the deodorant that CHANGED MY LIFE + 5 other stocking stuffers ON SALE.

the perfect stocking stuffers!

Oh Santaaaaaaa! I know you like saving a little money too, so I figured I better let you in on these deals. A few of my beauty FAVORITES are on sale right now, and I just would be so sad for you if you paid full price to stuff these into my stocking on Christmas eve!

My favorite night cream, the one that feels like buttery silk when I put it on my face – never greasy, always hydrating and smells fresh and pretty andΒ not like an old lady? On sale.Β The face wash I love so very much, also on sale!Β So gentle and pure and efficient at getting all my makeup off. And the age-defying wrinkle removing serum that’s completely converted me from creams because it feels SO GOOD on my skin! Hydrates, firms and gives me the best glow of anything I’ve ever used. ALL ON SALE.

Also, while we’re having a really honest convo Santa, you should know that I’ve been on the hunt for the best deodorant for literally two decades. I’ve tried the gels, the sprays, the clinical grade in EVERY brand, men’s deodorant, unscented, flowery, baby powder, you name it I’ve tried it, I’ve even considered investing in botox for my armpits (YES that is a thing! An expensive thing, though) but this Santa, THIS DEODORANT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!!!! It keeps my pits from stinking or sweating, has a very faint but pretty smell (emphasis on faint – it’s not even noticeable). If I could gift ONE beauty product to every woman in the entire world, this might just be it. Oh and (duh) it’s on sale right now, which is pretty rare. So maybe stock up and get me a few haha.

Aaaaaand last but not least, my favorite eyebrow pencil is on sale too, I’ll take it in taupe please! The perfect neutral color for every girl – blonde to brunette. Because Santa, you KNOW it’s a crisis when we run out of those. And if you’re feeling extra generous you could toss a brow gel in there too,Β since those are on sale and I use that every day!

Thank you Santa. I promise to be extra, extra good this year.


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How long does this deodorant last?


It lasts a while! I think I just used one for the summer so maybe 3 months?




How is the antiperspirant aspect of it? I can’t seem to find something that lets me wear those danger colored clothes!


Ok I just have to say thank you! I seriously have been on the hunt for a deodorant that didn’t still leave with some stink. I literally tried every kind and still my deodorant didn’t work. I recently bought the one you suggested and I have never been so impressed thank you thank you! My armpits thank you!


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