Microneedling at home changed my skin forever & it’s 50% off!

After years of hearing buzz about the GloPRO, I was super intrigued by the idea of microneedling at home! Full disclosure, despite the reviews, I got the GloPRO with quite a bit of hesitation. I’m a huge BABY when it comes to any kind of pain! I hate getting my blood drawn, I won’t get my brows micro-bladed, and needles totally freak me out.

BUT I heard over and over how amazing this tool is and that it DOESN’T HURT! I’m so excited to share my honest opinion of this ingenious tool, plus all my best tips on how to get the most out of it! And keep reading for an AMAZING deal on the GloPRO!!

microneedling at home

In a hurry? Here’s the deal below!


Today you can get this BeautyBio GloPRO Set for only $159.95 (retail $324)! That’s 50% off saving you $164!!! Save even more if this is your first purchase using the code OFFER for $15 off or HELLO10 for $10 off if this is your second time purchasing. This is an INSANE deal because the GloPRO tool costs $199 ALONE!

This microneedling at home kit (retail value $324) includes:

  • BeautyBio GloPRO Facial Tool 
  • Set of 2 Body Rollers
  • Additional Face Attachment Head

You’ll be saving so much money because if you were to purchase microneedling at a spa, you’d be paying at LEAST $199 PER SESSION!!

microneedling at home

How does the GloPRO work?

The concept of microneedling at home is two-fold. First, the GloPRO creates a controlled (TINY!) wound in order to kick start your body’s wound response. When your skin goes into that healing mode, your body naturally produces more collagen and elastin (hellllllo, fountain of youth)! The idea is for your skin to regenerate itself for a more glowing, youthful appearance.

The second thing the GloPRO does is create microscopic holes in the skin. This allows products to penetrate AND do their job more effectively! Many times, we put expensive skincare on top of multiple layers of dead skin, where it simply can’t be effective. Exfoliating and microneedling at home are two ways to open the skin up and allow the products to actually make a difference.

skincare routine

What are the benefits of microneedling at home?

What are the benefits of microneedling with the GloPRO?

  • Increases product absorption by 200 times!
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Red light LED therapy fights inflammation and helps with collagen production
  • Vibrotactile stimulation from the GloPRO also increases collagen production
  • Body attachment can be used to treat cellulite
  • Helps tighten pores
  • Smooths out texture of skin
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Helps ALL skin products to work better, from acne treatments to anti-aging
  • Aids the skin’s own natural cell turnover through exfoliation
microneedling at home

What’s the difference?

The difference between microneedling at home and what you would get done by a professional is the depth of the needles.

The GloPRO’s needles are only .3 mm in length so that you can comfortably do it at home! In a professional setting, the needles go up to 2.5 mm in length, which necessitates the use of a topical numbing cream. The GloPRO is such a great (and safe!) affordable alternative for doing these treatments in the convenience of your own home, especially for pregnant and nursing mamas.

skincare routine

Does the GloPRO hurt?

I absolutely swear pinky promise: NO. You definitely feel a teeny tiny bit of prickling, but I would never describe it as painful! And trust me, I’M A BABY. The GloPRO really and truly does. not. hurt.

microneedling at home
skincare routine

Is it easy to use?

The GloPRO is ridiculously easy to use! All you have to do is use it on clean, dry skin. Before use, cleanse normally and then wipe your skin with a GloPRO prep pad.

The first three nights I had the GloPRO I used it every single night because I literally FELT my products penetrating so much better! Plus, there’s absolutely no learning curve! You literally push the button and roll it all over your skin. It takes about 2-3 minutes at the most to do your entire face!

TIP: Don’t go over the same spot more than 3 times, and make sure to use it for at least a minute to ensure proper stimulation!

microneedling at home

Does it really work?

I am actually, completely, TRULY obsessed with the GloPRO. I cannot believe how much I really enjoy using this product and how much difference I’ve seen in my skin. This little tool has revolutionized at-home skincare and even won awards to prove it!

I can tell a HUGE difference even with the skincare I’ve used for years because I know my skin is getting to utilize all the benefits when I use this! Because of the pathways, the GloPRO creates in the skin, products are absorbed 200x better!!

TIP: You MUST apply your products within one minute of using the GloPRO to take full advantage of the micro-channels created! Check out the post here on my full nighttime skincare routine to see which products I’m layering on my skin after using this tool!

skincare routine
microneedling at home

Can you show me how it works?

YES! Here’s a demo I did where I used the GloPRO to microneedle one side of my arm, and I left the bottom of my arm alone. Then I put two big dollops of thick lotion on my arm, and on the side where I microneedled, my skin drank up the product and it disappeared into my skin in seconds!

On the side where I didn’t use the GloPRO, the lotion just sat on top of my skin instead of actually absorbing into my skin. I did this demo on my mom and she could not believe how a) it really didn’t hurt and b) it worked the same on her arm!

microneedling at home
skincare routine demo
microneedling at home
After using the GloPRO, the lotion sinks right in!
skincare routine demo
On the side I DIDN’T use the GloPRO, the lotion just sits on top of my skin.

Is there down time?

The great thing about the GloPRO is that there is NO downtime! You may get a little pink or flushed after use, but you will not bleed and you can put makeup on the next day!

How do I clean it?

Sanitation is KEY for any at-home beauty treatment, especially when they break the skin (even microscopically)! In order to keep this tool safe and effective, it is SO important to follow proper sanitizing procedures.

Use an empty spritz bottle to fill with isopropyl alcohol in order to clean the tool immediately after use. Simply spray the GloPRO with the alcohol and let it sit to dry (don’t wipe off!).

And don’t forget to change the tool’s head every three months or so to keep it in tip-top shape.

microneedling at home
skincare routine

Don’t miss out!

This is an amazing deal on the GloPRO!! Remember that this set that comes with a GloPRO, Face Head + 2x Body Heads + an Additional Face Head retails for $324, but THIS DEAL will only cost you $159.95. The TOOL ALONE (no extras!) retails for $199, so this really is an incredible deal!

I’m seriously giddy over this tool because it saves time, saves money, and actually WORKS (the busy woman trifecta of purchasing). Hope you love it as much as I do!

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