HOT!! Best deal EVER on City Select stroller (HALF OFF)

June 19, 2018

Ohhhhh BABY!!! Do I have a deal for you on the City Select 2016 stroller!! This is the best deal EVER on the City Select stroller 2016 and I'm FREAKING OUT over how good this is!!!

City Select Deal Details

Right now you can get the City Select 2016 Stroller for $269 (reg $529.99) – that's 49% off, or a savings of $269.99!!! **UPDATE: this deal sold out in the first 10 minutes of me posting, I am so sorry! We'll be on the lookout for another deal.

It's reeeeeeeally hard to find a deal THIS GOOD on the City Select stroller. This is literally THE LOWEST PRICE I've ever seen the City Select 2016 Stroller. In fact, the last time I saw a deal on the City Select 2016 Stroller it was 36% off and I was excited about that, so this is HUGE!!!

Why the City Select is so great

This is the 2016 version of the City Select stroller that has an upgraded buckle and the handle bar can extended more than the 2015 version, which is great for tall parents. The next big jump in City Select strollers would be the City Lux stroller. We own both and while I think there are some minor upgrades that are nice about the City Lux, I really don't think there's a big enough difference that you'd even notice. I don't love one significantly more than the other, and definitely not enough to justify a $360 difference!

The City Select stroller has the capability of turning into a double or back into a single, so if you find yourself out with one baby instead of two, you can change it to just a single stroller, or if you only have one baby now but are planning to have another soon, you can easily convert it to a double by just clicking in the seat!

We LOVE the City Select Stroller for its incredibly smooth push, huge undercarriage basket, durability, and most of all its ability to configure the stroller 16 different ways! See a more thorough demo here.

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Don't miss out!

Not sure how long this deal will last so make sure you get the deal on the City Select 2016 Stroller for $269.99 (HALF OFF) right away if you've been waiting for a deal!

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City Select deal is dead 🙁


Dang so sorry about that!!


It must be over already 🙁 Looks like the link is back up to $639

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