kindle paperwhite sale

kindle paperwhite second generation

i’m a huge HUGE fan of kindles, in fact i own two! but man if i could trade both i own for the kindle paperwhite i would do it in a heart beat. i have the original kindle and it’s great BUT you can’t read it in the dark. so, then i also have the kindle fire HDX, which is just like an ipad, except that it’s not great in the blaring sun – which is what i love about the original kindle. the kindle paperwhite combines both the readability of being outside in bright sunlight (picture a pool or beach), and being able to read in the dark (for when you’re completely hooked on a book and your partner’s asleep!).

(photo credit some gadget guy)

and TODAY ONLY you can get the kindle paperwhite for $79 shipped (reg $109). this is a screaming deal and SUCH a perfect gift for a bookworm for the holidays!

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what are your favorite books to read? congrats on another bundle of joy coming soon! so exciting πŸ™‚

Cathy Jeppsen:

I use mine every night when I’m up with my baby. Best. Invention. Ever!


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