The red lipstick that looks good on EVERYONE

red striped top white pants

Red lipstick used to scare me half to death. And anytime someone said, “oh no, just try it! I bet you’d love it.” I would tell them, “I will try it, and I will look like a clown.” And sure enough, I’d put it on (in whatever shade they were convinced was going to work) and whoever had tried convincing me to wear red lipstick would be like, “oh umm yeah, maybe not your color.” HA. And then, this beautiful magical perfect red lipstick for everyone came along and entered my life.


city mini stroller deals you can’t miss!


I woke up to some really good deals on baby jogger city mini strollers so I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss out if you’re on the hunt for one!! I honestly ALMOST bought a city mini stroller on Saturday and now … I am so glad I waited!!! (more…)

OMG anthropologie!!!


OMG anthropologie fans you are gonna FLIP when you see how good these sale prices are! I LOVE the anthropologie tag sale because twice a year they go through and put basically half the store on sale to make room for all the new stuff that’s coming through. Can you believe we’re going to start seeing FALL soon from anthro?! The great news is, we all get to take advantage of insane sale prices on summer items in the meantime, like my blue motif dress above for $119 instead of $190!

I picked through everything (literally, everything!) and found you guys the BEST of the anthro tag sale so you could get the best deals quickly, before they get picked over! See below: (more…)

Swimming over shopping


When I think about my ideal Saturday, it usually has something to do with being outdoors with my family – swimming, lounging, playing in the sand or the sun. But who has time for that when there are SO many errands to catch up on over the weekend?! I’ve seriously found the greatest solution to playing and getting stuff done on our Saturdays and it even involves a discount code for you to try it out. And that solution is called Google Express. (more…)

21 best at forever 21 (and free shipping)

Stripe dress with denim jacket

It’s been FOREVER (haha) since I did a roundup of the cutest things at Forever 21! And since they’re offering FREE SHIPPING today only with the coupon code below, I figured it was the perfect excuse to spend hours on their site picking through everything to find you guys ALL the cutest stuff. I’m DYING over these $14 activewear palm tree leggings, this super stretchy striped midi dress (shown above with this denim jacket from my closet!), and these $29 white jeans have the perfect amount of distressing for summer, without looking like you’re 16 and angry at your parents.  (more…)

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