Zella does it again with the leggings we’ve all been waiting for

If you've been here for a hot minute you already know how much I LOVE the Zella line at Nordstrom – but I have HUGE. NEWS.

Zella has come out with a NEW pair of leggings that I have honestly been waiting for, and I'm so excited that they are finally HERE! I knew eventually Zella would make their own version of the most perfect, luxurious, buttery-soft leggings that totally compete with some other high-end brands – but I really didn't expect them to be this good. In fact, I am SO in love that the other color available currently is on its way to my house as we speak.

That being said – today I'm going to give you allllll the reasons why these new Zella leggings are everything you've been waiting for, even if you don't know it yet! 😉 And I'll also throw in some other faves to pair them with that I think you'll love just as much as I do.

zella leggings
casual outfit with golden goose sneakers
nordstrom curbside pickup

Weightless luxury, ultimate comfort

Let's talk about the logistics – these new leggings are luxurious to the max. They literally feel like you aren't wearing anything, in the best way possible – yet at the same time, they give you such a flattering shape! (Helloooo, high-waist!)

Lounging in baggy sweatpants is always comfort heaven, but it's not the most self-esteem-boosting outfit, ha. THESE leggings will make you feel your best self every time, with the same amount of ultra-cozy lounge! I'm ALL for feeling good from the inside out, even when relaxing, and I wish I could give a pair of these leggings to everybody just for that reason!

On top of all that, they are also the best quality for working out in, too – so if you're wondering if they're worth the purchase, let me just say you're going to be surprised at how often you wear them. If you're like me, you'll be counting down the minutes till they're out of the dryer!

And if you're wondering about sizing, they fit TRUE to size.

zella leggings

Pretty price point

It is completely expected that leggings with this caliber of quality would have a price tag of $100+ like their competitors, but something I LOVE about these new Zella leggings is that they are only $59! (Jaw drop!) You can't find leggings this good at that price anywhere else. And like I said, for the amount of times you are going to wear these, this price is SUCH A STEAL!

zella workout leggings

Buy in-store, online, or schedule curbside pickup

ALSO, I wanted to let you know that you can buy these products in person at your local Nordstrom, online with free shipping and returns, OR you can schedule a curbside pickup so you never even have to go into a store! Be sure to sign up for Nordy Rewards as well so you can earn money towards future purchases. We're all about convenience and saving money here at Mint Arrow, so I just thought we should cover those bases first and foremost. Now, back to the leggings of my dreams!!

zella leggings with mz wallace bag

Casual holiday outfit

I was so excited to pair this cozy, happy, holiday top with my new leggings! I absolutely love that this sweatshirt has such a holly jolly vibe – but it's not something that only screams “Christmas.” Which meaaaans I can wear it well after December 25th without it being weird! It really is such a perfect statement piece to wear this time of year, though – when the spirit of Christmas drives everybody to love a little more.

It runs a little small I think, so I sized up 1 size for a little more of a loose casual fit.

holiday sweatshirt nordstrom
spiritual gangster sweatshirt nordstrom

But because it's not JUST a Christmas sweatshirt, I seriously think it would be such a perfect gift for anyone you know who exudes happiness and who loves positive messaging! It's definitely a lightweight crewneck, which makes it a perfect wear for those in-between winter and spring months after December. Depending on where you live, this sweatshirt can be used for quite a while after gifting it on Christmas morning!

mz wallace bag

Literally, the AMAZING sweatshirt – RESTOCKED!

While we're talking Zella and sweatshirts: in a previous post, I talked all about another sweatshirt I LOVE – the Amazing Sweatshirt, which is just as good as it's name! This sweatshirt literally never loses its initial INCREDIBLE softness from when you first buy it – it's the coziest sweatshirt I've ever owned – no joke – and the best quality, too! Last time I posted about it, our community alone SOLD IT OUT in almost every size and color. But I couldn't be more excited that today it's IN STOCK in the cutest cropped style!!! This is SO rare so make sure you snag your fave color while you can!

zella sweatshirt
casual outfit with zella leggings

A zip-up alternative

If you're someone who just really loves a good zip-up jacket over a sweatshirt, I HAVE to share this soft cozy lounge Zella jacket with you. If you watch my Instagram stories you may have seen that I had a looot of questions on this jacket when I was wearing it during my Small Business Saturday posts. It is cozy TO THE MAX and I guarantee something you will wear all the time, for at least half the year, if not more! It is well worth the investment – quality over quantity, every time. If you need a good zip-up jacket that you can wear while you lounge, run errands, or while you warm up before you work out, this one is perfect for ALL THE THINGS. They basically should have just called it the three-in-one jacket, ha!

Sneaker confession

I completed this outfit with some Golden Goose sneakers and my favorite tote – but let me back up to the sneakers because I was soooo skeptical of these before I bought some myself!

I have to be honest, I seriously did not understand the hype of these sneaks for the longest time – but I continued to have people tell me how amazing they were. For my birthday this year, Neil splurged on a different pair of designer sneakers for me that I was so excited about – but I ended up taking them back because they were super stiff and not comfortable.

When I went to exchange, I saw that Golden Goose was the top-rated sneaker at Nordstrom, and I finally gave in to getting a pair. For research purposes, I HAD to try them, ha! Aaaand I absolutely love them. They literally had that comfy, worn-in feel from the first moment I put them on, and I've already worn them a ton. So if you are a skeptic like me, I'm here to tell you I really do love them. Now I want to get their leopard print design with the pink lipstick back (heart eyeeeess!!)! They're just so fun and I love that pop of color to bring out a neutral outfit.

golden goose sneakers
casual outfit with zella leggings and golden goose sneakers

The beauty of these versatile leggings

These Zella leggings are truly so versatile that you can wear basically whatever shoes you have with them. Any other sneakers, UGGs, combat boots, running shoes…the list goes on! I am so excited that I now have so many outfit choices with these leggings alone, and they are going to get SO much use. Worth. every. penny.

I grabbed the burgundy pair because that was all they had in stock at Nordstrom when I went to buy, but I will definitely be purchasing the grey and having them shipped to my house ASAP!!! Don't be surprised if you see me wearing these almost every day from now on, ha. They're just everything I've been looking for, for almost HALF the price of the brand I usually buy! I will forever be sold on these Zella leggings, hands down.

zella leggings
White Sweatshirt
High-Waist Leggings
Golden Goose Sneakers
Tote sold out, similar

Leggings for DAYS (literally, you're gonna wear these every day, ha)

I'm SO excited to finally be able to share these Zella leggings with you because they are GAME-CHANGERS in the legging wheelhouse. There's nothing I love more when it comes to shopping than buying an item that I use over and over and OVER again, with no change in how I feel about it. That's when you know your money was well-spent! SUCH A GOOD FEELING. I'm stoked on these for their quality, price point, and versatility. If you're adding them to your shopping cart, let me know what color you choose! I love them both! 😍

Corrine Stokoe

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