RARE UPPAbaby deal

January 10, 2020

One of THE rarest stroller deals ever just popped up on one of the strollers we absolutely LOVE, so I'm definitely flipping out about it and making sure all you guys know about it too! If you've been holding out for a deal on the UPPAbaby Vista stroller, TODAY is your day.

Deal Details

Right now you can get the UPPAbaby Vista here or here for 20% off, or the UPPAbaby Cruz for 20% off here! You're saving about $180 on the Vista and about $100 on the Cruz with this deal, so this really is a GREAT way to save big on these super nice strollers.

These deals are extreeeemely rare so I'd jump RIGHT on this if you've had your eye on this stroller!!!

Why we love our UPPAbaby Vista

We've had our UPPAbaby Vista for a few years now and I'm absolutely in love. The undercarriage is GINORMOUS, the bassinet was a LIFE SAVER when we took Millie as an infant to Disneyland (naps were a breeze!) and I especially love that you can fit THREE kids on this stroller when you buy the ride-along board and the second seat (currently on sale!).

I also love that it has a FULL recline, a one-step fold, the stroller can stand on its own after it's folded, and it glides like a DREAM. It's super similar to the City Select which I love and usually recommend more because you can get it for less, but while the UPPAbaby is on sale and if this is your dream stroller I can't say enough about how much I love it! Also this is Neil's VERY favorite stroller of all time.

Act fast to save!

This 20% off UPPAbaby deal will not last forever, so make sure you grab yours now if you've been wanting one!

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