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There's a viral IG that's been shared and re-shared by probably half of the parents I follow on instagram saying that we shouldn't be giving kids smart phones. And I AGREE. But also….how are we getting a hold of our kids when it's time to pick them up from a practice? How are they communicating with us when we're gone, if there's no home phone anymore? How are we allowing technology to safely exist in their world that sometimes demands an internet connection for homework or you're on a plane or in a car where it would be really nice to let them watch a show or play an educational game, if you knew for sure their device was totally safe and locked out from all the bad stuff?

Our family has found a solution that's nailed it on ALL POINTS.

And then what about when they do start getting old enough to communicate with friends? I know what you’re thinking – getting your kid to give you their phone to monitor what they’ve been using it for or who they've been talking to can feel totally daunting, but with Troomi, Neil and I have total control over what our kids can use this Samsung phone for and for what amount of time all from our own phones!

Today I’m sharing our very favorite features and how this family friendly phone will bring a ton of value into your family and give you peace of mind because as a parent, is there anything better?

troomi smart phone
the best smart phone for kids

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Perfect starter phone for kids

Neil and I think this is the PERFECT starter phone for kids. Let’s face it, the days of calling someone’s landline are far beyond us but getting in touch with our kids at home is just as important! 

Our oldest daughter is just old enough to be at home by herself for short periods of time here and there, so having a Troomi phone to communicate with us is the safety assurance we love and need! 

Even if Neil and I are going on a date night and leave the kids with a sitter or go out of town for a work trip, we love getting to text them, but the best part is our safe list only allows them to communicate with us and my parents. With Troomi you don’t have to ever worry about someone contacting them that isn’t on their safe list thanks to the Military-grade security that combats predators and intrusions! 

We set this safe list up and a few optional learning apps for occasional game time. We’re NEVER worried that anything other than the vetted apps on Troomi are accessible on their phones. That alone makes this phone worth every penny.

troomi smart phone for kids
smart phones for kids

Parent portal – parental controls from YOUR phone (not theirs!)

There are a ton of messages in the world that try to impact our children’s development, but you CAN control what information is accessible to them. One of the best things about Troomi is that you don’t have to ask your kid for their phone so you can review what they’ve been up to or even make sure bullying isn’t happening at school etc.

The parent portal is totally accessible from YOUR phone and allows you to make changes within seconds as needed or monitor who they’re talking to at any time. Neil and I can turn apps on and off with a simple switch from our phone if we’re only allowing game time for a certain period for example. 

These controls avoid some battles for sure because let’s be real negotiating with your little over how much time they get with technology is tough!! Because Troomi is designed to grow up with your kid (which is great because you don’t have to replace the device), you can allow more permissions as you need them and are ready to add to your kid's phone.

From the parent portal you can add or delete friends they are allowed to talk or text with, but still have that peace of mind that you can monitor a chat if needed. I’ve talked to a lot of friends and there’s really no bypassing the safety features on this – you don’t need to worry about Apple IDs or logging into other devices or apps, Troomi is totally secure and mom and dad are totally in control. 

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Troomi gives a sense of safety to kids

With Troomi you never have to worry that your child could be in a situation where they don’t feel comfortable asking an adult to use their phone to reach you. Maybe they’re at a play date and don’t want to tell their friends' parents to call you, but secretly want to get picked up. They can even have a question from a play date or when a babysitter is watching them that they want to ask you privately. 

Having a Troomi phone will allow them to get in touch with you regardless of the situation! Plus, the GPS feature on the parent portal will immediately show you where your child is as long as they have their phone with them. It has an SOS button should they ever need to contact emergency services, and mom and dad get to see the battery life on their phone AND if they’re in WiFi or cell service areas. 

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How Troomi phones make our lives easier

There are tons of ways we like to use Troomi, but here are a few! 

  • Coordinating pick-ups is so much easier as a mom of five because I don’t need to unload all the kids to go inside a pick-up one. With Troomi I can send a text saying “I'm here!” so my daughter can run outside and meet me right at the front door of the training facility after volleyball. She can also call me when practice is over or if she’s going to a friend’s house. 
  • Troomi actually makes homework A LOT easier! Rather than trying to set up our computer so my kids can complete something for school that has to be done online, I can easily allow one website accessible on their phone for a set duration and I can even turn off the internet after. Instead of getting frustrated trying to remember passwords and making sure things are closed on my computer, I can just give limited access to a specific site for their assignments!
  • When it comes to road trips, we love giving our kids access to games and movies but use Troomi to control which ones are available. This is a great way to let them watch Disney+ during the long car ride or play educational games that get turned off when we reach our destination. This way, they have stuff to do on the road but when we’re visiting family those distractions are gone and they won’t be tempted to use a phone when spending time with family.
troomi road trip technology
safest kids smart phone

The best and safest way to ease your kids into the digital world

We can’t say enough good things about our Troomi experience! These affordable phones and plan options are more competitive AND you can save $75 with my code MASUMMER. There’s no contract required, but we think you’ll keep this device for years to come PLUS it looks like every typical smartphone so they won’t feel left out from their friends.

This is set up to responsibly ease your kids into the digital world and add (or take away) permissions as needed. Troomi is by far the safest way for me to communicate with my kids, keep track of them, help with homework, or allow for some educational games! 

We love working with our kids on this and think you will too- there are tons of ways to build good habits like setting up the games to work on Saturday afternoons for 2 hours after they finish their chores! A lot of parents have been satisfied with Troomi and we think it’s the perfect device to empower kids AND parents! 

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