HOT!!! toddler/baby hunter boots 30% off


anyone looking for a deal on hunter first gloss rain boots? they’re the adorable baby/toddler version of hunters!

right now you can get hunter first gloss rain boots in military red for $37.95 (reg $55). that’s 30% off toddler hunter boots, such a good deal!

i have no idea how long this will last but i will say theΒ last time i found a deal this good on kids hunter boots, they sold out FAST in several sizes. right now this deal is available in ALL sizes!

also with sizing, for sure size up if your kiddo is in between. anabelle wore her size 6 hunter boots when she was still a size 5 with a thick sock, and grew into them that winter/spring! they’re perfect for splashing in puddles, playing in snow, and the rubber keeps their little toesies warm even in just cold weather.

love that these are gender neutral red too, and so durable you can totally use them with siblings!

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How old was your daughter when she first worse these? My 16 mo old is a fairly new walker (walked at 13 mo) and I feel like these might be a little challenging to walk in?


hey stephanie! anabelle started wearing these when she was about two, but that’s just because i bought them when i saw a deal forever ago and i bought them in a size 6, and that’s when she was finally big enough to start wearing the pair i had already purchased for her! i think she could’ve worn them earlier than that in a smaller size. πŸ™‚ hope that helps!


Thank you so much! I have been waiting for a deal to buy a pair of hunters for my son for months and this is perfect. Can’t wait to splash around with him πŸ™‚


We jumped on this special buy and now my daughter won’t take them off. She runs around like a wildwoman in these and I love how they just rinse. No damp tennis shoes. Thank you for the tip! Wish I would have gotten them for my niece too.


yay i’m so glad! i got them for my daughter too – can’t wait till she can play in puddles in them!


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