Episode 177: Check Your Blind Spots

Have you ever been in a situation where you don't realize it at the moment, but after the fact you look back and see that the adversary was totally working to get at you, to pull you down, to sneakily make you feel less-than worthy or like you're failing or you even lost out on joy from comparison or negativity? Today we're going to discuss how Satan is in your blind spots, how to spot him, and what to do about it.


Time Stamps:

[00:37] – The adversary is hanging out in our blind spots.

[03:09] – What’s the difference between a leopard and a cheetah?

[04:57] – Corrine describes how cheetahs stalking their prey mirrors how evil can be lurking in plain sight.

[07:38] – Satan is the enemy of righteousness.

[10:22] – Do you understand the underlying problem that is fueling the chaos?

[12:08] – Restlessness, irritation, and discontent can still exist when the true cause of the havoc is not addressed.

[14:24] – There are times we don’t recognize Satan and claim ourselves as the “problem.”

[16:06] – Don’t let the adversary score easy wins.

[17:48] – Corrine talks about the difference between being “fearful” and being “aware.”

[20:22] – Neil brings up the concept that not all thoughts in your mind are from you.

[23:20] – Neil gives a tip on separating the good and the subtle bad that appears in your thoughts from time to time.

[25:41] – Everybody can relate to being concerned about rejection or comparison at some level.

[28:29] – More people resonate with your experience than you think.

[30:56] – “You have accomplished something beyond price.”

[33:53] – Here’s why you shouldn’t nag yourself with a sense of failure.

[35:50] – Christ taught us how to deal with the devil.

[38:20] – Be careful of the subtle temptations that start to leak into your life.

[41:19] – Satan will take you down however he can get you.

[44:14] – Savior is much more powerful.

[46:33] – Give your attention to the positive.


Supporting Resources:

“Watchful unto Prayer Continually” Talk by David A. Bednar

“To the Women of the Church” Talk by Gordon B. Hinckley


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