Episode 155: Carlos Whittaker on Hope and Humanity

Carlos Whittaker’s wife Heather Whittaker is often asked, “So what does your husband do?” And this question plagued her for a long time until one day she finally identified it perfectly: “He's a hope dealer.” Carlos Whittaker identifies himself as an author, speaker, moment maker, spider killer and hope dealer. He's amassed a following of over 240,000 Instagram followers who he lovingly refers to as his Instafamilia, where they've raised almost a million dollars in under a year for good causes and for bringing humanity back together. Carlos and I talk today about kindness, understanding, walking with your neighbor instead of fighting with them on issues where you disagree, and some of the life lessons he has learned that he believes in and teaches wherever he goes. Buckle up because you're about to be dealt some hope.


Time Stamps:

[00:59] – Carlos Whittaker tells the story of doing a good deed to show someone they are appreciated.

[03:44] – What happens when you ask a bunch of people to help with a good deed? Carlos shares how strangers came together to give more than a $60k tip.

[06:21] – Carlos recalls how his blog slowly showed him an opportunity to a new life.

[08:29] – How did Carlos test out his speaking skills?

[11:00] – When something is placed on your heart, and you follow it, have patience and believe.

[12:33] – What are Carlos’ thoughts on strong convictions, empathy, and having hard conversations?

[14:26] – Don’t stand on issues. Walk together.

[15:58] – Carlos gives an example of him and a friend walking together to develop more empathy about seemingly opposing standpoints.

[17:48] – Listen to Carlos give advice on having hard discussions with loved ones.

[19:38] – How does Carlos deal with managing relationships when people have differing opinions?

[21:33] – Carlos gives his perspective of “comparative suffering”. Is it actually useful?

[23:20] – What’s the difference between sympathy and empathy?

[25:24] – This moment showed Carlos yet another time that people can come together for good. Only this time, he was the recipient.

[28:00] – How did Carlos pay-it-forward?

[30:42] – Hope is the currency of humanity.

[32:45] – Where does Carlos get his hope?

[34:17] – When one solution to your problem is not working, where do you find another solution?

[36:45] – Carlos explains the meaning behind the cobwebs and spider analogy.


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