Episode 047: Gestational Surrogacy with Kelsey Nixon: a deep dive into gestational surrogacy and Kelsey’s message to “just keep going” when life gets hard

My dear college friend and fellow broadcast journalism classmate from BYU, Kelsey Nixon is today's podcast guest. Kelsey is one of THE MOST successful students to come out of our graduating broadcast journalism class, as a contestant on Food Network Star season 4 to landing her own cooking shows with The Cooking Channel, regular appearances on The Today Show and Rachel Ray, publishing cookbooks and even creating an exclusive product line with the home shopping network, and now hosting her own show with BYUTV called Dinner Takes All. But today Kelsey and I talk about her journey with bringing babies into the world, her physical and emotional struggles that she went through with her first son's premature birth and second son who was also born prematurely and ended up passing away in the hospital. She opens up about her grief process and how she and her husband Robby decided to have their third child and now their fourth through gestational surrogacy. Today's episode is educational, inspirational and spiritual. I learned SO MUCH from Kelsey during this episode and I'm excited to share her story, wisdom and life experiences with you guys today too.

Show Notes:
Insta @kelseynixon
blog https://www.kelseynixon.com/
Dinner Takes All TV show https://www.byutv.org/dinnertakesall

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