My 5 goals for Q2 + an adidas PROMO code! 

Can you even believe we’re already 4 MONTHS into the year and how much has happened?! My priorities this year have definitely shifted even in a few short months, and so have my goals. With a newborn, my schedule is always changing and my ability to do certain things looks a lot different now. Coming off 6 months of bed rest from my pregnancy, this year I decided to set quarterly goals and set myself up for success.

I asked people what their goals are on a question box on Instagram and can’t wait to read your replies, and in the meantime here are mine.

adidas spring pieces
Premium Essentials Hoodie
Premium Essentials Tee
Techfit Camo ⅞ Leggings
Edge Lux Running Shoes
Relaxed Mini Logo Hat
Yoga Essentials Studio Light Nursing Bra
Grow Positivity Everyday Light Nursing Bra

In a hurry? Go straight to my picks below!

What were my Q1 goals?

During the first part of the year, my number one goal was prioritizing my health and wellbeing–both mental and physical. My mental-health battle with postpartum depression in 2020 was so brutal that I wanted to be cognizant of that and really respect the reality that it could come back again, and do everything I possibly could to give myself the best chance of overcoming PPD if it resurfaced.

I also had a goal to completely and unapologetically, fully enjoy Bobby as a newborn and my maternity leave time with him. This included lots of snuggling in bed, staying in pajamas, holding him for naps and just breathing in his newborn goodness without feeling like I should be doing something else with my time. I am SO GLAD I made this a goal and gave myself permission to soak up those first 6 weeks without any rush to get back to work or social life outside my home.

Lastly, my 3rd and only other goal was to ease back into work whenever I felt ready, and not feel like I had to go from 0-60 and “run” faster than I had strength. I have a tendency to over-work myself so I knew this would help me from getting overloaded and possibly slipping back into PPD.

Why quarterly goals?

I knew these goals for the beginning of 2023 were perfect for the first of the year, but wouldn't be my focus the entire year. So I decided to do something totally different this year and change my goals each quarter. I have loved this opportunity to refocus and re-prioritize with different seasons of life, different seasons of the earth, different seasons in my health journey and wellness and family.

Goal 1: get outside

After spending MONTHS chained to my bed (literally) while on bed rest, I'm really trying to take advantage of being outside as much as I can. I don't know if you ever do this, but sometimes I find myself saying, “WAIT! It's been weeks since I've gone down to the beach!” Even though it's only a few minutes of a a drive from my doorstep. I feel like I'd do the same with the mountains when we lived in Utah. I'd spend weeks just in my daily grind and forget to enjoy even a beautiful drive up a canyon to see the stunning nature that people travel from all over the world to see.

So I've made it a goal to get to the beach once a week, EVEN if that just means driving down and getting out for 10 minutes to sit on a bench and breathe in the ocean air and soak up the sounds and smells of one of God's greatest creations.

Goal 2: move my body

I know to some that might sound really weak! But for a mom of 5 running a full-time business, sometimes even twice in a week is a stretch. But I'm determined to do it and aim for 3 times a week if possible! However, I know I can accomplish 2x a week at first, and then once I'm in that habit, 3x will come more easily and maybe I can ramp up in Q3 of this year.

I'm easing back into working out by taking walks outside and riding my peloton bike. The walks are my favorite because I can often cross off goal #1 at the same time. These Adidas’ Edge Lux Running Shoes have been a comfortable fit and lightweight shoe that I’ve been loving. Out of the box and first wear, these gave me ZERO blisters! They fit true to size, and for under $100 they're a steal too!

nursing sports bra

Goal 3: write my book

Another thing that has taken a back-burner spot since the end of my pregnancy and having Bobby has been the work I've done on writing my book. When I get really serious about what I know in my heart I want and need to spend my time doing, this is the one thing that keeps coming up. I might not have room in my life to just spend ALL my time doing only this, but I can absolutely carve out even a few minutes a day chipping away at this project.

Goal 4: stick to my reading schedule

I'm embarrassed to admit this – but I've never read the entire Bible! For someone who loves studying scriptures as much as I do, this is something that's very easily fixed in 2023, especially since I have a great weekly reading schedule to keep me on track to finish the New Testament by the end of the year.

Whenever I've tried to tackle a really big book and study it in depth to really understand it, pacing myself is key. Desmond Tutu once said, “there's only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” This totally applies to my goal of tackling the Bible this year.

