An AMAZING deal on Neil’s big Christmas gift + our next home project!

Christmas break is coming up, and at our house that always means no homework, movie nights, holiday traditions – aaaand working on more DIY home projects, ha! This year not only did I get Neil a gift for Christmas that I am sooo excited about through eBay, but it is also going to help us finish a little project we've been meaning to do for a while. Thanks to eBay's incredible certified refurbished prices, I was able to get Neil a STELLAR gift, and with it we are going to make more of our (MY) home dreams come to life!

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The 411 on eBay's certified refurbished items, and a 15% off code!

I've been buying certified refurbished goods on eBay for years now and my experiences across the board have been flawless. In other words, WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

If you haven't had experience with certified refurbished products before, let me explain: usually an item that is certified refurbished had a cosmetic flaw in the past, or maybe some little glitch – was sent back to the manufacturer, and they fixed it all up to be just like it's BRAND NEW.

And to give you extra reassurance, eBay's certified refurbished products are literally sent to you directly from that manufacturer, so you know you are getting only the best from the company who actually made it in the first place. Certified refurbished is not something you should ever, ever be afraid of – in fact, you should be REJOICING that this even exists, ha!

certified refurbished tools

DOUBLE deal code

On top of their already amazing prices, today through 12/18 you can get 15% off select certified refurbished item under $100 by using the code PURCHASECR15 at checkout! (One-time use only). That means whatever sale price you see will drop another time once you apply this code.

Combining the certified refurbished items with the 15% off code, or even just buying certified refurbished in general is a SUPER smart way to save a LOT of money on something that will work just as well as if you'd bought it at full price. And the person you're gifting will never know the difference! So in the end, you're giving a super awesome, top-of-the-line gift, for an even better price. You can find some other certified refurbished items on eBay that I'm ALL about here and here and here!

dewalt tool set ebay

Story time – how I decided on Neil's big gift this year

Okay, okay. We need to back up a bit so I can tell you how I decided on Neil's big Christmas gift this year. If you watch my Instagram Stories, you may have seen that our microwave stopped working on us a few weeks or so ago – and the hunt for our new microwave began. We have a spot in our kitchen for a built-in microwave, so we ended up deciding to replace it with the exact same one we had, just a newer model.

The company offers an option to have someone come install the microwave for you – but it kind of seemed pointless because all you do is literally stick the microwave where it needs to go and plug it in. Neil told me he would just do it himself.

dewalt tool set

But what we didn't realize was that this newer model was a little bit taller than our old microwave – and that Neil would need to saw open our built-in placement in order to fit it in! I went out to run some errands and came home to find him full on embracing his inner “Bob the Builder” with his handsaw. It was pretty awesome to see him going at it, but he had barely cut into the wood maybe an inch after about thirty minutes, haha. The handsaw just wasn't going to cut it!

Neil decided to borrow some power tools – and let me tell you – it was like watching a kid in a candy shop. I wish I had a video to share because he honestly had SO much joy on his face underneath those protective glasses!! He had the time of his life with that power saw, and I instantly knew that I HAD to get him a power tool set for Christmas. The set I originally wanted to get was kind of steep – to the tune of about $1,500, but then I remembered eBay's certified refurbished options and, no surprise there, I quickly found exactly what I was looking for, for a third of the retail price!

dewalt tool set

A POWERful price difference

I found this five-piece power tool set on eBay, certified refurbished, for only $499.99. And remember how this set normally retails for almost $1,500?! I was so excited to score such an amazing deal on something Neil would really, really love, with incredible ratings. I know I'm the one finding the deals all the time, but this one really had me feeling like I hit the jackpot! Especially because these tools are known for being the best for DIYers and professionals, and for lasting many, many years.

dewalt tool set
dewalt tool set ebay certified refurbished

The gift that keeps on giving

I can't wait to work on some more home projects once the holidays are over. We've been talking about starting some more DIY projects in our home once the new year begins, and these power tools are going to be perfect for making our visions come to life! Specifically, we are going to be completely transforming our upstairs bathroom.

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ebay certified refurbished power tools

Upstairs bathroom plans

We've had so much fun slowly updating parts of our home in the past, and our upstairs bathroom is the next thing on our list. Most of the bathrooms in our home don't have any windows, so I love that this one has the option of actually getting so much natural light – which is always THE BEST place to do your makeup so you can actually SEE what it's going to look like when you step out of your house. You know, when we all go back to doing that more someday. In the meantime, I really think it will be so fun to update this bathroom.

bathroom remodel DIY

I'd love to hear from YOU what ideas you have for our bathroom! I know you don't have much to go off of right now, but what color schemes do you think would be fun? I always love a good bright white, but I would love to hear any unique ideas you have so we can start planning even more what we are going to do with it over Christmas break.

ebay power tools
mens gift ideas
mens gift ideas power tools
ebay certified refurbished tools
DEWALT 20V MAX Li-Ion 5-Tool Premium Combo Kit Certified Refurbished

A flawless gift for 65% off…certified refurbished items are EVERYTHING

I've said it before and I'll say it again – eBay is such a smart way to get super awesome gifts and save a ton of money, and I always check their certified refurbished section FIRST because their prices are almost unbelievable. I am still dying over the fact that I found Neil this five-piece power tool set for literally 65% off! That is a third of the retail price.

I hope you will take advantage of these amazing prices for your gifts this year as well! And remember, if you are buying a certified refurbished item for under $100, you can get 15% off by using the code PURCHASECR15 at checkout. Here's to jingling all the way with some more jingle in your pocket this holiday season! WIN.

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