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so you guys, last night i went to the most fantastic cooking class! it was taught by jenny evans of jenny's gatherings and we got to watch her concoct these incredible dishes and then she fed us a FULL meal after, complete with steak, salad, spoon bread, the best cauliflower i've ever eaten and the most delicious dessert! death by chocolate, my kind of thing. anyway, it was so interesting because she used her bosch mixer and suddenly all these people were talking about how the bosch is like THE best mixer ever of all time. so of course this morning i got up and had to look for the best deal on a bosch because i've never even shopped nor priced one out. so, if you're in the market, here's the best deal on the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine that i could find.

however. i'm just here to say that i'm completely madly in love and obsessed with my kitchen aid. it's true! over the moon. couldn't live without it. i use it DAILY. easily, daily. both of my cooking idols (my MOM and ina garten) have white kitchen aids so i of course copied them and have a white one too. that little sucker has never let me down! and so for a lower price point and something that i've cherished for years, if you're looking for a kitchen aid, here's a good deal.

right now you can get the kitchen aid artisan 5qt standard mixer in 24 different colors for $279.99 (reg $349.99). awesome deal, beats amazon, and so fun that you can choose from so many cute colors! my mom and i both have the professional series version (the one sold at costco with higher horsepower – yes i just said horsepower) but our girl ina over at barefoot contessa has the artisan and it seems to work just fine for her! and i trust ina like i trust my mom, and that's saying a lot!

ALSO, i know i promised tons of you that recipe for the cream biscuits … it's coming! keep your eyes peeled for a roundup of my favorite quick (but still REALLY GOOD) recipes that i make my family on a regular basis.

so now i'm all curious. do you have a bosch? do you have a kitchen aid? which is better? anyone have BOTH?? let me know in the comments!

Corrine Stokoe

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  1. Do you have a recipe for the cauliflower dish, that sounds good. I have never had a kitchen aid or Bosch but my husbands grandma has just given me an older Bosch that is missing some pieces. Hopefully I can get it running.

    1. molly i do but i’ve been asked not to share it, i’m sorry! the only way you can get it is to attend jenny’s class.

  2. I have both, too. But, hardly ever use my bosch, unless I’m making a huge batch of something. Even though I have the largest kitchen aid, it does overheat, ie when making lots of pasta – the Bosch is more of a beast 🙂 But, the kitchen aid is simply more beautiful and my go to machine for most ‘average’ jobs.

  3. I have both and LOVE both for different things but I use my Bosch more often. I like the Bosch for making breads because the bowl is bigger.

  4. I have a Bosch and I love it. I mainly use it for cookies though 😉
    I’ve had it for over 10 years, so it’s the “older” model but still works perfectly.
    I used to used the blender on it a LOT, but then I got a BlendTec and haven’t looked back.

  5. I have been using a Baby Boche for thirty years. Raised three kids, made tons of bread cookies etc. and overworked that puppy and it just goes on and on. Use it almost daily for thirty years. I need to be on a commercial. Definitely a Boche lover!

  6. My mom has a Bosch and I have a Kitchenaid. Her’s is an older model and I use it when I’m home. It’s fine, but my kitchenaid is so beautiful. It is the perfect marriage of utility and visual appeal. I never knew a kitchen appliance could bring me so much joy and I was pretty happy when we got a vitamix, so that’s saying a lot.

  7. I love that you went to Jenny’s class! I helped assist her here in Cali on that one, and it was de-licious!! I have a kitchenaid, but can I admit I’m waiting on it to burn out so I can buy a Bosch?! My mom had her bosch for 30 years, and my MIL has 2 that are little workhorses! Boschs are beasts 🙂

  8. I love my Bosch- I use it all the time and love that is has a lid. its so powerful that when I make banana bread I don’t mash the bananas before tossing them in- I just put 5 of them in while it’s running and it does it’s thing in no time!! Also, with 4 cups of flour I can pop the lid on and I don’t get dusted with flour powder like you would a kitchen aid. Best thing out there- the Bosch blender is an animal too!!

  9. I love your blog! I have a tip for buying a Bosch. Get a 20 percent coupon off at bed bath and beyond. Then go to the store, they have to order the Bosch online ( they don’t carry it nthe store) it is 399.00 then with 20 percent off it is 320.00 and they ship it for free to your house:-) I just did this and I love my Bosch !

  10. All the way with my BOSCH Baby. I received it from my in-laws back in 1975 and it has made thousands of loaves of freshly ground homemade bread and oh the thought of all of the chocolate chip cookies that fed neighborhoods of children throughout the US of A.
    It is still working strong and my goal was to make sure each of my six children have one because I am such a believer. So far I have been able to purchase one for four of them and as soon as the other two need one, it shall be theirs.
    I love it because I can literally throw everything into it, double the recipes, throw the lid on it and like magic it is mixed beautifully and ready to go.
    My Mom had a Kitchen-Aid and if I did not love it, getting any ingredient in and out of it was always a mess and only good if you were making small quantities of anything.
    GO FOR THE BOSCH Ladies. It is a Beast, but a Real Beauty with how it can make your life in the kitchen almost as good as it is in the bedroom.

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