Goal 5: weekly date night

On Instagram last week, I shared how a server at the Mexican restaurant we were eating at for date night shared something with us that rattled me to the core. When she asked us why we were there and we told her date night, she said, “You know, I was married to my husband for 15 years, we had 4 kids and then got divorced. 5 years later we married each other again, and the one thing we do differently now is we NEVER skip date night. We treat it like it's court-appointed, life or death.” So this is a goal that I want to keep not just for this quarter but for life.

The best motivation for workout goals

I don't know about you, but for ME, the best way to motivate myself to get going on a workout goal is new workout wear! I'm not the kind of person who lives for the gym, or loves getting my sweat on, but I DO love fashion. So if a new pair of running shoes or a new workout outfit is just sitting there waiting to be worn, I don't like to ignore it. And I find that once I get out a time or two, it becomes easier to make it a habit and stick to it.

I'm going to share some of the pieces I got recently from adidas to motivate myself to stick to goal #2, and a discount code that goes along with them too!

oversized hoodie

The very best time to get your favorite adidas pieces

It’s always a good time to shop adidas tbh, but this is a REALLY great time to score the best prices and freshen your spring wardrobe from April 13 – 17!

Use code: WEEKEND right now to get up to 55% off, with 25% off almost everything, including sale and get all the motivation to jump into your spring goals. 

Cutest adidas stuff rn:

These are my personal picks for things I thought were super cute, comfortable and practical for not just workout wear but everyday wear too! I also include sizing info.

Oversized hoodie 

Comfort is key and this Premium Essentials Hoodie in white has been a go-to grab of mine lately. It's not a super overly warm or hot hoodie, so it's a great transitional piece for spring and summer months.

This cotton hoodie fits oversized and I like it for days at home or warming up for a workout! It already comes oversized, so pick your normal size to get a good oversized fit without it feeling like you're drowning in fabric. This look with leggings OR jeans is super on-trend so you can use it for workout wear or a cute everyday look.

Girly running shoes that move with me

These Adidas’ Edge Lux Running Shoes have been a comfortable fit and lightweight shoe that I’ve been loving. Out of the box and first wear, these gave me ZERO blisters! They fit true to size, and for under $100 they're a steal too!

white womens adidas sneakers

Best cut and print leggings 

I’ve always been a big fan of camo and these leggings have the PERFECT print without screaming “it’s hunting season!” Seriously though, I love the Techfit Camo ⅞ Leggings in off white/sand strata and have gotten compliments when I wear them on walks or just an everyday outfit from multiple people. 

These are cute and the lighter color gives a super neutral, feminine look while still serving a flattering high-rise cut all in a great moisture absorbing fabric! It has more of a low compression fit IMO, so if you hate feeling like you can't breathe in your leggings because you can't hang with tight compression, you'll love these.

best adidas leggings

Perfect length workout crop top

This adidas Premium Essentials Tee is a great top for a warm weather workout! It's not super cropped, but just enough to give you that look if you like the cropped fit. 

I don’t personally want to show my stomach, so wearing this tee with my leggings is the perfect combo. The tee is still the trendy and cropped but hits right at the top of the pants without exposing any tummy- and it looks super cute!

workout cropped tee

Mini logo hat

I mostly get my walks done outside so a cute hat is the perfect way to protect my face from the sun or hide a bad hair day when you skip a wash! This Relaxed Mini Logo Hat is one of my favorites, I loveeee adidas’ hats because they’re super comfortable and fit well. 

This hat is cotton, has a pre-curved brim that makes it looks already worn (in the best way), and overall is a really cute finishing touch that makes any workout look so much more trendy! If you don’t already have one of their hats I think you’ll love them. I'm wearing mine all the time, even on days I want to feel cute with minimal effort.

adidas baseball hat
adidas workout outfit and hat
Premium Essentials Hoodie
Premium Essentials Tee
Techfit Camo ⅞ Leggings
Edge Lux Running Shoes
Relaxed Mini Logo Hat
Yoga Essentials Studio Light Nursing Bra
Grow Positivity Everyday Light Nursing Bra

Equip yourself to take on your goals this spring with adidas 

I’m so excited to continue throughout the spring with my new fitness goals in adidas! Workout clothes are one of the MOST effective things that motivate me so I can’t wait to continue putting all these pieces to good use!

Make sure you reply to my comment box on IG so I can see what your goals are this spring and use code WEEKEND from April 13 – 17 to get up to 55% off, with 25% off almost everything, including sale! These amazing items will help support your healthy lifestyle goals too.

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