HOT sales on BOB strollers & accessories!!

bob duallie

These BOB stroller and stroller accessories sales are SO GOOD that I had to stop everything I was doing this morning, postpone another post and throw this one together instead so that NOBODY misses out!!!

First of all, the BOB duallie snack tray is at an ALL TIME LOW at $22.50! That is seriously the cheapest it has ever been so hurry and grab yours NOW if you have this stroller and need one! We absolutely love ours so that we can give the girls snacks or a sippy while we’re out!

In this picture Lyla is reclined, one thing we LOVE about the BOB single and duallie, that you can fully recline for naps! But if we wanted to we could sit her straight up so she could reach that snack tray!

The BOB single snack tray is a good deal right now too at 17% off! 

And both the BOB single parent console and BOB duallie parent console are 25% off! If you’ve read my blog for a long time you know that I always tell people to get this parent console because it’s $9, and you can use on virtually any stroller, BUT it doesn’t really work on the duallie so if you want a parent console for the duallie, jump on the deal above! We have the duallie console and love it!

Right now you can get the BOB revolution single stroller for $302 in black – that’s 33% off retail price and a HOT deal!! This price I predict will go up soon and based on past trends it might not be this good of a price again until late Fall.

You can also get the BOB duallie stroller for 20% off – a good deal if you’re in the market!

To see ALL our baby favorites and must-haves, go to my best baby registry list ever!

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