Episode 130: Expectations: resentments in the making

Think back to the last time that you had something go TOTALLY differently than you had pictured it in your mind. What were your feelings when things went this way? Were you disappointed? Frustrated? Resentful? Today Neil and I are talking about expectations and why Neil says they’re “resentments in the making,” and what we try to do instead to offset these results and find more happiness in life.

Time Stamps:

[00:29] – Neil and I talk about expectations, resentments, and how our lives unfolded.

[03:05] – How can expectations turn into resentment?

[05:54] – I explain a saying that can help people to see when something is no longer for them.

[08:37] – Sometimes we hold ideas that never come into being. Other times, we need to discern if the idea is aligned with how we are being called.

[11:11] – Neil and I share our expectations of marriage versus what we know now.

[13:49] – Neil says he thought someone in a relationship would change his faults.

[15:34] – I share that I imagined being super unified as a couple, but I realized that we needed a bit of autonomy.

[17:04] – Neil and I share our different understandings of a famous image.

[19:29] – When we prioritize our individual spiritual health, we are able to show up for each other. 

[21:24] – Life can be beautiful and blissful, but the reality is that those moments come and go.

[23:12] – Why is it so easy to have expectations of others?

[25:49] – I talk about removing selfishness to take away the expectations.

[27:22] – Neil shares a point about embracing acceptance in our life.

[28:51] – I reminisce on what I learned about having expectations of another person’s behavior, and being patient in understanding others.

[30:36] – Sometimes life is like a trust fall, like a test of our faith.

[32:31] – Here is the one expectation people CAN have.

Supporting Resources:

“Life is Like an Old Time Rail-Journey” Quote referenced in “A Conversation with Single Adults” Talk by Gordon B. Hinckley 

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Big Book” 

 “But If Not” Talk by Dennis E. Simmons

3 Tweetables:

“These expectations that I had of how my life was going to go, when it doesn’t go that way, there can be resentments.” – Neil

“One big part of expectations is knowing when to just say ‘Okay, This isn’t meant to be.’ or ‘This isn’t working out.’” -Corrine

“I have made those goals, and done my part, and set those expectations to use my agency as a power, but I’m willing to change based on what God would have me do. It just takes life in a direction that is magical.” – Neil

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