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my mom and me!

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, and not because I’m a mom now, but because I get to celebrate MY mother. The woman who gave up her entire life for me for 18 straight years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Sacrificing things like a newer car so I could have the nicest piano to learn and practice on, saying no to fun outings with friends so she could be home on a night when I needed help with a school project, forcing me to do hard things so I could be a better human, even when that made her a “mean mom.” And you know she’s such an overachiever she just won’t quit! Ha. I suspect most of our mothers are this way. Just giving and serving selflessly, endlessly.

But I feel like I’ve heard from readers over the years that Mother’s Day is hard on some. Some people compare themselves to other moms, comparing a dreamy looking instagram snapshot of a perfect Mother’s Day to their disheveled imperfect reality of a non-glamorous Mother’s Day, some feeling sad about not being a mom yet. I get that. While most of my friends in my mid-twenties were celebrating their first Mother’s Day, I was trying to figure out how to be single again after a grueling divorce.

Holidays can legitimately be hard on people.

But I really believe Mother’s Day shouldn’t be one of those. Because someone raised you to be better than you would’ve been on your own. Most likely that was the woman you call mother, but maybe it wasn’t? Maybe it was a grandmother, a teacher, a mentor, a coach, a friend’s mom, maybe it was all of them.

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That’s my mom’s mom and me, who we lovingly have referred to as “Grandma Japanese” (because she’s full Japanese) since I can remember.

My hope for you, especially if you feel anxiety thinking about Mother’s Day, is that you’ll make this Mother’s Day about celebrating the mothers in your life. Take some time to write a note, buy a little (or big!) gift, and celebrate the women who helped make you who you are today.

Here are some of my very favorite things lately that I think any mother would love, because I’m obsessed with each one!

The perfect gifts for mother's day!

01 12″ pro non-stick scanpan: gave this to my mom to thank her for watching my kids and she LOVES it! “the best nonstick pan I have ever used” and she’s kind of an expert!
02 rose gold fitbit bracelet: SO pretty and functional!
03 peach silk scarf: so nice for summer and only $38!
04 perfect travel bag: my newest fave for travel. Fits a 13″ laptop perfectly!
05 mint kitchenaid mixer: is this not the cutest color?!
06 naked crop pants: I am legitimately obsessed with these. They are the best workout leggings I have ever worn. Period.
07 nike flyknit running shoes: My mom and I are both addicted to these! No breaking in required. Feels like you’re wearing nothing but you can walk in them ALL day long.
08 pink sumer sandals: perfect for any age – literally. I would put these on a 3 year old or a 90 year old. A staple for summer!
09 mini monogram necklace: so sweet to get these in kids’ initials.
10 brow definer pencil: it’s like the brow wiz & dipbrow got together and made a lovechild. I’ve been using this exclusively the past couple weeks!
11 luxury throw blanket: the softest most luxurious throw blanket, a perfect gift for a new mom to a grandma.
11 softest circle cardigan: this gift is dangerous because you’ll want to live in this cardigan every day of your life after you own it. A guaranteed win of a gift!

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Lupita Kyle:

Last year you had a special code/sale for the PMD during Mother’s day. Will you be doing that again this year?


I don’t have anything planned with PMD this mother’s day, sorry!!


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