my favorite overalls, overall.


you know how sometimes you just want something SO bad and it's a little pricey, but you justify it because you know you'll wear it a ton? and then you really DO wear it a ton and say to yourself later, "that was the smartest purchase ever." that's how these overalls are. they sat on my wishlist for … [Read more...]

petunia pickle bottom outlet sale


this sale only comes around a few times a year and it's SO good! so many of my friends have gotten the best PPB bags from the outlet and i figured i better let you all know it's here too. right now you can get petunia pickle bottom bags and accessories up to 60% off during their outlet sale! … [Read more...]

40% off at GAP


hi guys! so, i made it down to CA. in one piece (mostly, ha). the road trip that should have taken us 10 hours took about 14, partly because we tried staying with the moving truck that my poor husband had to drive (it was about as long as a semi with his car attached to a trailer on the back), and … [Read more...]

miss j handmade SALE exclusive early access!


today is the day ... MOVING DAY! but before i hit the road i'm over the moon elated to let you guys in on this exclusive early access coupon code to miss j handmade's sale. she makes the most beautiful baby bows, headbands, blankets and leggings and she's decided to be super extremely generous and … [Read more...]

asos 20% off

waterfall cardi

so today's my last day in utah! it's going to be a bit crazy running around and crossing things off our list before we leave town, but i wanted to let you guys know that right now you can get 20% off asos brand at asos (their own label). there are so many cute items included in that sale and asos … [Read more...]

NARS, clinique, dior + more cosmetics SALE


this is a good one! not only because these brands are nearly impossible to find on sale but ALSO because everyone (well pretty much) uses some type of makeup! now just to be clear, i don't discriminate against grocery store stuff. in fact, my most recent gem grocery store find is maybelliene bb … [Read more...]

aden anais swaddles 37% off


i know i know i JUST posted about a+a swaddles a couple days ago BUT this is an even BETTER deal. one i can't skip posting about because it would just be rude! if you were my best friend and needed these swaddles i'd be texting you right this very second. in my pajamas. in bed. before i even get up … [Read more...]

$5 off $35 in baby toys


so i know we've been a bit baby heavy lately on this blog BUT this is a deal worth posting for even those who don't have babies! i mean how many baby showers do you get invited to where you have to hurry and throw something together and it's always at a time when you're super busy? maybe it's just … [Read more...]

boon flair $184.80!


there are some products that frequent this blog, because i am obsessed with them. and the boon flair is one of em. when i find a deal on these i can't help but post, in fact i feel like it's my responsibility and i would be letting everyone down if i didn't! so. when i saw this today i knew it … [Read more...]

aden + anais swaddles SALE


there are few things i love more than a tiny baby all swaddled up in an aden + anais swaddle blanket. these things are the real deal. they make swaddling so easy and the originals get softer with every wash. the bamboo start out super soft which i LOVE. they're a little different but i love them … [Read more...]