Episode 162: Girl Talk with Jess Toolson of Mixhers

Jess Toolson launched Mixhers at the end of 2019 because of a personal need to find the solution for her period pains. She teamed up with her now business partner, Cody Sanders, creating an all-natural solution to so many women's hormonal problems with drink mixes that taste delicious and transform women's health. What started as a search for personal solutions to her health problems has resulted in a multi-million dollar business, with thousands of monthly subscribers and growing from two to 20 people on her team in under one year. Today Jess and I get to talk about all the ways women suffer in silence with everything from monthly menstrual struggles to menopausal symptoms to sleep problems and libido issues, and why it's SO helpful to not only have these all-natural solutions that Mixers has created, but to have safe spaces for us to TALK about these things and realize, “Hey! I'm not the only one feeling miserable because of this female issue or that female problem.” This is a positive, uplifting girl-talk chat that will help you realize you're not alone in whatever female health issues you're facing and will give you some ideas for how to conquer them proactively.

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Time Stamps:

[01:43] – Jess Toolson wants to provide hope to women.

[04:00] – Corrine and Jess talk about changes in menstruation in early motherhood.

[06:17] – Jess says she tried using medications to deal with her menstruation concerns until looking for alternative solutions.

[09:11] – Which solution finally helped Jess?

[11:52] – Mixhers gives women a drink option that is tasty and healthy.

[14:02] – Period talks are not something we should feel weird about.

[16:13] – Jess gives credit to the women who were publicly having discussions about periods early on.

[18:10] – Women don’t need to accept terrible periods.

[20:21] – Corrine and Jess share thoughts on breaking the shame around sex.

[22:19] – Jess explains why libido decreases starting around the mid 20s for most women. Is there a solution?

[24:22] – Feel empowered in your sex life.

[26:18] – Corrine shares her experience with Herlove and feeling empowered in her own desires.

[28:57] – How many other women experienced the positive impacts of Herlove?

[30:32] – Can teens use products by Mixhers?

[32:27] – Jess says that teens should be more supported in their need for rest.

[35:07] – Mixhers is a really fun way for moms to bond with their teens. Teens think Mixhers is cool.

[36:45] – Jess shares a story of learning and evolving in business as Mixhers continues to serve their consumers. What happened?

[39:45] – Touching women’s lives helps Jess find the drive to keep going.

[42:35] – Mixhers’ products are a journey of consistency.

[44:45] – Jess wants women to not feel so lonely in their lives.

[46:22] – Every woman has influence.

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