Nail designs for New Year’s Eve with the BEST press-ons!

Quick version: these are the very best nail designs for New Year's Eve, including the most amazing press-on nails!

Let’s talk about nails! I’m sure you can agree that having a fresh set of nails makes ALL
the difference. Seriously, it could be one of those busy days where you’re running around town
in sweats, no makeup, and hair pulled back – but if the nails are done, you feel 100 times more
put together… especially for the holidays!

New Years Eve's coming up quick, and with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I’m
sure you feel there’s barely any time to get all your shopping done let alone time for you to sit
down for an hour or two to get your nails done. So, how do you get your nails done with the busyness of the season? One answer: Red Aspen nails! We’ve raved about them before, and our love for them just keeps on getting stronger and stronger.

On top of that, there are sooo many festive nail ideas out there that it can get overwhelming, so today we want to share the very best nail designs for New Year's Eve going into 2023!

nail designs for new year's eve

Why we love them

Red Aspen nails take LESS than 15 minutes and are soooo easy to put on by yourself. If that
itself doesn’t sell you, you should know they're also SUCH good quality for a $16 manicure
that'll last at least 2 weeks (most of the time even longer)! They're press-on nails that feel
like an amazing gel manicure or a really good, thin acrylic nail which we love (NOT stickers!!), and they last so much longer than nail polish.

Best part of all? There are endless options of different lengths, shades, patterns, shapes, sizes,
etc.! And bonus: all the nail products are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-
free. Good for you and for the environment! WIN-WIN.

So…you’re wanting to change your red nails for New Years next week but don’t know what to get? We’ve done the research and found that these are the best nail designs for New Years Eve – glitter
and sparkles included!

black nails
Molly's Masquerade Square Nails

What color is best for nails on New Year's Eve?

New Year's Eve is such a fun time to go ALL out with your nails. Think gold, silver, greens, purples, black, and LOTS of sparkles!

Our top color choice for nail designs this New Year's Eve is gold. Because, what says “in with the new,
out with the old” better?! Gold's the perfect color for New Year's because it’s so fun and festive, but still neutral and versatile enough to go with any outfit.

Plus, you can wear gold on your nails weeks and weeks before and into the new year (Dec-Jan for sure). This is so nice, especially since Christmas nail art can have a lot of red and green and it isn’t necessarily timeless enough to last longer than December 26th. You'll definitely be wanting a new design by then! The 24 Kay Square nail set is such a beautiful gold glitter color that definitely makes a statement, but isn’t too much! And the fact that it's NOT glitter polish means your glitter nails really will last for weeks.

Like more of a silver nail look than gold? Get these Sadi Skies Black Diamond nails that are just as fun (and glittery) for NYE nails, but are still super timeless!

If you only want a little bit of glitter, but not too much, the French Mani Fiona Twist Almond nails are a classy french manicure with a nude base and silver glitter french tip. It gives clean girl vibes with a little bit of shimmer!

Want to go all out with a vibrant New Year's color? The Ring it in, Rhonda square nails are
multicolored confetti nails, that seriously look like literal confetti. Purple and blue green, this color is stunning and soooo unique for New Year's! It's like a pretty firework mani.

nail designs for new year's eve
Ring it in, Rhonda square nails

Nothing screams New Year's Eve more than a little bit of sparkle! You’ve probably seen it all over social media, but glittery, shiny nails are super in right now. Hailey Bieber started the trend when her chrome nails went absolutely viral, and it's common to combine that chrome look with some glitter underneath.

Solid colored nails are always a good idea and one that you won’t get sick of after a few days. But if you want more of a fun, unique design for New Years Eve nails, colored french tips are a current trending look! Add some glitter to spice it up for the new year and get the French Twist Fiona set from Red Aspen nails.

If you like a midnight black, more minimal design, the Molly’s Masquerade nail design is simple but still unique with an eye-catching diagonal stripe on each nail with the perfect amount of negative space..

But, of course, our go-to inspiration this year is the 24 Kay Square nails that has ALL the sparkly gold.

french silver mani
French Twist Fiona Nails

Are long or short nails in style?

Long, natural looking nails are very much in style right now, but recently, shorter nails have been coming back in style as well! You can make both work, it really just depends on your lifestyle needs – like if opening open a can of Diet Coke is something you do on the reg, shorter nails may be your choice!

Red Aspen makes it superrrr easy to shape your nails to be the perfect desired length. Simply use the cuticle stick to push back your cuticles, buff your nails, and then press each nail on with some glue. Clip and file them down, to get the ideal length for all your New Year's Eve nails.

What nail shape is in style?

After clipping and filing your nails down, it’s time to SHAPE. Going to the salon and trying
to decide on a shape for nails can be overwhelming – there are so many to choose from! Coffin, almond,
square, oval, and natural are just a few different shapes you can choose from. This New
Year's Eve, square-shaped nails are definitely the hit of the season for shorter nails, almond-shaped for long!

These gold square shaped nails and silver french tip almond nails make for classy and show-stopping looks.

The best part about these press-on nails is that you can try so many different nail designs for New Year's Eve without wasting hours (and money) in the nail salon. Try out different shapes and find the best shape for YOU.

nail designs for new year's eve
24 Kay Square Gold Nails

Best nail designs for New Year's Eve

Keep this list, and go grab a pair of Red Aspen nails for the perfect New Year's nails for YOU! Make sure to tag us on Instagram @mintarrow with what you end up deciding on for your purchase. Happy (almost) 2023!

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