The girliest activewear ever

The cutest athleisure you've ever seen!!

Activewear + bows! Be still my heart! Have I died and gone to athleisure heaven?! If you’re a girly girl, like me, you might be as obsessed with this collaboration between Kate Spade and Beyond Yoga. I love that all the pieces are made for working out, but cute enough for any occasion where you don’t want to be all dressed up. (more…)

Quick guide to Nordstrom’s Presidents Day Sale

Whether you’re in your pajamas this morning or back at work, there’s a super duper good sale going on at Nordstrom that’s worth 5 minutes of your time! I spent several hours over the weekend and again this morning combing through every. single. thing. And I found you the 44 BEST things in Nordstrom’s President’s Day Sale. So you can get the nicest things at the best deals as fast as my four year old downs a candy bar.


The super-highly rated pot set for a SUPER good deal

Although this totally is not a cooking blog, if you follow me on any sort of social media you probably know I really, really love to cook. Food is one of my love languages. I grew up with a mom who cooked like crazy and showd us love by making all sorts of delicious things in her kitchen. And thanks to her and about 10 plus years of practicing in the kitchen nearly every weeknight, I know a thing or two about preparing food and just like everything else, I have pretty strong opinions about good cookware! Today we’re going to talk about one SUPER good deal on a SUPER amazing set of cookware.


cookies + a love story


so i thought you guys might want to know that there’s a really fun post i helped my mom with over on her blog of our favorite glazed sugar cookies, from my favorite little cookie + sandwich shop in the town i grew up in, bountiful utah, called cutler’s cookies. find the recipe for cutler’s famous glazed sugar cookies here.

i also thought it would be fun to just tell our love story. you know – the story of how my husband neil and i fell in love. if you’re single and ready to gag or click away because you’re worried that this might turn into some sugary sweet sappy unrealistic liar-face fake story, have no fear. it’s full of real ups and downs, a couple breakups, even a break-off of our engagement story and ultimately a pretty happy ending. keep reading. (more…)

LAST MINUTE valentine’s gifts!!

valentine's day last minute gifts

Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW guys and I know a few of you are scrambling to get gifts today (it’s okay, me too!!!) so I’m here to help you out. 5 gifts for guys, and 5 gifts for girls that STILL ship in time for Valentine’s Day!


GALENTINES giveaway & gift guide

You know how there are those girls who LOVE their girlfriends, like really really love them? I’m one of those. I had SO many Valentine’s days in years past where I was single and my girlfriends were my valentines on those years, especially some of the hard ones like right after break-ups! Even now that I’m married I love getting together with my besties and going to lunch or dinner or cuddling up together to watch dumb TV shows or just talking for hours and hours.

And honestly, some of the girls that mean the most to me in this world are YOU. My blog readers. Because truly and seriously, my blog is nothing without you! So this post is for all of you. I’m showing you some of my favorite little galentines gifts and then showering you with some love over on social media.


How to rock red lipsticks & red dresses!

I used to be so afraid, not just a little but DEATHLY afraid, of red lipstick. I would literally tell everyone who brought up the possibility of wearing a red lip, “oh no. I look like a clown in red lipstick. Trust me, I’ll put it on and you’ll agree.” Until I finally tried the right shades of red. And then I fell in love! So today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite shades, and how to make it look good (because it’s not as easy as a light pink to just smear onto your face) and WHY I love a red lip! (more…)

Top TEN Valentine’s day gifts for her

Okay guys, less than a week before Valentine’s Day!! This post has two main purposes: to help your significant other out with what to get you that you’ll really love, and if you don’t know WHAT you would like, to give you some ideas of things you might want to “hint” about for Valentine’s Day gifts!


We’re hiring!!!


We have a couple open spots on my team and I would LOVE to have you if you’re just the right fit (I want you to be just as in love with us as we are with you!) so read below to see if you fit one of these descriptions. (more…)

men’s VALENTINE’S DAY gift guide

men's valentine's day gift guide

Valentine’s Day is a week from today (eek!!) so now is the time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts! And if you’re not sure what to get the guy in your life, I’ve got a men’s Valentine’s Day gift guide for you that will take all the guesswork away. Because we all know men are the hardest creatures to shop for on the planet. (more…)

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