Top ten BEST buys at Memorial Day Weekend sales!

Memorial Day weekend is here and I’m so excited to share with you guys a massive list of all of the best sales and my top ten picks to buy! Take advantage of these discounted prices to grab some summer essentials. I know it’s not actually Memorial Day quite yet, but luckily for us, a lot of the sales start TODAY. This way you can snag all the good stuff before it’s gone! (more…)

Sweetest Summer vaca picks from Nordstrom

Nordstrom Vacation

I know a lot of you are getting super excited for Summer vacations that are creeping up on us, I am for sure! So today I’ve got a fun little roundup of some favorite summer vacation outfits from Nordstrom to take on whatever trips you have coming up. With school getting out soon and the sun teasing us with its warm rays, I’m ready for a little warm weather getaway, and I’m making sure you are too!


The BEST finds of the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale!

Today’s the very first day of the huge Nordstrom Half Yearly sale! All of the hottest, top rated items from this year are marked down for a LIMITED time.

If you haven’t had time to sort through the 24,473 items in the sale yet, NO WORRIES because I totally have you covered! I’ve put together a quick shop guide of all the BEST deals in men, women AND kids so you can cover all the peeps in your house. Let’s go.


Lowest price EVER on rock ‘n play – a baby essential I swear by

Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper

You know what one of my absolute favorite things about having this blog is? (Other than ending a sentence in a preposition when I know I shouldn’t, because I can.) I absolutely LOVE running into people in random places and having them say, “your baby registry list saved me!” or “I got the best deal on my stroller (or any other baby item) because of your blog!”

Today I am officially FREAKING OUT because I just found the best deal I have ever seen on the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper, an essential that I think every mom of a newborn baby should have! (more…)

The very best running shoes in the whole entire world

Nike Free running shoeIt’s happened to most of us. Someone starts talking about something they just discovered and how they literally can’t imagine living without this thing anymore. It could be new toothpaste. It could be a new shade of blush. Or, it could be a life changing pair of running shoes. Literally the best in the world. The kind you want to wear every single day, you can conquer the world in, walk 55 miles at a theme park in, travel the world in, chase your kids in, and not just look good while you’re basking in your insane comfort but while you wear THE cutest running shoes you have ever seen. These, my friends, are the Nike Free RN Flyknit.


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