Episode 274: Faith-Driven Success: Emily Ford on Overcoming Struggles, Forgiveness, and Authentic Branding

In today’s episode we dive into an inspiring conversation with Emily Ford, a successful entrepreneur and mentor. Emily shares her journey from a challenging upbringing to becoming a faith-driven leader in the business world. We discuss the power of integrating faith into business, the importance of forgiveness, and how to develop an authentic personal brand. Emily’s story of resilience, faith, and dedication to helping others find their true purpose is both uplifting and motivating. Tune in for practical advice, heartfelt stories, and a fresh perspective on achieving success with intention and authenticity.

Follow along with Emily on Instagram In today’s episode we dive into an inspiring conversation with Emily Ford, a successful entrepreneur and mentor. Emily shares her journey from a challenging upbringing to becoming a faith-driven leader in the business world. We discuss the power of integrating faith into business, the importance of forgiveness, and how to develop an authentic personal brand. Emily’s story of resilience, faith, and dedication to helping others find their true purpose is both uplifting and motivating. Tune in for practical advice, heartfelt stories, and a fresh perspective on achieving success with intention and authenticity.

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 Emily, I'm so happy to have you on my podcast today. Thank you so much for being here for anyone who might not be familiar with you. Can you give us just a little background of who you are and what you do? Yeah, first of all, I'm so honored to be here. And I love how intentional you are about your life and your gifting.

And it's just, it's such an honor to have this conversation. And, um, where did I, where did I begin? What do I do? You know, I do a lot. I, it doesn't even feel like work because I'm living, you know, My purpose, um, you know, predominantly speaking, I have a podcast, I do mentorship. I teach people personal branding sales, um, but like a serial entrepreneur, I got my start in the health and wellness space, selling supplements, building sales teams.

And, uh, I always have my hand in like many different baskets. And yeah, and I live, um, here in, in SoCal. Staring at the ocean right now. Well, and we met at an event that our mutual friends, Lindsay Hadley and Randy Garn and Mindy and Glenn Stern all put together at the Stern's house. Yeah. And so that was really wonderful.

And I met so many great people that night, but you are one of the people that stood out the very most. And I love one of the things I love the very most about you, Emily, is that you lead with your faith. You're not ashamed of that at all. That was like one of the first things that you brought up when we were walking into their house and I met you and your husband.

And so tell me about that, about, you know, a lot of people are so afraid to mix business and faith. They, I feel like it's one of Satan's greatest lies is like, there's no room for faith in the workplace. So I would love for you to share your personal philosophy and has that always come easily, or is that something that you kind of developed?

And, you know, what's your story there? You know, I, I have always had a strange connection to the light since I was very young. I grew up in a very, um, toxic upbringing and I grew up Catholic and I didn't really know, didn't really have a personal relationship with Jesus until later in life. And then I would say in the last few years, I.

Gosh, I, I have just began to know him. K N O W. Like know him. And you know, I've always been someone that lives very openly and transparent and I love to share things that I love and I move with conviction in everything I do. Like if I don't believe in something, you cannot pay me enough to do it. Like I, it's just, it's not in me.

And so. When I was set free by the blood of Jesus Christ and healed from generational trauma and issues with men and so many Issues when I was set free, I'm like, I promise you, I will always share your name, like, Oh my goodness. It's like find, I mean, I was going to therapy at one point, twice a week to try to heal.

And then I find Jesus and it's like set free and I see different. It's like the wolves have been, the wolf has been pulled from my eyes. And, uh, to me. Like I, I fear the Lord, like I, I do. And so I'm just being obedient by sharing who he is. And so, you know, when it comes to business, it's like. Oh my gosh.

When people ask like, how do you do business and how do you do this? And how do you do that? It's like, because I walk with God, that's my game changing strategy. Right. And so like when I'm on stage or in these other places that are. Secular or maybe it's it's not like the norm. I'm still gonna lead with the truth and share my biblical principles and foundations.

