Episode 161: Ukrainian Hero Andre Polonski: Being the Lord’s Helping Hands

The world was rocked on Thursday, February 24 when Russia invaded Ukraine, and so many of us watched in horror and felt helpless, wondering what we could do. A couple of days after the invasion began, I stumbled upon a video that was shared virally from a man in Ukraine named Andre. Andre was sharing stories on his Instagram about food storage and how he believed that listening to his church leaders and being prepared with food storage was a blessing not only to him, but an elderly neighbor lady who was in need of food and life-saving medication. Andre's connections to local farmers and food suppliers allowed him to gather food for many of his neighbors and after his videos started going viral, with the help of donations around the world, he was able to provide food to those in need during the invasion in Ukraine. Unfortunately, when some of his friends in Russia tried to contribute and send him donations as well, the bank put a stop to all of the donations coming to him and started reversing all the transactions.

Today we are helping Andre collect donations so that we can send him one large wire transfer instead of many small transactions coming into his bank account that could be reversed. If you'd like to donate you can Venmo corrinekama, or visit the link in our show notes, or text DONATE to 949-506-2558 and I'll text you a link back to the Venmo you can donate to, and we will get every penny over to Andre.

Andre's story touched me so deeply that I reached out and asked if he'd be willing to share his story and voice, and that's what you'll hear today. He is sharing what's REALLY going on in Ukraine right now, what it feels like for him and his friends and family and neighbors, and where he's been able to find peace. His dedication to his faith, and to being an instrument in the Lord's hands, is such an inspiration to me and I believe it will be to you as well.


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Time Stamps:

[01:58] – Andre Polonski says he feels the support from people who are showing they care.

[04:13] – Andre talks about how he first started a food delivery service, and how his service transformed during the invasion.

[06:27] – What food supplies are available or not available in Ukraine right now?

[08:31] – Andre explains the reason behind sharing his personal supplies of food storage with a neighbor.

[10:36] – Take care of yourself, then if you have the opportunity, take care of others.

[12:21] – Did the people of the Ukraine know the invasion would happen?

[14:58] – Everyone is navigating the invasion in their own way. What does Andre feel called to do during the invasion?

[17:04] – Tons of kind people from around the world donated to Andre’s efforts. Why are donations from Russia being held back?

[19:12] – Corrine emphasizes the resolve to garner contributions to help Andre.

[22:00] – Corrine and Andre explore the possible stories and beliefs around the invasion by Russia.

[24:19] – How much misinformation is mutating what people know about the situation? Andre provides cultural context to help with understanding the current events.

[27:14] – How does Andre maintain his faith in these times?

[29:57] – Are there things people can specifically pray for to help Andre and the people of Ukraine? Other than prayers, how can we help?

[32:52] – Listen to Andre’s message to everyone outside of Ukraine.

[35:32] – Collective prayer works.

[38:25] – If you prepare, you shall not fear.

[40:45] – Follow along with Andre’s efforts, and contribute if you can.


Supporting Resources:

Follow Andre on IG @andrepolonski

Donate funds to help Andre distribute food to the people in Ukraine via Venmo.


Or text “donate” to 949-506-2558

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