five easy tips to creating a festive dinner table this Christmas!

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Because everybody knows that home is where all the really good food is. makes it easy to make YOUR home the one everybody will want to be at for the holidays. Christmas dinner is a big deal at our house and it’s the perfect opportunity to make the table a little more festive and fabulous!

Tip #1. Go for the gold. Gold serveware that is. I love that this silverware looks super fancy, but *spoiler alert it’s plastic! Less dishes for the hostess and more time for an impromptu dance party with your guests!

     Tip #2. Cloth napkins trump paper napkins. Cloth napkins are one of those tiny details that make a party feel grown up and special. Kind of like dining at a fancy restaurant, but the option to lose your shoes! These peppermint striped ones just feel so Christmasy.

 Tip #3. White always works. I love that white dinnerware works for every single occasion. It provides the perfect neutral base for you to let your party imagination run wild! I prefer to let the food be the star of the show and these white plates are amazing at that!

  Tip #4. Elevate your glassware game. Literally. There’s just something so special about stemmed glassware. It feels so festive! We filled these glasses with a mixture of la croix and sparkling grapefruit juice to make a pretty pink non alcoholic drink that the whole family can enjoy. If stemmed glasses aren’t your jam or there’s a lot of littles at your Christmas table I also love these gold banded glasses.

      Tip #5. Mix it up. I love mixing up textures when I set a table. Jet has these amazing tree bark servers that I’m obsessed with. It’s such an unexpected and surprising way to serve your dishes that it’s bound to score some extra compliments from your guests!

Footed nappy bowls
Acacia tree bark servers
Peppermint stripe napkins
Gold plastic soupspoons
Gold plastic forks
Gold plastic knives
Salad plates
Goblet glasses
Stemless glasses
Photos by Arielle Levy

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