5 TIPS for making masks more wearable for kids!

We really haven't taken our kids hardly anywhere in months, but a couple weeks ago we went to Downtown Disney for Millie's birthday! Our kids were THRILLED to get out of the house and go somewhere fun to celebrate our little 2 year old. In California right now, masks are required almost everywhere, so I figured if my kids had fun masks, they would be more agreeable about wearing them. And I was right! (Cue happy mom dance.)

If your kids need masks, whether you choose to have them wear them, they are required, or you want to have them on hand just in case, we have FIVE super helpful tips to make the whole process easier!

face masks for adults and kids
Triple-Layer Cloth Face Mask

FIVE Tips & Tricks for Getting Kids to Wear Face Masks

  1. Make sure it's comfortable! Some kids don't even like a tag in their shirt, let alone wearing a scratchy face covering! Studies have shown that the more uncomfortable a mask is, the more we touch our faces! A good rule of thumb, if YOU would wear it, your kids are more likely to wear it too.
  2. Have them pick it out! In my experience, if my kids choose their own stuff, they tend to be more invested in it. My girls are always more excited to wear school clothes or a church dress (or anything) that they pick out instead of stuff I just bring home for them. Picking a mask is no different! Let them find some excitement in the process!
  3. Breathable is KEY! I've tried seriously suffocating masks — and if we are suffering in our mask, you better bet the kids are too! It's hard for lots of adults to wear masks, so I think being sensitive to these young kids in the process of choosing a mask is HUGE! Breathable cotton poplin or a cotton/poly mix are some of the easiest to wear!
  4. Read reviews before you buy! Although masks are being sold in stores more and more now, I recommend reading reviews about any potential face covering purchases online before buying. Consumers tend to give more information than a basic product description, including how it feels, fits and wears!
  5. Talk to your kids about it! Let's be honest, none of us have lived in a world before now where so many people in public are masked. So a lot of the push back from kids could be from fear of the unknown or because things look differently these days. Before giving masks to kids, take some time to explain the benefits and the laws around it, as well as listen to their concerns. Lots of times, after being validated, kids are more likely to cooperate! I grew up LOVING Bill Nye the Science Guy, and I love the video he did below on explaining masks in a way kids can understand.

Shop Disney

These Disney masks are a huge hit with our girls! They are breathable, comfortable and SO cute! They thought it was so fun and funny to wear the masks that look like actual mouths. Ani chose the Aristocrats mask and Lyla chose a princess mask (very true to their personalities), but mostly I just loved that there's an option for everyone. From Marvel and StarWars to Princesses and Pixar, Disney has you covered (literally!)

So many options!

Now that so many retailers are jumping on board with making masks, there are more options than ever! I love the idea of masks to suit your personality, ones that are reusable and washable, and ones that kids are actually excited to wear.

My FAVORITE places to buy masks

Zulily – Has a revolving stock of such cute fabrics and styles, you'll find something for everyone.

Etsy – If you're wanting something more individualized, Etsy has lots of vendors willing to personalize!

Old Navy – (pictured!) These are some of the MOST comfortable ones we’ve found! And I love that they come in different sizes and prints.

Athleta – I've actually been meaning to get a pack of these for myself since they have over 3k amazing reviews!!

Anthropologie – Functional AND stylish!

Target – Affordable and readily available, these masks can be purchased in store and online!

Nordstrom – So many cute styles and I just ordered this one that I'm so excited about – I'll update after I get it and let you know what I think!!

This is tough, but we are tougher!

This post isn't meant to spark any kind of debate on whether or not we should or should not have to wear masks. It is simply meant to be informative and helpful in an environment where, like it or not, masks are required. Whether your kids are going back to school with face coverings, or you're starting to venture out more, learning about where and how to purchase masks is information that we will all need at some point! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy; we are all in this together!

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