And so, um, even for me, like with business training, it may not be like screaming, um, the Bible, but it is definitely the Bible. And that's what I'm training from now. Not, um, worldly views and philosophies. Yeah. Well, I love that. And so you've talked a little bit about business. So can you tell me kind of where that started?

Is this something that, you know, was, you know, did it come easily for you? Was it a family thing that you were, you know, led into or, you know, where did the beginnings of Emily Ford start? Yeah, you know, I grew up in a small town in Minnesota, like on the farm. And, um, so basically I was raised by a single mom and she worked all the time to just put food on the table.

I mean, we're on, we're on food stamps at one point. And so, um, you know, the business thing came. After high school. I was like, I don't know what I want to do. I love people and I, I work so hard. And so I was like, okay, let me just like do something quick. Cause I don't want to go to college. And so I went to massage therapy school.

I ended up working for like one of the top doctors in Minneapolis since I was 19. So I learned like, How to run a private practice. How do you work with wealthy people? How do you sell skincare? Like all that. Then I nannied four boys on the side and bought my first house when I was 21 and had three girls live with me to pay the mortgage plus make money.

And then at that point I was like, okay, I am working every hour in the day. And I, I, I'm not like, Getting ahead, really, you know, compared to people my age I was, but I was like, I don't really want to work this much like punching time clocks. And so I had gotten into fitness and just learning how to eat clean, all that stuff.

And that's when I found healthy supplements, adaptogenic herbs, things like that. So that led me to then. Um, meeting a woman at the gym that decided to mentor me. And that's what made me start to be an entrepreneur and basically build a business from the ground up. And so I did that. I dove all in. I like.

Cannonballed in. I'm like, okay, teach me the way, um, you know, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And that's basically what happened for me. Um, and I was like in a little incubator and three years later, I had like one of the largest sales teams in the world. So that's how we got started.

That's incredible. But you, you've talked about before where at one point you were like, you said sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Tell me about that. Yeah, through like working all those jobs and doing the things like I was just looking for love and all the wrong places and validation and all the I just gotten in a horrible relationship.

I didn't have like a level of self respect that I do now. And I ended up being in a super toxic relationship. I basically, like, moved away from Minnesota, lived with this guy. It was crazy. And by the grace of God, I was like, okay, um, Uh, there's that girl that sells these supplements. Let me see, like, if her company's hiring, I didn't know it was like a commission only based job, but I ended up moving in with her and, um, I literally had a mattress on the floor.

I had like duffel bags of clothes and I know it never believes me because I'm like such a shopper. I love clothes, but I'm like, no, for my first year, I mean, I basically, um, wore hand me down clothes or consignment shop clothes. And, um, you know, I unplugged the TV and I'm like, okay, I am dedicated to learning and I just want to change my life.

And, um, that started an amazing journey. So that was in 2010. Wow. Okay. And then how long did you, you know, were you in that like grind of building your business and learning the ropes and all that? Yeah. Um, you know, my, my first year was like building skills and building my network and I didn't have Instagram then I saw, so, but I was building my Facebook definitely.

And this is where I like, I learned personal branding. Um, Okay. But I would say about three years and then I became my company's like youngest millionaire by the time I was 26. And then I was like on stages, um, cause there were like, how did you do it? You know? Um, and then building in different countries.

So like South Korea and building in Europe and spending time doing, um, like opening companies in different areas. So, wow. So what pulled you away from that? Because that kind of seems like a golden handcuffs type of situation. . Yeah. You know, I did it for over a decade and Mm-Hmm. , the Lord kept telling me like, I need you to get out of the boat.

Like, I need you to move and get out of the boat. Yeah. Yeah. And I, I was so comfortable and, and I needed another mountain to climb, but I also needed to serve other people in different industries and. I am deeply passionate about just watching people win and succeed and regardless of like what they're doing, right?

Like, I just want to be people's biggest cheerleader and so I found myself just like constantly daydreaming about doing other things and I'm like, okay, I need to I need to shift and I still serve the network marketing profession in a big way. And I'm speaking at, you know, network marketing events and all that stuff.

