THE ESSENTIALS LIST: favorite wardrobe staples

Mint Wall and Pink PurseHave you ever had that moment when you are looking through your closet full of clothes for something to wear and you think, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR?!” Which is actually quite absurd. Who does that? (Me! I do that!!) 

So I’ve found something to combat those difficult times! I’ve realized when I keep the essential in my closet at all times, I always have an outfit that looks put together and makes me feel cute. Even when I’m in a hurry! (more…)

The affordable, DELICIOUS organic snacks you need

There are a few things my girls and I ALL agree on: the beach, sunshine, comfy clothes, tickle time, and really, REALLY good snacks. And I am giving you my absolute total personal guarantee you are going to LOVE these snacks. The price, the taste, the fact that they’re organic. Everything.


Cutest graphic tees on the internet right now

Let’s talk about graphic tees today. They’re popping up everywhere, like they did in the 90s but in a more chic way than just sporting your favorite brand across your chest. Come on, you know you had that GAP or ABERCROMBIE branded tee too.
But bring back someone’s oldschool nostalgia like BYE BYE BYE and I’m a goner. Take my money!! Seriously. You know I can’t resist a throwback to No Strings Attached even though it was (eek!!) 17 years ago. Especially when it’s only $30.


HOT Clinique free gift with purchase

Who doesn’t love FREE right?! Especially when we’re talking about one of my favorite high-end skincare brands. Clinique is offering a really REALLY hot deal for online orders over $10 and I’m here to make sure nobody misses out!!!


Friday Faves

It’s been a minute since we did Friday Faves and since I’m just back in town from a quick trip to SLC, I thought it might be fun to do a Friday afternoon roundup for you guys. All the things and sales and tips I’ve been loving lately.


All the bell sleeves

There’s a trend that’s hot right now that WE ARE LOVING. And that trend is called the bell sleeve. Bell sleeves just make everything prettier, more feminine, more flirty, and I can’t get enough.  (more…)

HUGE doterra deep blue freebie deal

doterra deep blue products FREE worth almost $100!

SO many of you have been asking when we’re doing another doTERRA deal or when the next best time to jump in is, and really THIS month’s doTERRA deep blue deal is one of my favorite deals of the entire year! Especially if you have an active lifestyle with sports or outdoor adventures or even just chasing kids around (ha) this is for sure your dream deal.


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