Fall porch styling 101: best festive + budget friendly options

Quick version: It’s not too late to get your porch ready fall ready, and just in time for Halloween! We’ve rounded up the cutest decor that won’t break the bank!

We’re in the final stretch leading up to Halloween, and just a few weeks after that it will be Thanksgiving! Crazy, we know. Time is flying and between kids’ activities, school, work, and everyday life it’s easy to not find time for the more fun seasonal things, like decorating the front porch. If this is you and you’re wondering how to squeeze time in for everything, this is your quick guide to most darling fall decor for your porch that won’t take you an entire Saturday to set up or insanely expensive. 

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Fall porch decor found here 

Seasonal decor can get pricey, but there’s totally a way to keep it budget friendly and still get that super nice look that you love pulling up to every day! Seriously, it’s not just for your kids – but decorating for the season can be an instant mood boost and help get you in the spirit! And here’s the thing, yes, there’s lots of affordable fall decor out there but you want to make sure it looks nice (and not cheap) and that it will actually hold up. Everything in this guide is budget friendly (with the exception of one totally worthy splurge item that we’re obsessed with) but the quality is really nice …like it’s hard to tell some of this stuff apart from way more expensive stores. AND it’s all super modern, things you’ll actually enjoy putting out each year and not be checking your calendar on the daily to see how much longer you have to leave it up! Let’s dive into the top 5 things to add to your fall porch decor this year all from one of our favorite places to shop fashion, baby items, home decor, and even groceries…pretty much everything! 

stay spooky pillow

Fall porch decor staples 

#1: Festive pillows 

Some fresh pillows can completely freshen up the look of your porch and we love these super cute plaid pillow covers to do just that. We also love this gray plaid pillow that honestly could work year round on your porch. This pillow is more of a taupe based gray so it can seriously pair with just about any other print, pattern or color. These inserts are also super affordable at just over $12 for a two pack. If you’ve caught yourself thinking in the past that decorative throw pillows can get a bit expensive – this is a way more affordable route and seriously just as cute, if not cuter!  

stay spooky pillow

#2: Faux pumpkins 

Okay, we love a pumpkin patch moment but fresh pumpkins can be spendy! We love these foam ones for a longer lasting option. If you’re looking to create a cascading pumpkin entryway this is a cost effective way to accomplish that look! You seriously can’t beat the price at just over $7. We love the classic white pumpkin for an elegant look that goes with any type of decor you have. So go to the pumpkin patch and create the memories but save on the overpriced pumpkins for decorating and just get one to carve with the fam! 

faux pumpkins

#3: Fresh doormat 

Welcome mats get a lot of wear and tear throughout the year and honestly need refreshing fairly often. We love this under $12 option that would look so cute layered on top of a larger, print rug. You don’t have to spend a lot on a cute mat that really is meant to wipe your shoes off but should also give people a warm welcome to your fall ready home! 


#4: Spooky wreath 

This wreath is spooky done right! The white web and spiders are on point for Halloween but aren’t too creepy. If you’re in the idk if I love the ultra scary Halloween decorations camp and are just looking to get your feet wet, start here! This wreath is still a subtle neutral and is dare we say even pretty with the white puff branches and cobwebs?! Seriously so good at just $22.97 and the perfect touch of Halloween that your fall porch decor needs.  


#5: Giant skeleton

Okay, the grand finale! We’ve all been seeing these ALL over Instagram and we’re obsessed. People legitimately track these down in like August every year and drive to their nearest hardware store for one of these if they’re lucky enough to catch it in stock. Well we found one, that’s a BETTER price (by at least $100), in stock and practically identical. If you’ve been on the hunt for a better deal on the viral giant skeleton, don’t miss this one. Total hidden gem – your kids will flip over this


Your best fall porch decor yet

It’s one of our favorite times of the year, there are so many special memories to be made in the fall, and decorating our front porch is one of our favorite ways to get in the spirit! We love all of these affordable options that bring just the right amount of spooky and that will still carry into November for Thanksgiving! What’s your favorite season to decorate your home for? 

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