And, um, but it's, it's just not, you know, my, my sole passion anymore. Yeah. Yeah. I wanted to ask you about productive struggle. That's something I've never heard anyone else say. And what does that mean? And is that, you know, where did that come from? Yeah, well, so often we associate struggle with like struggle like I'm struggling and it's like, I just learned to have such a good relationship with struggling like that's where you learn that's where you mold that's where you honestly Find your voice, okay?

If you would just do something and it felt perfect right away, you're never, you, you're not gonna really know who you are. You're not gonna really, you know, unpack all that you're made of. And I just, I wholeheartedly believe, like in the struggle, that's where the magic lies. That's where we find ourselves, that's where we gain our confidence.

Mm-Hmm. all of it. And, and it's. It's like learning to have a good relationship with struggle. And so it's almost like if anyone's in sales, it's like going for no, right? There's like this thing like go for no. And it's, it's really just flipping the script. On your mind and having a good association with it, because then, you know, like I'm on my way, I'm figuring it out.

I'm good. You know, when you're, you can be grateful simultaneously while, while you're trying to figure it out. Yeah. I love that. And I feel like so much of this world tells people that ease. Is the end all be all like being comfortable finding the easy way to do everything and to have everything and so I love that you're teaching that that's really not actually the way to grow and to create character or anything that is going to mold you into who you should be.

Yeah. I mean, gosh, God created us like just such unique people and beings. And I, I just find so many people are not utilizing their gifts. They're not tapping into them. And like, I just want to use everything that the Lord has given me to enrich the lives of other people. And I just believe like, that's what we're supposed to do.

Yeah. And, you know, there's plenty of days where I'm like, I don't really feel like doing this or that or whatever. But the minute I go serve somebody else, I feel so much better. I feel like this is why I'm doing this and it's, that's what we are called to do. And so it's like, I always tell people, if you feel insecure, like put your insecurities to sleep and go serve another person because you're making it so much about you and you know, that's the challenge I've had in.

Um, and I'm a woman of deep self care. I love all the girly things, but we do live in this society where it's like, okay, you know, there's too, like too much self care and too much, let's have no turbulence. And we, that stuff is good for you. You know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. That's so true. And I feel like I've heard you talk about fear and confidence and, and I think that You know, sometimes people get confused.

You talked a little bit earlier too, about getting your validation from the right sources. And so I feel like all of this kind of, you know, aligns with where are you getting your, you know, your pat on the back or the, like, you're good enough or you're doing the right things. Like, you know, what do you teach people when they are coming to you saying like, I'm trying to figure out who I am or what I'm supposed to do, or, or they have these insecurities.

Yeah, you know, everybody has insecurities. First of all, it's like we're all learning and growing. And so to give, give yourself grace for that. But oftentimes I find that we're looking, like you said, for validation in the wrong places. And our identity is wrapped up in what we do and not who's we are. And so, you know, one of my biggest.

things is like asking people about their faith life. And, you know, do they have a relationship with God? And, um, you know, there's eloquent, subtle ways I'll share that without being, you know, too much. And I think a lot of it is just being a good example for people. But I oftentimes find that They're trying to find, get their fix in other things, uh, that only like the Lord will provide that true comfort.

And you know, for so long, like my identity was wrapped up in, I'm this in my company and I'm that, and I have this car and you know, and it's like this undoing process of like, no, I, I'm already worthy. I don't need to earn anything, you know? And. It just when you just pursue God, I feel like the noise of all that stuff like it gets less and less and less and less.

And, you know, I really work on increasing my discernment. So that way, when the noise of the world gets turned up and it's so tempting that I can really just focus on my true north, which is. My relationship with God and doing what he wants me to do and following his will and his call for me and not my own.

Right. Right. Tell me more about that, about your discernment piece, because that's something I'm always trying to get better at. Oh my gosh. Yeah. You know, so many people are like, how do you, is it, you know, you're like your intuition, um, you know, and there's always lessons and relationships that I've been in where I'm like, okay.

I did not see that one coming or business things or whatever. Um, but as I've like grown in my faith, I've really been able to discern right from wrong a lot faster, you know, and so just constantly increasing that and how I do it is by spending more time with the Lord, listening, you know, praise, worship, um, I call it the WPP, the reading the living word of God, um, praising him every day and then prayer.

