Hidden Nordstrom sale


I just love it when Nordstrom does their little hidden deals, and I love it when I get to share them with you! Today’s hidden sale at Nordstrom is SO GOOD I almost wanted to make sure I checked out with everything I needed on my Christmas list before I shared it haha! But I’m about to show you all the unadvertised deals they have right now and believe me when I say, they’re SUPER good.


Hottest kids toys of 2016

puppy alive

Christmas is going to sneak up on us so fast now that we’re knocking on December’s door, so this year we decided to give you guys a GUIDE to the hottest kids toys of 2016! We did lots of research and interviewed “experts” in the field and came up with the 20 most popular AND most likely to get played with toys of 2016, like this little puppy that’s literally the most real toy puppy I’ve ever seen!


Cozy tunic looks

karen kane

One of the best things about the holidays has got to be the holiday parties! I love family Christmas dinners, girlfriend gift exchanges, or a New Year’s Eve brunch to toast the new year. You guys know that pieces that are both stylish and comfortable are totally my jam. Karen Kane at Macy’s is all about the perfect blend of style and comfort and I love that she can go super casual or super dressy. Either way she just WORKS. (more…)

Best TV deals of Cyber Monday!!!


This is it. Your last chance to get a really good deal on a TV before Cyber Monday comes to an end! My team and I literally spent ALL DAY, checking out all the deals, to find the BEST prices to make it SUPER easy for you to shop. So here they are the TOP 20 very BEST TV deals of Cyber Monday!! (more…)

The BEST baby deals of Cyber Monday

Baby gear fans, we’ve again saved one of the BEST posts for last – best baby gear deals of Cyber Monday!!! And trust me when I say this was WORTH THE WAIT.

There are some deals on here that I’ve literally never seen before, and I’m dying to share them with you! Let’s get started.


Best HOME decor deals of Cyber Monday


If you’ve been waiting to get your Christmas on till after Thanksgiving was over then your patience is about to be rewarded!! These deals on Christmas decor are about to make your holiday even more merry and bright! Plus they pair really well with a huge cup of hot cocoa and Justin Bieber’s Christmas album.

If your house is already full of holiday spirit that’s okay, because there’s plenty of good deals on non-holiday home decor too!


Best UGG sales of this year!!!


Where are my fellow UGG lovers at? I KNOW you’re out there, because Uggs are heaven in the winter. Absolute heaven. I love when the weather starts to turn chilly so I have an excuse to bust these out.They are super comfortable and super warm. (more…)

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