let’s playground exclusive deal

when we go to the beach, i always take an extra towel to set all our stuff on a clean surface. it works okay, but it's never big enough! until now. enter the amazingness called let's playground.

let's playground was created by two genius mamas who were looking for a solution to needing a clean surface for their kids to play on. it's made of thick, durable leather that wipes clean and can set the stage for clean play in parks, playgrounds, beaches, even messy crafting and creating indoors.

we took our let's playground mat down to the beach earlier this week and fell in love! it was the greatest setup for snacking without sand and beach playing with less mess. really the thing that impressed me the most was how BIG it was! big enough to easily have our whole family sit on it for a picnic, spread out a whole bunch of food. we've got the maxi round in mint and i honestly wasn't prepared for how big it would be! it was definitely a really good surprise.

this is my little munchkin who's always wanting to pull everything out of my bag the minute we get anywhere.

which is why i hid the bag behind myself, in case you're wondering why it's not on the mat. haha.

and because we fell SO in love with our let's playground mat, and i want every other family, mama, grandma, lovestruck picnicking couple and preschool teacher out there to have an opportunity to get one, i've worked with the girls at let's playground to get you a deal!

now through monday midnight PST you can get 15% off your purchase from let's playground with code MINTARROW at checkout! you can hug me later 😉

i'm seeing many, many beach days ahead of us with picnics and playing and a less-stressed mama who finally has somewhere to put all our stuff every time we go.

sources for everything else shown:
beach bag
maternity tank
maternity jeans
gold flip flops
heart tumbler
pineapple towel

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Alyssa Hougen:

What size is the one in these pictures?


hey alyssa! it’s the maxi round in mint. i’m so glad you asked, i just added that info to my post 🙂


Does the leather get hot? Thanks 🙂

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