So that's how I start my morning when I'm out here walking my dog. And you know, I just find when, when I'm filling my mind and soul with the truth, Which is the live, the living word is the truth than any time I get confused about things. It's like, okay, this contradicts the living word. So if I'm confused now, like now I know my answer where before I was such a lukewarm believer that I'd be like, you know.

It's okay. Like, you know, I just did not know better. Right. And I would, I would make decisions. I would, um, make business decisions for my own flesh and just for me to advance and for me to look better. And like that even happened the past year with like a, Being on a reality TV show where I was like, okay, when I really pray to God and when I really think about, is this the right thing for me to do?

The answer is absolutely no. What is this going to, you're going to be entertaining gossip. You're going to be entertaining drama. This isn't even who you are, what you're about. Like I know better than this. And it's like, Discerning those things, right? Like just being able to make that decision and go, Nope, I'm not going to do it.

Even if it's hard, because sometimes it's hard, like we want to say yes to these things, you know? Yeah, so is that something that you walked away from, an opportunity? Oh, I bet that was hard. Yeah. Yeah. Cause you know, you hear all these things, you just get on the show and then it's like, you can get brand deals left and right and this, that, and the other.

And I'm a business woman. I love reading things. And, but at the end of the day, I was like, I would end up, I, I would like be helping these women. I, you know, if I was on some reality show, I'm like, I don't even know how I would participate because I'm like a fixer and I want to help. And I'm like, I don't like drama, but so it's, so it's just like, it was so funny.

And I'm like, no, this is not right. Like I should, and I don't want to jeopardize my marriage either. Yeah. Yeah. And I love that you and Jake have a just really loving relationship that you share all the time on Instagram. And I feel like You know, you guys are really good at being these like life partners, business partners.

And you know, how do you do that? What are some of the things that you guys do to keep your relationship strong while you're also, I mean, we get that question a lot too, because my husband and I also work together, but I'm always curious, like what, what's working for other people, you know, what works for you guys?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, this is such a good question. And, and, you know, I, I always share with people and I'm sure you can relate. I'm like him and I are both purpose driven mission driven. We are so similar, like, you know, we really are. And so we work well together because we both are like so passionate about.

people and what we do. So first of all, there's that. But what we did learn is that we need to bring an integrator into the picture to help run our lives because him and I are both. I don't know how much, yeah, well, yeah, we're, if the Enneagram thing, I don't, I don't know, we're both eights on that. Like we're, we're, we're, we're so similar.

And so we needed someone to come in, who's gonna, you know, make, Decisions and help us be more organized. And so that's what we did is we really identified. Oh my gosh, we cannot be reporting to each other all day. Otherwise, we're going to like, ah, you know that I'm over here like, okay, um, did you send that email?

And it's just not good. So, so we, we hired out some help in those areas. And then, We have little standards. Um, I don't even call them rules. I call them standards. Like in, in our bedroom, we are not allowed to talk about business stuff. Like if we could, we can talk vision, like if we're dreaming or whatever, before we go to bed.

Um, but we don't, you know, we don't talk any, any of that in our, in our bedroom. So that really keeps like such a peaceful area. And it's It's separate. Cause like his office is like parallel to mine upstairs. And so it's just so funny. And then we really have learned to respect each other's calendars and, you know, with his door shut and my door shut, it's like, we just let each other have our, our space and then, um, the other thing that we do is we have date night, uh, nearly every week.

And the same rules apply for dinner. Like We just don't get in the weeds with business stuff. We will talk vision, but we don't get in the weeds of, of like the nitty gritty, because then we don't have like that connection. It becomes like business partners. And there's no like, you know, you know, that the, the chemistry stuff kind of loses its shape.

Yeah. Yeah. I, I agree with all of those things. I think all of that is so important. And. Um, staying in your lane where you're saying, you know, you guys are, you keep your doors closed and you aren't checking up on each other. That's so, I think even if you're not business partners, just in general, like staying in your own lane, like minding your own business, worrying about yourself.

