Updated – new faves added! Expensive Sephora beauty products that are ACTUALLY worth the price (and on sale!)

Quick Version: TOP beauty products that really are worth their weight in gold! All of these are on sale right now during the Sephora beauty sale! (open to ALL members now)

Have you ever really really wanted to try out a beauty product after seeing it all over social media or maybe a sister or girlfriend was raving about it. But after further investigation (aka looking at the price tag) you thought to yourself – hmm better not. Us too. Most of us have a version of this story, and it can be a bummer to have to pass on a product you really want to try because of the cost. And here’s the thing, there are totally some super nice drugstore products out there, and we love keeping the worthwhile ones in our rotation. But the truth is, there’s also some products that we can honestly say are worth splurging on. This post includes the products that made the cut, the best of the best, that yes are pricey but they completely live up to the hype. So without any further adieu, let’s get into the top Sephora beauty products that are worth the price tag. 

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Sephora Savings Event

Tell me what you want – what you really, really want 

Sephora is a beauty lover's dream destination. Seriously, if Sephora carries it you know it has to be good. All of their brands are reputable, truly only the best of the best – BUT all products are not necessarily created equal. So we’re here to report back on the ones that not only passed the test, but passed with flying colors. Making them truly deserving of their price tag. So if you’re curious about which Sephora beauty products are truly worth the price, check out the list below, treat yourself and skip the buyer’s remorse.

Deal Details

Today Sephora Savings Event for ALL Insiders! That means based on your level you can take 20% off your entire purchase and 30% off Sephora Collection items when you use code TIMETOSAVE at checkout!

When can I shop? How much will I save?

  • Rouge: Shop now! 10/27-11/6 – take 20% off with code TIMETOSAVE
  • VIB: Shop now! 10/31-11/6 – take 15% off with code TIMETOSAVE
  • Insider: Shop now! 10/31-11/6 – take 10% off with code TIMETOSAVE

Right now, ALL Sephora Insider members can take up to 20% off their purchase during the Sephora beauty saleYep, you read that right, right now you can save up to 20% on makeup, skincare and haircare favorites! And don’t worry, if you’re not a Rouge member you can still take 15% off for VIB members or 10% off for Insiders starting 10/31!

PS: if you’re reading this and you’re not already a Beauty Insider, what are you waiting for?! Just kidding, but really it’s a super easy + FREE way to earn points, save money, and shop the biggest sales of the year. Just enter your email to sign up here!

Remember, you have to use code TIMETOSAVE at checkout in order to get the discount! Okay, now that we’ve got that covered lets get into what will definitely sell out first + a complete list of our top picks from the sale so you can add to cart and checkout ASAP before it’s gone!

Sephora Sale

The Sephora beauty IT list:

