The very BEST of Amazon Prime according to our besties

When it comes to finding the best products on Amazon Prime, who better to trust than YOU?! Seriously though, if you're here it's because you love a really good deal – just like us. And when we started dreaming up our own wishlists for Prime Day and figuring out what deals we needed to hunt down this year, we knew we had to ask our besties to give us the rundown on your very favorite Amazon buys in tons of different categories. And you delivered! Your recommendations are spot on and we can't wait to share them here.

best of amazon prime day
Coop Pillow
amazon prime day recommendations

Here's what TOPPED the list in each category:

  1. BEST PILLOW: Coop
    When it comes to pillows, our besties rave about the Coop pillow. And we can attest! Seriously, we confirm this is the BEST pillow on Amazon. You came to the rescue during Corrine's bed rest during her last pregnancy with Bobby when she really needed to find a pillow to help keep her more comfortable during her time on bed rest. The Coop gives the perfect balance of support and comfort, and is just overall the best. With adjustable fill and a cooling cover, this pillow is a dream come true for 20% off!
  2. BEST SKINCARECosrx Snail Mucin 
    One of THE most viral products of the year and you guys are in on this not so secret product too! This serum delivers intense hydration while repairing damaged skin, PLUS it’s completely free from phthalates. If glowing, supple skin is important to you, don’t sleep on this (but for sure put it on before you go to sleep haha!).  Get this for just $14.50 during Prime Day (reg: $25).
    When it comes to hair care, Pureology takes the crown according to you (+ us too!). Hydrated, healthy hair that isn't weighed down or coated with tons of extra product oh and did we mention it smells heavenly! Get this during Prime Day for 30% off!
  4. BEST MASCARA: Honest Beauty
    If you're looking for a clean, vegan, cruelty-free mascara, this is the one for you! This mascara has extreme-length benefits + it has over 17K reviews! Try it for 22% off during Prime Day.
  5. BEST WATER BOTTLE: Owala + Simple Modern
    These super cute water bottles were most recommended by our besties. Simple designs, super convenient features, and premium insulation to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature throughout the day. Get the Owala for 28% off + the Simply Modern for 15% off today.
  6. BEST DINNER PREP GADGET: Veggie Chopper
    Dinner made simple according to you! This makes chopping veggies a breeze. This handy gadget saves time and effort by quickly chopping vegetables, fruits, and more. Sign us up for hassle-free cooking! Get this today for 39% off!
  7. BEST VACUUM: Shark + Tineco
    Shark and Tineco dominated the vacuum category no questions asked. Powerful suction, advanced filtration systems, and convenient features that make cleaning a breeze. From carpets to hardwood floors, you guys swear these vacuums will leave your home spotless. Shark is 32% off + Tineco is 27% off!
  8. BEST AIR FRYER: Ninja + Foodi
    Healthy + delicious cooking made EASY PEASY with the Ninja and Foodi air fryers, as endorsed by our besties. Guilt-free fries to crunchy veggies all made possible thanks to this staple kitchen gadget that you love too! Right now during Prime Day the Ninja Airfryer is 23% off + the Ninja Foodi is 25% off!
  9. BEST LIP GLOSS/BALM: Laneige Lip Mask + Glowy Balm
    The ultimate for hydrated lips. You love this just as much as we do! Both the Laneige Lip Mask and Glowy Balm are the chef's kiss for keeping lips soft and free from cracks. Whether you're looking for intense overnight hydration or a sheer tint of color, Laneige is hands down the best. Get these for 30% off today!
  10. BEST COOKTOP TOOL: Meat Chopper
    If you haven't tried this thing, you're about to be amazed! It chops the meat perfectly for your sloppy joe's, taco salad, you name it! Get it for 27% off!

The besties have spoken

When it comes to finding the best products on Amazon Prime, we take your word for what to try next! From pillows to skincare, shampoo to air fryers, we've compiled a list of the absolute best products thanks to YOU. We hope you find something new to try here and if/when you do, tell us about it in the comments below!

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