Yeah. It's a lot of drama out of your marriage. For sure. And, you know, I've learned that I need to have girlfriends too, because, you know, the thing is, is he can't be all things for me. And so, um, for a while I was just like, Hey, and he was like, Oh my gosh, you know? And so I realized, okay, I need a couple of really good girlfriends that, you know, can feed me in different ways.

Yeah. Totally. That's true. I feel like connections with other women are just friends is that's such an important piece of being a well rounded person and making sure that you're not like too crazy in your thoughts when you are wound up about something that you've got people that can help ground you and be an outside perspective of, you know, whatever you're going through.

A hundred percent. Yeah. Okay. I really think it's interesting that you've talked about generational influences before. Tell me about that because I, um, my daughter, my oldest daughter is at like this family history camp all week, learning about her ancestors and learning about family history and stuff. So that's something that we really care about, but I am just curious, like, you know, what, what your connection is there and why you care about that.

Wow. First of all, that's amazing. It's really cool. Where's that camp? It's just in our church. And she's, it's just for like, uh, the teenage, well, let's see, like 11 to 16 year olds, I think. And so, yeah, there's just these kids who care about where they came from and learning stories and looking at pictures.

And it's very cool. It's all through like ancestry. com. Wow. Okay. Well, I got super obsessed with learning about it after I started to heal and grow closer to the Lord and do something called deliverance. And, um, what I found was like, Oh, wow. Like all this stuff got passed down on me. And so, you know, generational transference, the passing down of beliefs, behaviors, and traditions.

Through, you know, multiple generations, right? Hundreds of generations. And so I started to look at that and like really look at my lineage and I'm like, okay, most people are divorced. There's a lot of alcoholics. There's a, you know, like there's some poverty over here. Like the list goes on and those are some more of the obvious things.

Uh, so then I really, you know, went to work on like studying trauma and, you know, how all that affects a person with their immune health, with their mental health, all of it. And what I found was, I'm like, I'm in these business events, these personal development events. I'm like, Nobody's like talking about the reason you're jacked up right now is because you were raped when you were little or you, you grew up with feeling abandoned or, you know, it's so we solely talk about behavioral modification.

Like I would hear people, you know, change your habits, change your life. I get that. But I don't hear people talk about identity change. And Forgiveness and things like that. And so it caused me, I'm actually writing a book on this whole thing to, to really, um, start talking about it. And, and, you know, what I do when I'm at a business event, if I'm giving a keynote, I, I go through like a series of questions of, you know, what happened before the age of 18 and basically like, how much trauma did you endure?

And. It's wild. I'll be in at events and some of these people are sitting next to their spouse and they're like, I didn't know that, you know, she was raped when she was little or I didn't know that she didn't feel safe growing up or whatever, right? All the different things. And so I just believe that when we identify.

What we don't want to pass on and we truly heal from it. And we forgive, forgive our trespasses against us. We forgive, we actually forgive doesn't mean we forget. It doesn't mean we hang out, but we forgive. There's a tremendous healing power that happens. Inside of our souls and bodies and minds and all of it.

And so that's like the mission i'm on is to help people Uh that want to clean up their past and not carry it through to Understand, like, how can you heal from past trauma and even just to identify and, and to make it super known and relationships of like talking to your partner about all this stuff.

And you know, if you're going to have kids with them and whatever. And so I, he can tell I'm like, I'm like so passionate about it because I'm just like, I had so many issues with men because I never had a dad. My dad left. Me, my mom in the hospital with me when I was born. Um, and so I had a father wounds like so many and, and I didn't understand what, what, what was happening and, and why I was the way I was.

And so, yeah, that's why I want to talk about it. Yeah. I think that so many of us don't, you know, even realize how the past is affecting us. I'm really curious about the forgiveness part of this, because for me, I went through the most profound. Forgiveness experience. When I did the 12 steps, I did the 12 steps for codependency because I'm married to, he's very open about it.

