20 FIRE gift ideas for the men in your life

Whenever I chat with girlfriends about their Christmas or holiday shopping, everyone seems to agree that men are HARD to shop for! Whether it's your husband, your brother, your dad, or a coworker, men can be the trickiest to pick the perfect gift. It's super tempting to just give up and put some cash in an envelope! But before you do that, check out these gift ideas for men to help you shop with a personal touch for all the dudes in your life.

gift ideas for men christmas
best gift ideas for men

Gift ideas for men

  1. Theragun: Though it be but little, it is a RELAXATION GAME CHANGER! This product is the perfect gift for relieving your man's everyday stresses. I love that this size is easy to take ANYWHERE and that it targets those specific, hard-to-get knots that you normally can't get to on your own. I also love that it comes with a case so you don't have to worry about any of the pieces getting lost.
  2. AirPods Pro: If the guy you're shopping for doesn't already have Airpods, you need to make it happen! Neil is OBSESSED. So great for running, traveling, listening to podcasts, all the things. Plus, this updated version is NOISE CANCELING. (Can I buy these for myself and wear them around the house? Asking for a friend.)
  3. Kindle: This Kindle is the lightest one on the market, AND it is waterproof! Perfect for relaxing poolside; they even upped the adjustable brightness so that on the sunniest days you still can read the pages just as if you were reading from a traditional book! Whether he's relaxing by the fireplace or laying out on the beach, the man in your life is sure to love this library at his fingertips.
  4. Car Phone Stand: There is nothing worse than trying to follow a GPS, change your music, or answer a call when your phone is in the trenches of your cupholders. Haha! That is why I LOVE this car phone stand! It is so relieving to have everything right in your line of sight. Such a great gift that he will use every single day!
  5. Commuter Pants: These might as well be named “Comfortable Pants” because that's what they are! There are SO many reasons these pants are amaaazing, but the best part is that they look SO nice for every setting! Your man can wear them to work, around the house, or even while traveling and he won't have a single complaint about being uncomfortable. That's a WIN-WIN, am I right?!
  6. Patagonia Coat: I love the classy and rugged look of this winter coat — it will keep the guy you are shopping for EXTRA warm, without adding any unnecessary marshmallow-puffiness. I also love that the unique collar gives it that extra modern touch!
  7. Hoodie: Your man will want to LIVE in this sleek zip-hoodie. And the best part is, you won't even mind it because it will look so good on him! He will get so much use out of this jacket throughout all the cooler months of the year — in fact, you might just want to get him this hoodie in all three colors because he's guaranteed to wear it THAT much.
  8. Workout T-shirt: You really can't go wrong with this awesome workout t-shirt. It is light, breathable, and comes in so many different colors! At only $20, this shirt is a definite YES for your man's gift list this year.
  9. Ugg Chukka Boots: I have ALL THE HEART EYES for these men's boots. Not only are they a win when it comes to looks, but the Ugg Comfort System will give your man the all-day support we all know he neeeeds! With so many almost near perfect reviews, this gift is definitely Mint Arrow approved.
  10. Tool Chest: This tool chest also doubles as a mobile workbench, so that in and of itself is already Christmas gift material — but I also love how crisp, clean, and minimal it is as well! Not to mention this tool chest has over 2500 NEAR PERFECT reviews! You really can't go wrong with this one.
  11. Traeger: The Traeger smoker is one of my FAVORITE gifts because WOW… I didn't know our meals could taste THAT good! This gift will change the meal game at your house and it is worth every single penny. If your man already loves to grill, I know he will be OBSESSED with smoking on the Traeger!
  12. Braun Shaver: An electric razor your man will LOVE. Neil has tried them ALLLLL and this one is his fave, and it's mine too because no more teeny tiny evil little microscopic hairs from his electric shaver alllll over the bathroom counter! WIN.
  13. Backpack: I love the modern and sleek look of this “travel” backpack. Whether your guy uses it for just that, or simply takes it to work everyday, it is convenient and durable and he will be able to use it for YEARS without any rips or tears — OR without it going out of style!
  14. Air Jordans: These retro Air Jordans are THE COOLEST!! A lot of the gifts on our list are very practical, which is important! But it's so fun to surprise your man with something on Christmas morning that is FUN and that he is totally not expecting. Love this gift idea, and so does my brother Jake who is the sneaker KING.
  15. Beanie: You can't go wrong with this classic, rugged beanie. I love ALL the colors they have available, and Carhartt products always last for yeeeears. And I mean YEARS. A great gift for any man in your life!
  16. Sonicare Toothbrush: Neil and I's VERY FAVORITE toothbrush, hands down! We seriously feel like our teeth get professionally cleaned every time we brush. It is the BEST and we will never go back to what we were using before! I love that they have different color choices as well.
  17. Eero Wifi System: Okay, how cool is this?! A wifi system that replaces your clunky, ugly router and covers areas up to 3,000 sq. ft. The set up is SO EASY and you can say goodbye to that never-ending buffering circle of doom and enjoy SMOOTH streaming, loading, and gaming! BONUS: you can add voice control by pairing with any Alexa device. So awesome!
  18. Chair and Ottoman: This minimal, manly office chair and matching ottoman is one of my FAVORITE gift splurges. If your man wants a La-Z-Boy but you want your house to look modern and pretty (haha), this is the PERFECT gift for him! Plus, it looks great, too.
  19. Always Pan: The Always Pan is for the man who loves to COOK. It isn't called the Always Pan for nothing! You can literally ALWAYS use this pan to braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil, pretty much do anything. This is the perfect gift for a chef, a bachelor, a college student, or any guy who's a minimalist and wants ONE PAN that does it all.
  20. Ergonomic Sit to Stand Laptop Holder: Neil has been talking about wanting a standing desk for YEARS. They're usually gigantic eye-sores and also crazy expensive. This one turns a regular desk into a standing desk option with just a wireless keyboard like this one!
christmas gift ideas for men
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YOUR men's gift ideas

You've got this!

You can shop our top gift ideas for men below! We picked gifts that were super universal, so they should work for anyone from your college-aged brother to your grandpa to your picky husband or boyfriend. Christmas will be here before you know it, so cross all the men's gifts off your list today!!!

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