Gifts for the “hard-to-buy-for” people on your list – and a 15% off code!

It's getting closer to the most wonderful day of the year, and by this time I usually have my shopping done – EXCEPT for those select people on my list who just seem to be harder to buy for than others. We ALL know a person who is not an easy gift-find, let's be honest. But, I put some thought into it, and these appliances are SUPER NICE and universal enough that they could seriously be given to any adult and they would love it.

These are items that are useful for anybody who eats food (ha) and are so much better than your typical “socks and gift card” go-to – they are fun and unexpected, and seeing someone surprised and excited when they open your gift is always the best part of the whole “presents under the tree” thing. So I really hope these ideas will leave you feeling super confident in your gift-giving this year, for everyone on your list!

ebay gifts appliances
kitchen appliances from ebay

Here's the trick – the 411 on eBay's certified refurbished items, and a 15% off code!

I've been buying certified refurbished goods on eBay for years now and my experiences across the board have been flawless. In other words, WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

If you haven't had experience with certified refurbished products before, let me explain: usually an item that is certified refurbished had a cosmetic flaw in the past, or maybe some little glitch – was sent back to the manufacturer, and they fixed it all up to be just like it's BRAND NEW.

All of the items below are priced so well because they are certified refurbished, but they are coming directly from the manufacturer so you know they were literally worked on to be in tip-top, right-out-of-the-box shape once again.

And today through 12/18, you can get 15% off any certified refurbished items under $100 by using the code PURCHASECR15 at checkout! (Again, max $100 purchase, one time use only).

Combining the certified refurbished appliances with the 15% off code, or even just buying certified refurbished in general is a SUPER smart way to save a LOT of money on something that will work just as well as if you'd bought it at full price. And the person you're gifting will never know the difference! So in the end, you're gifting a super awesome, top-of-the-line gift, for an even better price. You can find some other certified refurbished items on eBay that I'm ALL about here and here!

certified refurbished ebay appliances

Appliances by price point

I've ordered these appliances by price point below so you can easily choose the type of gift you're looking for – affordable, mid-range, or luxury. I seriously think all of these gifts are top notch – so that person on your list is SO dang lucky you are buying for them!

kitchen appliances ebay certified refurbished

Affordable gift: rice cooker

Perfectly cooked rice has never been easier to make – just add a little water, push a button, and voila! Making rice with the perfect consistency is such a hit or miss on the stove, plus it takes so much more time and attention. But this rice cooker? It's truly a little piece of heaven – may sound dramatic, but I honestly don't know how I'd survive without one!

A rice cooker is SUCH a game-changer and it's something I've given time and time again, especially to newlyweds or if I have someone on my list heading off to college (but honestly, pretty much every person at any age would love this!) because it is so quick, easy, and useful. So. many. dinners. are leveled up when this comes into play. If you have a rice cooker you probably think everyone already does, but you would be surprised that it is not as common of a household appliance as you think!

rice cooker deal

My tips for making perfect rice in the rice cooker:

  1. Rinse your rice until the water is no longer cloudy.
  2. Pour the amount of rice you want into the cooker.
  3. Add water. (You'll know it's the right amount once you've placed your index finger vertically on top of the rice, and the water reaches your first knuckle).
  4. Press “cook.” So easy!

These simple steps are seriously fool-proof and will make you the perfect rice every time! If you're a little confused, make sure to watch for my quick tutorial on this Instagram reel this week.

The best part of all about this gift? It's $21.25 on eBay with the 15% off code PURCHASECR15 (with rave reviews by the way). That is insaaane! Such an amazing appliance for such an affordable price.

best rice cooker ebay
certified refurbished rice cooker

Mid-range gift: Belgian waffle maker

My girls absolutely LOVE when we make waffles on the weekends, so I totally think this is such a fun “all-in-one” family gift! Everyone benefits from the waffle maker. We've had ours for 11 years and we still aren't even close to being sick of waffles, ha! Make them straight from the box, or from scratch – either way, it's such a fun breakfast (or dinner) that will ALWAYS be so good! Our favorite waffle recipe is from my mom – it's mouthwatering! I think it would be so cute to attach this recipe to this gift to add a thoughtful touch.

cuisinart waffle maker deal gift ideas

This specific waffle maker on eBay is NICE. It has a pour-and-lock feature so you don't have to deal with the mess, aaaand it is vertical so it's literally the easiest way to make a waffle to date. And you don't even have to worry about whether or not the person you are gifting already has a waffle maker or not because this one is sure to be an awesome upgrade even if they do. Like I said, we've had ours for 11 years so I would be STOKED to get this brand new one that has so many nice features!

This mid-range gift is only $42.49 with the 15% off code PURCHASECR15 at checkout. So affordable and absolutely worth every penny! A sweet treat that never gets old and this new version makes it easier than ever to cook the perfect waffle.

waffle maker on sale certified refurbished

Luxury gift: Blendtec classic fit blender

My very first Blendtec blender I ever owned was certified refurbished (gifted to me by my parents!) and it worked absolutely perfectly for YEARS. It actually still does, the only reason I don't still have that exact one is because I gifted it to a single mom in our community who was starting over from scratch after getting out of a bad situation a couple of years ago. But it was in GREAT condition even after all the years I used it.

blendtec blender deal

You are saving about $50 by buying this blender certified refurbished on eBay! Such a score! I truly wouldn't buy this gift anywhere else. It comes direct from Blendtec, and it includes a two-year warranty which is THE BEST. If anything does happen to the item, Blendtec is SO good about fixing it or replacing it, no questions asked. I love that kind of security when I am giving someone a more expensive gift! I know they will be able to fully enjoy it which is such a good feeling.

You can buy this gift for $199.95 which is an AMAZING price for a Blendtec! Although this one isn't eligible for the 15% off code, you still seriously couldn't find a better price anywhere else.

blendtec blender ebay
Aroma Rice Cooker
Belgian Waffle Maker
Blendtec Classic Fit Blender
Photos by Arielle Levy

The best gifts for the “tough ones” on your list

I seriously think these three items could be gifted to any adult on your list, and they will be used over, and over, and over again! The purest telltale sign of a good gift. And with eBay's certified refurbished prices, there's just no better place to get them, hands down. All of these options make yummy food, with hardly any hassle, and YOU save when you buy them – what more could anyone ask for?

Don't forget to use the code PURCHASECR15 for 15% off anything under $100! Code is good through 12/18.

Alright, now I'm craving some sticky rice, a waffle, and a smoothie, anyone else?! Grab a snack, then get to shopping before these items sell out! 😉

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