Uh, recovering, um, a recovering addict. Sorry. I almost called him a recovering codependent. That's me. Um, so when he was going through his 12 step process, I decided to do the same. And that's a huge part of the 12 steps is forgiveness and reconciliation and all of that. But I just, I'm always curious about this topic.

And if someone came to you, Emily, and said like, I'm ready to forgive, I have no idea where to start. Like, how do you guide people through that process? Yeah. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Well, thank you for sharing that. I just got the full body chills and that, that is so, so cool. Um, Uh, kudos to him, to both of you, uh, uh, but what, what I would say is, first of all, I think it's like the understanding of, I'll give an example.

So for some, for 30 years of my life, like I was so upset with my dad. Like if I would talk about him, I would, my, I would start to clinch my fist and I would feel my body tense up just for what happened to my mom and me and everybody. And so. What, what I realized is that I was having so much anger and I needed to forgive.

And when you don't forgive someone, it's like, it's like an invisible umbilical cord that connects you to your past. Oh, that's so true. You know, you're trying to go forward, but you're, you're caught in the past. And it's like, I couldn't break that, that off. And so what, what I would tell someone is whoever it is that you need to forgive, start and commit to 10 days of prayer, praying for that person and pray for them.

And, and let me tell you, the first time I did it, I was like, It was so hard to pray for him. It was like the weakest prayer ever. And then as I think the Lord loves effort, you know, he, he sure, he sure does. And what happened was as I progressed, I had a clear vision in my prayer of my dad as a child and, and he was a little boy.

And I saw him like getting whipped by his dad and it all made sense that why he did what he did and couldn't face the music and it just completely made me understand like he was doing the best he could by what was passed down to him. And so it just released me. And I. Really learn to trade expectation for appreciation and just realizing, gosh, I wouldn't have the empathy I have today.

I wouldn't be the strong woman. I, I like just trading, trading it and appreciating. All of it for what it is. And then, you know, then also understanding, wow, he was, he, he was afraid anybody he got close to would get hurt. And so again, he was doing the best he could do. And so that's how powerful forgiveness is.

Like, I feel like by me even forgiving, Him, it's allowed me to let love in and have the love I have with my husband, Jake now, you know, um, and not be so, uh, when it comes to men. Yeah. Yeah. That's so true. And, you know, what you said earlier about the umbilical cord, I was thinking like, we all know somebody who they just can't stop talking about that one thing that happened to them or that one person.

And it's like, they don't even realize that forgiveness is not really a gift to the other person. It's a gift to yourself. A hundred percent. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's like, you can even feel like if you think of someone you, you're mad at or whatever. If you start to send them love, you can like feel your heart like radiate.

You feel like the Grinch. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Exactly. Like the Grinch. Yeah. Your heart just grows. Yeah. That's so true. Okay. I want to just, uh, shift gears a little bit because I know you're doing this really cool new thing called, am I allowed to say what it's called? Yeah. Yes. Fortify your brand. So let's talk about that.

If you, you know, are listening to this and you're really loving and feeling connected to the things that Emily's talking about, like what are you doing, Emily, with mentoring people and kind of walking them through finding their purpose in life? Yeah, well, you know, through my own experience of sharing myself online, Instagram, Facebook, all the accounts, podcasting, you know, I really have fallen in love with the transformational experience of expressing ourselves and.

Figuring out what value can I add? And it's just made me grow so much and not only grow my bank account, but grow myself as a woman. And so, you know, as I've been coaching and mentoring people for years, so many people struggle with like, okay, I want to come online, but I don't know how, how to show up, or I don't even know what to talk about.

Or a lot of people think that Like I'm not good enough, or they have all these limiting beliefs. I've met people that they want so badly to create a, uh, income for their family or whatever, but they're so scared. And so what I do is work with people one on one to make social media, make brand, Be so authentic to who they are, because a lot of times the reason it feels off is because we're trying to be somebody we're not, and it feels really icky.

And so I really believe in like leading like a feminine faith based business it's like, how, how I love to lead not hustle culture but doing it in a very intelligent way and so I work with people one on one, and whether they're realtors or You know, they want a blog or they want to write a book. I help curate a personal brand that's authentic to them and help them stand out in a noisy market.

