and an auto shut-off, which I love since I've left my curling iron plugged in all day WAY more times than I'd like to admit!

beauty products
drybar curling wand
best curling wand
Beauty blender
Winter beauty faves foundation

Flawless Foundation

I've tried a lot of different brands of foundation in my time and I've yet to find one that I love as much as this!! I just tried out the matte version foundation with SPF in it and it's for SURE the new favorite child in my makeup drawer. The coverage is pretty but not thick or cakey, and my skin always looks absolutely flawless when I use this!

YSL foundation
Winter beauty faves Concealer

Concealer magic

This concealer in one word: perfection. Did I get 9 hours of sleep last night? Did my child wake up wanting to play at 5AM? Hmmm I don't know because this concealer is really that amazing! it hides the dark circles and brightens everything up. It's like a version of pixie dust for tired mamas everywhere haha!

beauty Concealer
best concealer


I've been a longtime Nars blush lover so I admit I was a little skeptical when the girl at the beauty counter introduced me to their liquid version. Because if it's not broke, why fix it you know? Except when it gets better and even though it's hard to image Nars making something better than their already seemingly perfected blush, this really is better! You just dab a tiny amount on the back of your hand and swirl it around for all that creamy goodness, and it acts more like a stain than just a blush so it really lasts ALL DAY LONG. I love this brush too because it's designed to evenly distribute the liquid for that perfectly even look.

nars liquid blush

Cute & Cozy

And last but DEFINITELY not least, I'm a self-proclaimed robe enthusiast and this robe is one of the very coziest I have ever felt! My kids just want to snuggle up to me when I wear this. It's basically like wearing a fluffy blanket around the house and I keep finding every excuse under the sun to wear it day after day. It's the first thing I slip into at the beginning of the day and the last thing I layer over my jammies when I sit down after the kids are in bed!

beauty products
best beauty products

Beauty product faves

Shop any of my very favorite beauty products right now below!

01. Cozy Robe
02. Elemis pro-radiance
03. On the Rocks shampoo
04. On the Rocks conditioner
05. Kerastase Blowdry lotion
06. Hair Dryer
07. Favorite hairspray
08. Makeup brush
09. Curling Iron
10. Beauty blender
11. YSL foundation
12. Concealer
13. Liquid Blush
Photos by Arielle Levy

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