This year’s cutest Christmas pajamas


One of my favorite traditions is CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS!!! I always remember waiting with an extreme amount of  anticipation to see what kind of pajamas my mom (or oops, Santa!) picked out for us on Christmas Eve. So I have to admit that now that I’m the mom, it’s actually even more fun for me to pick out the pajama sets I’m loving (or two or three!) and have a cuddle session with my girls in our matching jammies.

Because in this house, jammies are life.

If you’re wondering how I got my girls to stay on the bed for so many photos, one word: marshmallows.


Marshmallows are one of my best kept secrets for photo shoots with kids! They’re light and not messy and almost invisible on the bed and they keep the kids happy and occupied.


Lyla was so cute though, my little organizer. She was more concerned with cleaning up the marshmallows and putting them back inside the mug than she was about eating them!


But then here, as you can see, she dumped them right back out haha.


Then I went from boring mom to cool mom when I suggested we all jump on the bed.

I love these little grinch pajamas so much! My girls were so excited to wear them too – they love Cindy Loo Who.


And of course, some tickle fights were involved too!


I couldn’t find an exact match to their pajamas but I wore these pink striped pajamas and they were pretty close! Plus I love stripes and polka dots.

Here’s everything we wore:

Corrine’s Striped Pajamas
Ani’s Pajamas
Lyla’s Pajamas
Monogram Mug
Gray Lamps
Custom Gray Roman Shades
Ivory Quilt
Euro Sham
Floral Artwork
Gold Squiggle Artwork
Natural Wood Nightstand

I’m packing these jammies up as we speak for our trip to Utah this week to spend time with our families! And you know how it is when you go home. I’ll probably spend most of the time there in pajamas haha.

Here’s the rest of the CUTEST winter pajamas we found this year! 

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