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There are toys that get looked at once or twice that turn into a residual mess in your home. And then there are the favorites. The toys that your kids actually play with over, and over, and over. MAGFORMERS are one of those toys that my kids never lose interest in, and today I have an unbelievable HALF OFF off deal for you on this favorite household toy!!

magformers deal

Deal Details

Right now you can get 48% off Magformers! These magnetic construction sets allow kids to play quietly and build with their imagination and this is one of the best deals EVER on this toy!

Why we love Magformers

These toys are a little bit of an investment normally, but they seriously are one of the toy sets that get the very most use in our home. And I love how accomplished Ani feels every time she plays with them. The morning I took this photo she kept making things and running over to me to say “LOOK MOM!!”

More reasons to love Magformers:

  • They're super durable
  • They're gender neutral
  • They're easy to clean up
  • You can build upon your set in the future
  • They entertain really little ones to older kids (see both my girls playing above!)
  • They're lightweight and travel easily
  • If you lose one piece, it doesn't mess up the whole thing

Don't miss out

Take advantage of this HALF OFF Magformers deal because this is one of best deals I've seen in YEARS! Do you guys own any Magformers and do your kids love them too? I'd love some comments if they do, so that my readers know it's not just us who think these are way super cool!! 😉

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  1. These are one of the most used toys with our 3 boys and they’re definitely getting more for Christmas. Love them!

  2. Hi! I know you said these were good for little or older kids, but can you elaborate on the youngest age these would be good for? Is a one year old too little? Thank you!

    1. My daughter who is almost 18 months likes them! I mean she isn’t building huge things haha. My other daughter who is 4 loves them and is pretty good at it! Your one year might not know how to build but would have fun holding them and stuff! Hope that helps!

  3. My kids love them. My daughter saw this post on my screen and asked me to take them out, and she is loving playing with them right now!

  4. We love magformers! My girls love them and even my husband thinks they’re awesome. ? He told me to jump on this deal when I mentioned it to him. So thanks for sharing this great deal!!!

  5. I got our first set when you posted about this in June & all four of my kids (ages 1-9) absolutely love them. They are the best!

  6. YES! We LOVE them!! My husband and I enjoy playing with them with our boys and I love that they are learning as they play. I have anxiously been waiting for a deal on these and I bought 3 sets! Thank you!!!

      1. Magnatiles are solid while most Magformers have open centers – so the supports are just around the edges instead of a solid “tile”. My son much prefers the magformers, so that’s what we bought. I personally feel like they are a little sturdier and they are easier to build with. But either option is great.

  7. My three year old daughter loves these too! Highly recommend buying the thirty piece set. Bummed that the pentagon set is not part of the Amazon deal, having those ‘extra’ shapes really expand on what you can build.

  8. My four kids aged 2-9 all love these. It is fun to see the things they can create, even my 2-year old builds things all on his own. They are constantly fighting over them so I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks!

  9. Yes!!! Just got some more. Love these for both my girls, age two and five. Really one of the toys that gets the most use at our house. And not always easy to find a deal on. Thanks!!

  10. So awesome! Thanks for sharing! We already have so many, but I couldn’t pass up the village set, so cute & such a good deal!

  11. YES! My two boys love magformers so much!! We always travel with them as a toy for the car and also to have when going somewhere that toys aren’t available! My two year old loves them as much his 6yr old brother! Of course it doesn’t matter how many you have they still fight over them go figure! They are totally worth the price!! I can’t wait to check out the sale right now!!

  12. Is it just the basic set on sale? Trying to figure that out, if its just the only one you linked or more sets.

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