Episode 164: How to be Better About Racial Inclusion with Alexis and Chanté of Let’s Talk Sis

Alexis and Chanté of @letstalk_sis have created an Instagram platform where they seek to bring awareness to difficult topics – specifically race, diversity, and inclusion – to promote dialogue and initiate positive change. They are committed to making change through connection and humanity one conversation at a time. Both Alexis, whose background is in sociology, and Chanté, whose background is in psychology, have spent the past 20 years advocating for youth and have been keynote speakers/presenters/panelists at national and international conferences. They've also both served on the board of international organizations. They have consulted and trained businesses and worldwide organizations and have even created their own Let’s Talk Sis workshop!

Today, I am honored to talk to this dynamic sister duo about how we can BE BETTER in our homes, communities, with our kids, families and friend groups when it comes to racial inclusion.

Time Stamps:

[01:10] – Where did Alexis and Chanté get the courage to speak up?

[03:29] – How did the sisters come up with the name Let’s Talk Sis?

[05:24] – Alexis and Chanté explain the biracial background of their family and how that impacts how they connect with diversity topics.

[07:10] – Alexis and Chanté talk about why they needed to rethink their boundaries around having hard conversations.

[09:28] – Having hard conversations brings up trauma. How do Alexis and Chanté manage the emotional tax of guiding these conversations?

[11:58] – Corrine commends Alexis and Chanté for speaking out even with the possibility of backlash.

[14:38] – Recognize that there is so much nuance in the lives-experiences involved in hard conversations.

[17:19] – Be invested in learning and expanding your perspective.

[19:53] – Alexis and Chanté mention that everyone handles trauma differently, but there is always a principle of human connection to rely on.

[22:05] – How can people have conversations with love and empathy? How can people move past shame when they misstep in a conversation?

[24:47] – Shift any mindset of guilt or shame into a mindset of action to make change.

[26:16] – Can people participate in heavy historical topics? Alexis and Chanté talk about Martin Luther King Jr. day as an example.

[29:13] – How can people speak up and engage in conversations when they don’t know what to say?

[31:52] – Alexis and Chanté discuss why it’s important to clarify heavy topics and address bias.

[34:08] – Cultural difference is an opportunity to learn the different ways that people navigate life.

[36:41] – Diversify the world around you and bring your kids along with you to help them have a wider perspective.

[39:27] – Conversations on diversity need to be an ongoing discussion.

[41:45] – When having hard conversations with little ones, don’t panic when kids have more questions.

[43:31] – Attach diversity to real people in life to make the topics more tangible for children.

[45:59] – How can people make their network more diverse and inclusive?

[48:26] – Diversity is more than just race.

[51:13] – Build a connection through seeking to understand one another.

[53:07] – See people as people, not as problems.

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