HOT deal on the best luggage on the market!

May 31, 2019

Luggage is one of those things that most of us don't buy often, so when you do you want it to be the very BEST, but also for the best price. Amiright? Well today we are giving you BOTH! We found a crazy good deal on my very favorite luggage that I did TONS of research on last month. Are you ready to save BIG on your new favorite luggage?!

Hartmann Luggage sale details

Right now until June 10, you can get 60% off this amazing Hartmann luggage set with code SHOP!!

That makes the 29″ luggage only $327.99 (reg $820), the 26″ luggage only $295.99 (reg $740) and the 21″ carry-on $239.99 (reg $600) That's some SERIOUS savings you could use to book a trip!

The Weight

Finding a suitcase that was super lightweight was my #1 priority! When I take a trip, I want the maximum amount of weight to go to my belongings and not be wasted on a heavy suitcase! The carry-on size weighs just 7 1/2 pounds! Crazy, right?

Keeping your Luggage Organized

Both the carry-on luggage and the larger size (pictured above) come with a garment bag which is super nice. Especially if you have items that are hanging up on either end of your trip! I also loooooove the zippered mesh panels to help keep things organized and protected.

Picking a Color

really like the bronze/gold color, but also especially chose it because it will be easy to spot at baggage claim! I'm guessing not as many people have this color and let's be honest, when you have the same black luggage as everybody else it's kind of a pain looking for it on the carousel. It's so much easier to have luggage that stands out and is just a little bit different!!

Let's talk wheels

All 3 pieces have four, yes FOUR, spinner wheels so you know this baby is going to roll really nicely through all the airports and hotel lobbies!

Don't forget to use the code SHOP by June 10th, to get the full savings on all three pieces! And then let us know if you snagged the deal and what fun trips you're going to take with them!!

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