Best clothes to wear after you have a baby

September 4, 2018

Dressing postpartum: in my opinion, it's way more challenging than dressing a bump! Everything feels and fits different, and it takes me a good while before I start feeling like my old self again. But today I'm here to give you just a few of my tips for dressing postpartum, or what to wear after you have a baby, so you can feel a little more like yourself as soon as you can.

The first few weeks after you have a baby will probably be strictly loungewear (as it should be!). Once you're ready to leave the house, though, you'll want items that are just as comfortable as your favorite PJs but look a little more put together. I have LOVED hanging out in these housedresses that I featured in this postpartum must-haves post, and they actually JUST restocked this morning in black – my favorite color of all their dresses! Use code MINTARROW10 for 10% off.

My number one tip? Embrace the maternity wear for a few weeks! A lot of first-time moms are surprised or even discouraged that they still look pregnant after giving birth. But every woman who's had a baby knows IT'S TOTALLY NORMAL. And even though you might be feeling so sick of the maternity clothes that have been on repeat for the last few months, keeping those pants with the stretchy waistband around for a few more weeks will totally save your sanity. It may also be helpful to buy some less expensive jeans in a few sizes up from your pre-pregnancy size to ease you through that transition. I just bought these on sale and they're super flattering AND comfy.

The belly bandit is so useful after the baby arrives, too! You can go back to the unbuttoned jeans/belly band combo that was so handy during the first two trimesters.

One of my favorite tricks for nursing while on the go is to layer a nursing tank top underneath whatever top you're wearing. That way, you can lift your top layer, unbutton the nursing tank, and you're covered on both the top and bottom. I love that this one kind of sucks you in too and it's really comfortable. You can even wear an open chambray or flannel in the cooler months for a cute and comfy layered look!

Button-ups are a postpartum fave, especially if you're nursing! They usually have a softer, looser shape, and I love tucking in the front to add a little structure. The short sleeves on this top make it super easy for layering if you want to add a cardigan, and it's cool enough to wear on it's own if you're feeling warm! Definite win-win in my book.

Let's talk joggers. JOGGERS! They're sweatpants with a sightly fancier feel, and I love that they're ON TREND right now but will keep you feeling as comfy as you would be in pajamas. These ones I'm wearing come in pretty much every color of the rainbow, they're extremely highly rated, fit like a dream and still make you look put together. I'm tempted to just keep one of each in my closet for this fall!

Comfy, supportive leggings are a new mama's best friend. I love finding ones with a higher waist that pull everything in and support your postpartum belly. Loose and flowy tunics or button-ups are a great way to dress up black leggings, and they're really convenient if you're nursing, too!

Adding a fancy shoe to your outfit is a surefire way to step up your game and feel glam. These strappy mules with a chunky heel are surprisingly comfy and easy to walk in, and I always feel a little skinnier when I'm in heels haha.

I am SUCH a fan of this tote, especially since having a newborn! If you don't want to carry a diaper bag, this one will hold all the diapers, and wipes, and burp cloths needed for a day out and about. AND it has a perfect pocket for a laptop – always a huge plus in my book!

Loose dresses are another lifesaver in the months after you give birth. They're flattering and feminine and still feel dressed up, which is so much fun when you've been hanging around the house for a while! Just make sure you're buying ones that button or wrap on the top if you're nursing and going out in public. I only made that mistake once, ha!

Whatever you end up wearing after you have your baby, the most important thing to remember is to be patient with yourself! Your body just did a really incredible thing, creating a human, and it's totally normal to take some time to recover and rest. Soak up those newborn moments and trust that you'll be back in your favorite clothes soon enough!

Taupe Mule
Leather Tote
Gold Joggers
Stripe Shirt
Photos by Arielle Levy

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