Episode 039: Modest fashion with Leena Snoubar: wearing a hijab, dressing modestly and inner confidence

Have you ever wondered why some women wear a headscarf, where that tradition comes from, and why it’s important to them? Today I have the honor of interviewing a fellow modest fashion blogger Leena from the blog With Love Leena all about her journey in wearing hijab, dressing modestly and finding the confidence to be herself in a world where modesty isn’t always easy. She shares with me why modest fashion is so important to her, how she found her confidence in wearing a headscarf even though she’s the only woman in her family who does this, and what she wishes other people would understand about women who choose to dress like she does. I was amazed by all the parallels between her belief and mine in the importance of modesty, and I hope you’ll listen and be inspired by her beautiful perspective too.

Show Notes:
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featured Video explaining temple garments

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