Episode 168: Anna Macfarlane on How to Shine on Social Media

Anna Macfarlane is a marketing expert who coaches companies and brands on how to connect with their audience and maximize their social spaces. She is the founder of MARJ MEDIA, as well as popular Instagram accounts @kidsaretheworst, @thingsaretheworst, and @annaistheworst, among other social media accounts and has a fan base of more than 500,000+ internationally & growing.

Anna was one of People.com’s 10 Favorite Moms on the Internet and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Real Simple, and The Daily Mail, among others. She has written multiple guides, including Get SMART and Let’s TALK which give families tools to have great conversations about tech and social media, as well as create successful plans and contracts to use at home. Anna has been a personal mentor and friend to me and I've learned SO MUCH from her in the past couple of years. Today Anna and I are talking all about how YOU (yes you!) have something specific and unique to offer the world, how it's never too late and the market is NOT too saturated to start something new, how to parent teens with technology in a safe and smart way, and how to be the light that you want to see on social media


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Time Stamps:

[01:27] – Anna Macfarlane talks about a recent and exciting launch!

[03:04] – Anna recalls her start in marketing and how her skills evolved over the years.

[06:00] – When should you trust your gut? All of Anna’s skills came together when she recognized the potential of Instagram.

[08:09] – Don’t tell Anna she can’t do something. She talks about the story behind @kidsaretheworst.

[11:01] – Is social media too crowded? Anna compares the gift of sharing your story with spreading light.

[13:55] – Sharing on social media helps connect people who resonate with each other.

[16:27] – Anna explains how “Pain + Resolution” gives your skills and knowledge leverage.

[19:09] – Figure out what your business provides, then brainstorm on how to share those points.

[21:25] – Here are 3 questions to help you figure out what you will share on social media.

[23:12] – It’s not too late to share on social media.

[25:35] – Social media experienced massive growth and an evolution that helped accounts come across the ideal audience who needed them.

[27:46] – You have to start telling people who you are so that you can transition what you’re sharing into a business.

[30:53] – Anna explains how to make social media “work” when you want to grow an audience and talks about being willing to learn what works.

[33:20] – What are Anna’s thoughts on parents learning social media?

[36:15] – Teach kids social media use step by step. What is Anna’s approach?

[38:44] – When is a good age for teens to have more freedom with social media?

[41:42] – Anna talks about getting your kids accustomed to social media before they go out into the real world.

[44:37] – Everything that is worth doing takes work.

[47:12] – Thank you Anna, and thank you for listening!


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