And so it's like therapy. We go through a huge thing, um, to really pull out. I always tell people it's like Mr. Potato Head. You've got all the things in Mr. Potato Head, you know, the mustache, the earrings. And I like extract all of it to figure out what. Could we talk about because you're most powerfully positioned to serve who you once were, and so I'm pulling all of it out curating a brand that is going to stand out in a noisy market and then we go to the design world we curate a color palette logo all of it so that way in case you do presentations or your email signature everything is cohesive to the digital space.

And. Then you come fly here with me and I do like a whole VIP day with my photographer and we do photos and we shoot like 30 reels that I come up with questions that are going to make sense to your new brand. It's a whole experience. So yeah, it's, it's super fun. We're getting ready to launch it. And I I've had like Uh, seven people in the pilot, and it's just really cool to see them just come alive and, and watch them, you know, start to show up in a way that they're super proud of.

Yeah. What's the most fulfilling part of this kind of work for you? Oh, gosh. It watching people blossom and win. I mean, cause I always say, if you want more sales, fix your brand. Like, if you want to increase your influence, I know it sounds vain, but this is the world we live in. And it's like, you know, when people rise to the occasion, I always say, God will meet you at your level of expectation.

What I find is like, If you believe like you can help people, why aren't you treating yourself like Apple? Like, why aren't you presenting yourself in that way? And so for me, it's like the whole experience of them coming here and doing the interview and getting their questions and just watching them.

Like realize how much greatness is within them. We just had to pull it out. And, and then watching the little aha's go off of like, this could be a keynote. This could be a book. I never like one of my women lost a hundred pounds. She teaches jazzercise and after. After I worked with her, I'm like, you're a recovering people pleaser.

She was overweight cause she was people pleasing drinking and she runs a family business and drama there. And in, I, I realized she, she talks like real talk. She's just, she's like from the South and I'm like, okay, we're going to, we're going to teach people about people pleasing. That's going to be one of your main pillars.

And, um, And she's like a disco ball in real life. And so, um, just watching her like grow and then also grow in her faith as well. Um, it's just been such a beautiful thing. That's so cool. And I, I feel that from you that you genuinely love to see people win and you pull that out of people. And what do you say to someone who comes to you and they're like, Emily, I feel like I have nothing to offer people.

So many women feel that way. I feel like not very many men feel that way, but a lot of women feel that way. Yeah. Maybe that's a terrible stereotype, but maybe it's just that way more women. I think sometimes men, It's hard for them to admit maybe it because they're, they're trying to be more of that, that masculine, but I always counter, you know, them if, if they feel like I have nothing to offer.

Um, I, I then start asking them questions and I go 10 layers deep and actually one of my clients from Canada, um, her son has, uh, he gets seizures, epilepsy and. Uh, my gosh, that's kind of how, what she thought, like, what do I have to offer? And I'm like, you guys live on this gorgeous ranch. You literally have nature surrounding you.

You have a son that, you know, you have gone to work on to figure out natural ways to heal him. You drive two hours to go get him cranial sacral work. You mean to tell me there's not other moms out there that have children with severities that feel so alone right now that you couldn't help? And we just switched everything.

Like, I'm like, we're going to create a brand. That's like little house on the prairie. And it's also, you know, and, and to watch, to watch her just like light up. And I can't wait to present her. Cause my designer just came back with the colors and everything we're going to do with her name and her logo.

But that's the thing. Like sometimes women just need someone to talk to. Like they need a different perspective. Yeah. And someone to believe in them. Hundred percent. Yeah. Yeah. Life is tough. Like the, the, the world will tell you you're not good enough and it's all a lie from the enemy. It truly is trying to shut you up, trying to, you know, keep your, your voice quiet.

Like, especially if you've been through stuff and you've got a story to tell, like the enemy wants to keep you quiet. Cause by you speaking up, like even me. The first time I started to really speak up about generational transference, about all this stuff, I never get headaches. I was literally out for almost two weeks.

