Episode 045: Faith over fear with Desiree Hartsock: season 9 Bachelorette’s back-story of following God’s calling

If you consider yourself part of Bachelor Nation you're going to LOVE today's episode! And even if you aren't, but you're a person of faith or just love good-hearted people, I think you'll really enjoy today's discussion with Desiree Hartstock Siegfried. Like many of you, I watched Desiree on Season 17 of The Bachelor and my friends and I would say “she seems like she would be friends with us!” and we were all thrilled when she was chosen as The Bachelorette. Today we talk about way more than just her experiences on the Bachelor and Bachelorette though. We get into her back story of how this all unfolded in her life, how following God's plan for her led her to find her way on these shows and eventually find her husband Chris too. Desiree candidly shares with me what it was like to be on these shows, how her faith journey evolved over time, and now how she choses faith over everything, as a mom and entrepreneur.

Show Notes:
Desiree’s Instagram @desireesiegfried
Desiree’s Twitter @deshartsock
Wedding gowns by Desiree Siegfried

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