Sephora faves
  1. Makeup Setting Spray: This setting spray is a cult classic. We love that it’s a duo product with twice the benefits thank to it’s hydrating power while also setting all the makeup you just spent all of that time (and money) applying! Spritz this on before you apply your makeup for instant refreshing and hydration, or after you finish your routine to set it all in place. If you’re looking to extend the wear of your products use this.
  1. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick: This matte lipstick in shade “Very Victoria” is a definite fave/home-run when it comes to nude lipsticks. Tons of high ratings on this Charlotte Tilbury long-lasting, buildable, and hydrating lipstick with such a pretty tint that can help make your lips look wider and fuller.
  2. Viral Blush Wand: You’ve probably seen this all over the gram. It definitely influenced us to finally give this a try not long ago, and wow our only regret is not trying this sooner! There’s a reason Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk shade is loved by makeup artists and your everyday makeup wearing girlies alike. This particular shade is so universally flattering on tons of different skin tones. Sidenote: even though this is a high-end Sephora beauty product, a little goes a LONG way! You really need the tiniest amount to achieve the prettiest flush. So if we’re talking cost per wear, we totally think this product is well worth it!
  3. Bronzer: This self proclaimed iconic bronzer totally lives up to it’s reputation. This bronzer just doesn’t miss. It’s the perfect shade for warming up your skin for a subtle sun kissed look with the perfect amount of soft shimmer. We love that this doesn’t turn muddy on the skin, which honestly can happen with lesser quality products. If you’re comparing this product to other luxury brands, the price point isn’t as high as others.
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner: TIP: We usually put the lipstick on first and then line our lips with the Lip Cheat Lip Liner in (Pillow Talk) to seal it in, BUT if we want to make our lipstick last super long we'll line first and fill in our lips completely with the liner then put on the lipstick!
  5. TikTok Famous Lip Oil: If you love a YLBB (your lips but better) look you’re going to love this. It feels like everyone’s been talking about this lip oil for the last year-ish and we totally get why. Hydrated, plumping, naturally pretty, effortless lips in a bottle. We LOVE. If you’ve at all been on the fence about this one, we can confirm, 1000% worth the hype.
  6. Hydrating Foundation: This Dior foundation is gorgeous! It has incredible coverage but somehow manages to be natural looking at the same time. Such a win win if you want to avoid looking cakey but also are on the hunt for something with solid coverage. You’ll seriously forget you’re wearing makeup when you have this on. Plus it boasts 24 hour wear, so if long lasting is important to you this is definitely worth trying. This foundation is dewy done right. It gives that perfectly hydrated, glowy look without having to add a ton of products on top to achieve it.
  7.  Volumizing Brow Gel: Big brows aren’t going anywhere! This gel is perfect for accomplishing that. It adds microfibers that cling to your brow hairs creating the most natural looking full and defined brow. This gel is different from others on the market since it not only helps keep your brows in place but actually creates the illusion of a fuller brow. We love that this gel comes in 12 different shades so there’s literally a color for practically everyone.
  8. Buxom Lip Cream: We've talked about our love for Buxom Lip Cream in this post about winter makeup, and in this favorite makeup roundup, too. They do such a good job of creating the perfect colors that go with everything! Our favorite shade is White Russian.
  9. Volumizing Brow Pencil: Reviewers swear by this brow pencil. If you have thinning eyebrows that really need some extra help before applying brow gel, start with this to give you the outline and shape that you need. The super fine tip is perfect for creating small brush-like strokes resembling natural hairs so this blends like a dream.
  10. Best Body Wash: If you’re postpartum, get this! Just trust. This body wash somehow manages to completely rid you of that postpartum odor we all dread, and is absolutely a notch (or 5) above your average drugstore body wash. This won’t strip your skin thanks to the gentle oil based formula and is a nontoxic product. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so a daily product like a body wash that gets the job done and is CLEAN?! Yes please. If you’re unsure about spending a bit more on a body wash, you can try the smaller size for just $10! We’re confident that once you give this a shot, long gone are the days of drugstore body washes in your shower.
  11. Finishing Powder Palette: This palette is all of your powder needs in one place. These create the most beautiful, softly diffused look to your makeup, creating an airbrushed effect. Each of the powders in the palette has a different purpose, so use this to highlight and even subtly contour/bronze the skin. This palette is too pretty to not try.
  12. Moisturizing Lipstick Balm: A LONG time fave – this lipstick balm combo is so nourishing and actually feels good on. We love a treatment combined with a pretty everyday color. This lipstick balm is actually oil based and is made of over 65% oils so you know it packs a hydrating punch whenever you reach to re-apply.

Corrine's new faves

  1. Dyson Airsrait: Have you seen all the craze about Dyson's newest hair styling tool, the airstrait!? This magical product dries and straightens wet hair at the same time! With no heat plates involved, you can trust that it will maintain the health and strength of your hair with the least possible damage. This is our NEW FAVE hair tool, and seriously worth the hype. We love it more than we expected to, and we think it will be wildly popular this gift giving season!
  2. Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating + De-puffing Concealer: We are absolutely LOVING this new creamy concealer! It stays all day and blends like a dream.
  3. Bronze Balm Sheer Sculpting Bronzer: This bronzer stick is extra creamy and easily blendable, and it doesn’t look muddy at all! Win win!
  4. Precisely, my brow pencil: Corrine’s new fave brow pencil if you’re looking to make more of the real eyebrow look! She got it in the 3.75 and has gotten multiple compliments on her brows since switching over.
  5. Ethereal Eyes Eyeshadow Palette: This eyeshadow palette is absolutely stunning. It has a great variety of mattes and shimmer. It would be perfect for your glammed up holiday looks!
  6. Hourglass Veil Hydrating Skin Tint Foundation: This stuff is the most beautiful, ultra lightweight skin tint that just blurs the face out but feels like nothing on. It’s like the Paris filter in a bottle!
  7. Dewy Setting Spray: This setting spray is a classic. We love that it’s a duo product with twice the benefits thank to it’s hydrating power while also setting all the makeup you just spent all of that time (and money) applying! Spritz this on before you apply your makeup for instant refreshing and hydration, or after you finish your routine to set it all in place and give you an ultra dewy glow. If you’re looking to extend the wear of your products use this!
  8. GrandeBROW tinted brow gel: This stuff not only looks amazing on your brows for added volume, separation and keeping them in place, but it has brow growth serum in it too so you can skip that step and help your brows get fuller!!
  9. Huda Beauty Setting Powder: Corrine says this is the best setting powder she has EVER used. It blurs everything out and keeps your makeup in place.
  10. NARS Powermatte long lasting lip pencil: A fave red lip of Taylor Swift – we’re also obsessed! It’s the very easiest red lip to apply because it comes in a creamy crayon format so you can start by lining your lips and then filling it in. It’s also super hydrating!

Shop the Sephora beauty sale + SAVE!

Starting today 10/31 during the Sephora Savings EventALL Beauty Insiders can take up to 20% off their purchase with code TIMETOSAVE at checkout!

We'd be surprised if some of these don’t sell out! So add to cart FAST and get ready to stalk your mail man (HA!) until all of your new goodies arrive! Happy beauty shopping!

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