Episode 198: How to Find Your Purpose and Where You Should Spend Your Time

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Am I really doing what I should be doing with my life right now? Am I making my greatest impact?” A listener recently asked me something similar to this and we felt like it was a great topic, especially after our recent episode about how Satan wants you to waste your time. So today we're sharing some ways to really discover and spend your time wisely and how to discover your purpose and greatest contribution to the world in all seasons of life.


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Time Stamps:

[00:33] – Are you struggling to find your purpose?

[02:49] – The Lord puts opportunities in your path. Have you noticed them?

[05:15] – You can take action that involves your purpose every day.

[06:52] – “There’s so much to do within what has been allotted to us.”

[09:34] – There is a cycle of giving and receiving. What season of the cycle are you in?

[11:14] – Have you ever thought that there’s a reason you are in a set of circumstances?

[12:35] – It’s easy to overlook the significant impact you can make in the community around you.

[14:33] – Corrine gives you examples of inspiring people who serve their purpose with what they have in the moment. PART 1

[16:59] – Corrine gives you examples of inspiring people who serve their purpose with what they have in the moment. PART 2

[18:45] – While you’re living your purpose, are you also taking care of yourself?

[20:52] – “Heavenly Father, show me what you want me to do today.”

[23:42] – Incredible things happen when you use your time the way God would want you to.

[26:34] – When you are in service, it completely changes your experience of life.

[29:20] – Are you taking care of your purpose in the walls of your own home?

[31:58] – “What should I be doing with my time?”

[34:07] – Everything’s a phase, whether good or bad.

[35:43] – Freely giveaway what was given to you.

[37:40] – It’s a humbling experience to pour into people who are at where you once were.

[40:21] – Share your light and your testimony.

[43:08] – What actions would make you proud when you look back over your life?

[45:46] – “Trust God.” PART 1

[48:35] – “Trust God.” PART 2


Supporting Resources:

“Turning Enemies into Friends” Talk by Sharon Eubank

“Content with the Things Allotted unto Us” Talk by Neal A. Maxwell

“The Needs before Us” Talk by Bonnie L. Oscarson

“Addiction Recovery Program: A Guide to Addiction Recovery and Healing”


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