I ended up in the hospital. This was right before I was able to, like, come out with cancer. Like the new me. And it just makes so much sense to me and everyone. Anyone can believe what they want, but I'm like, I'm an insanely healthy person. This is, I didn't get headaches. Like it's super weird. Um, but I just think like there's different ways the enemy will attack us and, you know, to keep us quiet and silent.

And he wants us to be depressed and, you know, to just To just be quiet. Yeah. That's so true. And I feel like I've been deeply studying that and how, you know, I, I love that you're calling him the enemy, but you know, whatever you want to call it, the adversary, Satan, like how he, every negative thought. about yourself, about other people, about situations comes from him.

And every time because God doesn't plant like negative thoughts about ourselves into our brain or about others, you know, like that's what he just wants us to love ourselves and love others. And And to feel that love. And so I, I so align with what you're saying here that, you know, the adversary wants to keep us quiet and to make us feel like you don't have anything to talk about that's worthwhile.

And the opposite is true that each of us have people that we need to touch and that we need to help. And I love how you are so like service oriented to, I really believe what you said earlier, where if you're like feeling bad about yourself. If you go out and do something kind to someone else that you serve, and, um, that's going to be the best boost because it's going to come from the right source.

Amen. Yeah, absolutely. And I always like, I always say, I'm like, you know, take that thought captive. I got all day long. I'm like, Lord, I know that's not true. Take, you know, and it's like, the more You're in tune with like your thoughts and you know, the, the bad thoughts I'll call them. It's like, you just, you literally just ask the Lord, take, take it away.

Like, you know, take that captive. Is that what you said? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I'll literally say, you know, take that thought captive and. You know, I just talked to him all day. And so I think that's what's helped me increase my discernment as well, because it's like, I'm just in tune with, with the vs that's coming through, you know, it's like, it's all, it's all a lie.

Yeah, by rejecting those bad thoughts, then you're really giving so much more power to the truth. Yeah. I love that. But Emily, if there is one message that you want the people listening to this episode to remember, what do you want that one message to be? Oh, goodness. You know, the, the thing that's on my heart and mind.

Right now, I'm really big on just working with intelligence and not being manic and enjoying your life. And I think, you know, we live in this age of distraction and And again, like the enemy comes in different ways, shapes and forms and all of it. And like the constant dopamine hits from our phone. And I've just been in this place of really, um, being disciplined to have less.

And I mean, to the point where like, I cleaned out my closet that cleaned out everything like I donated so much stuff and I'm just like more aware of like the excess and, um, just taking time even, you know, like a Sunday to go call it going dark, like online and just on leaving my phone somewhere and that, listen, that's where the, the real happiness is.

And, and so it's, it's, it's really slowing down to speed up and. You know, if we, if we constantly live our lives, like just looking at everybody else's highlight reels, like we're, we're never going to feel good enough, grateful, all the above. And so I would love to leave people with the idea of unplugging for half a day, um, or whatever they can do a full day, a full week.

I even have this dream of like going to Italy For the month, just to write, um, books and content and all that. And I know that we're going to make that happen. And, and just realize like, you deserve to like chew your food and enjoy the taste of your dinner and to breathe, breathe more and like, that's like the Lord.

Gave us all these gifts, nature, all of it. And so just embrace those things, you know, what I've learned through like having no money and then having tons of money and then making money in idle for a little bit. And then, then like just coming back down to earth again. And I've just like learned that, you know, real joy is peace and it can be found in, you know, The Lord and, and how you create your environment and how you discipline yourself.

And that's what I want to share with, with everyone today. Beautiful. And I love what you said about like, eat your food and taste it. And yes, we all need more of that. I don't care who you are. Everybody needs more of that. Slow down, be present and really enjoy the life that God gave us. I so, yes, I appreciate everything you said today.

Emily, where can people find you if they've just loved what you've said and want to follow along or work with you or yeah. Instagram. So it's Emily is my handle. I P S E M I L Y or meet Emily for. com. I love it. Thank you so much, Emily. It's been such a treat to talk to you today.

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