It’s a kate spade 75% off SECRET SALE!

EEEEKK!!!! You guys this is it! An adrenaline pumping, jump out of bed, freak out and text your best friend kate spade SECRET sale where you can get up to 75% off kate spade bags and accessories!!! I’ve added some of my cutest and best kate spade bags to my collection from these rare and hidden kate spade secret sales, and I get CRAZY deals like this mikas pond lacey wallet (shown above) for $79 instead of $178. That’s $99 off. Yes please!

I’ve quickly rounded up what I think are the top 10 cutest things in this kate spade secret sale so you can see the best stuff before it sells out. And the good stuff ALWAYS goes fast!



Workout/weight loss tips & the leggings your legs NEED


I’ll just be perfectly honest with you. I’m not a workout junkie. It doesn’t come easily for me, in fact it’s the last thing I usually want to do in my spare time! I’d much rather have a tickle fight with my toddlers, read a book, waste time on snapchat, really almost anything (well except maybe fold laundry!) than work out. BUT, I love the way I feel after! And I’ve been trying some new stuff lately that I think you might love too. Plus I’ve gotta make sure every single reader of mine has these leggings in her closet. EVERYONE needs them! (more…)

ModCloth summer sale


ModCloth is having their hottest sale of the season and it’s my job (obviously!) to make sure you don’t miss out on it. They’ve got perfect wardrobe essentials for office wear and dressy events, and incredibly affordable prices like this yellow polka dotted skirt for $29.99! That’s such a good deal for a skirt you could wear to the office or out to dinner. I mean who wouldn’t want a yellow skirt with pockets and polka dots? The same skirt is $19.99 in navy too during ModCloth’s summer sale. I’ve got an ADDITIONAL discount on top of the sale prices too! (more…)

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