Hottest kids toys of 2016

puppy alive

Christmas is going to sneak up on us so fast now that we’re knocking on December’s door, so this year we decided to give you guys a GUIDE to the hottest kids toys of 2016! We did lots of research and interviewed “experts” in the field and came up with the 20 most popular AND most likely to get played with toys of 2016, like this little puppy that’s literally the most real toy puppy I’ve ever seen!

puppy alive puppy alive

This little My Dream Puppy is honestly THE cutest and most life-like play puppy I’ve ever seen. It breathes and moves and feels like a real puppy – it even falls asleep if you hold it on its back! I think Neil wanted this to cure the girls’ begging and pleading for a puppy but so far it’s only fueled the fire haha.

Also, a side note: if you’re looking for more CLASSIC toys, there’s a huge sale TODAY ONLY here on classic toys and board games up to 40% off. Perfect for stocking stuffers or games the whole family can play on Christmas Day! I love playing games and hanging out in PJs all day on Christmas.

puppy alive

Last little note: you can find the girls’ Christmas pajamas in this year’s cutest Christmas pajamas post, and the details for our Christmas Tree in the twinkly vintagey slightly girly holiday decor post.

Keep reading below to see the hottest, highest rated and most popular kid toys of 2016!

This scooter is super popular for little kids and a nice way to get them away from a screen and outside playing!!
This has been on all the hottest toys lists we've found this year!
Star Wars -- need we say any more? All the kids are obsessed, especially since another movie comes out right around Christmas!
Kids from the ages of 5-10 are totally obsessed with hulk smash!
A little on the spendy side but EVERY parent who has these that I know says they're 110% worth it. Such a great quiet time toy.
This has been popping up everywhere too and American Girl is such a popular brand. This is a nice way to introduce American Girl without the hefty price tag of one of the bigger dolls!
One of this year's most popular toys for toddlers and younger kids. A perfect way to let your kids get some art time without a big mess!
These are probably THE most popular toys of 2016. You don't know exactly what your hatchimal will look like until it hatches. Kids are going CRAZY over these and they're sold out everywhere. And they're crazy overpriced (in my opinion!) but literally the hottest toy this year. Don't shoot the messenger! Haha.
A fun little bingo game for kids starting at around age 4-5, but it's nice that there aren't tiny pieces that are choking hazards for younger siblings. One of the most popular games of this year!
Kids around 7 years old loooooove legos, and minecraft! This is one of the hottest lego sets of 2016.
This is HUGE for little kids in 2016! Ages 5-8 girls are going nuts over these.
Another huge, hot toy of 2016! Beware there are TINY pieces if you have a baby or anyone of choking hazard age in your home.
Another hot toy for little boys in 2016, this remote control airplane is a really fun Christmas Day toy to get out and play with.
Harry potter is back with a rage! The new movie is making Harry Potter boil over in popularity in 2016.
I loved these books so much as a kid, and they're coming back in popularity!
The cutest little toy dog I have EVER seen. Selling out in lots of places!!
Tons of people were playing this game over Thanksgiving weekend and posting it on social media -- it's definitely one of the hottest games of this year!
Dory is HUGE for kids of all ages right now, with Finding Dory coming out this year. Still cheapest through this link than any big box stores, just go to "buy from other sellers."
Boys like action figures too! These legos guys are really fun actually for boys or girls and you can build upon this gift for upcoming birthdays and other events.
You're welcome! If you don't know what that means yet, you might not have little kids in your house! MOANA is the brand new HUGE Disney hit and this toy is one of the hottest toys of Christmas 2016 hands down.

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