Research results: The BEST luggage on the market

April 27, 2019

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It's fully spring at this point and I have got a serious case of vacationitis!! Between spring break and summer vacations (sort of) on the horizon, travel is totally on my mind and I'm sure it's on yours too!! I realized before we spent our spring break in St George and went to Alt Summit in Palm Springs that I was in serious need of some new luggage.

Luggage is one of those things that most of us don't buy often, so when you do you want it to be the very BEST, but also for the best price. Amiright? So I did some super EXTENSIVE research and I'm ready to share my results. Are you ready?

This Hartmann luggage was the clear winner! Hands down. Best of the best among all the sets I researched from all the different department stores and online shops and resources. It's that magical elusive combination of lightweight and durable. Even more magical? You can get this luggage at Macy's. FOR A DEAL!! Most other top performing luggage brands rarely or never go on sale and you guys know that I am all about the deal!! It's kind of my thing.

Today, April 27th, through May 5th you can save 30% off my luggage (and thousands of other items) at Macy's during the Friends and Family event when you use code FRIEND. During this time you can also save 15% off cosmetics and fragrances.

With the 30% savings code my 29″ Hartmann suitcase is just $409.99(reg $820) and 21″ carry-on is $299.99(reg $600). That's a serious score for super good quality, highly rated luggage!

Both the carry-on and the larger size came with a garment bag which was super nice. Especially if you have items that are hanging up on either end of your trip! I also looooooved the zippered mesh panels to help keep things organized and protected.

Look at that thin, lightweight shell! Finding a suitcase that was super lightweight was my #1 priority! When I take a trip, I want the maximum amount of weight to go to my belongings and not be wasted on a heavy suitcase! The carry-on size weighs just 7 1/2 pounds! Crazy, right?

I really like the bronze/gold color, but also especially chose it because it will be easy to spot at baggage claim! I'm guessing not as many people have luggage this color and let's be honest, when you have the same black luggage as everybody else it's kind of a pain looking for it on the carousel. It's so much easier to have luggage that stands out and is just a little bit different!!

Both suitcases have four, yes FOUR, spinner wheels so you know this baby is going to roll really nicely through all the airports and hotel lobbies!

Another high priority item for me was that beautiful flat surface on top of the suitcase. That way I have a stable place to put my purse when I'm rolling my bag through the airport!

Luggage collection
21″ Suitcase
29″ Suitcase
White Tee
Jeans(sold out)
Photos by Arielle Levy

Macy's has a great selection of super high-quality luggage, but they also have an amazing selection of super cute luggage! If looks are important to you, there's plenty of Instagram worthy options! I was really, really tempted to buy THIS luggage, because it's just very, very cute!

We rounded up ALL the most highly rated, top performing luggage currently available at Macy's and all the cutest luggage too! Don't forget to use code FRIEND through May 5th to get 30% off your purchase. Then take all that money you saved and book a trip!!

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